Man Burns Shin Falling from Motorcycle

Man Burns Shin Falling from Motorcycle

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, Perath. Go ahead, brother:

My friend and his buddies accidentaly crashed his motorcyle while teaching his one of his friend how to drive. His two friends were not seriously injured just a concussion. He is in the back and this is what his feet looked now.. His feet was touched to the exhaust and this is his’ feet.. Also he got deep cut in his ass (14 stiches) but he refuse to take a photo

Well, I don’t really blame your friend for not wanting to show his ass to the world, but I hope he heals up and gets back to riding. Thanks for the submission.

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          1. @tas tiger

            Flip Flop? I know not, of what you speak comrade……

            Do you mean THONG? Speak Aussie, my little marsupial……

            There’s not enough of us here, as it is and before you know it you won’t like to eat lollies anymore, preferring candy or some other foreign shit…….. he he he

          2. Haha @Dutchy I’ve been through the whole thing not long ago, thong vs flip flop. Don’t worry I call them thongs in real life AND I wear them too!

  1. The same happened to two friends of mine a few years ago, both were on the same motorcycle, one broke his wrist and the other one got his leg cooked by the exaust.

    They should really start making heat sink covers for the exaust though… 😕

      1. Apparently there are exaust heat shields already, but looks like people never heard of it. Motorcycles might be 2 wheeled caskets, but if someone’s gonna live long on it, they should allways think safety first nevertheless… 😐

        1. If a traffic situation was coming up, you?d have a better chance in getting out of it on a bike with quick maneuverability and greater range of viewing that on four wheels. On the other hand if you dip that bike, it?s usually the leg that gets it first, if you?re lucky.

          1. Lol yes, they give you a full body massage and then a happy ending. They’re not actually legal here in the US but I’m sure if someone wanted to find one they could.

  2. He’ll have to go without socks for a while. Or he can wear them and spend each evening pulling threads out of the scab. That’s gonna be a bastard of a scab too as it’s sitting on the curve of the foot where the skin flexes. Shit buzz for him, but could have been worse.

      1. I can only imagine, what kind of impact it must leave on ones psyche as a medic in very stressful wartheatre situation with many wounded and dying to decide who has chances to survive and who has to be left to perish, because there is no time and resources to treat everybody.
        I hope you werent in such a situation so far.
        I think, I?d just go around and amputate everyone, cause I?d go nuts in a madness like this. 😀

        1. Go nuts in that situation and you’ll find yourself laying next to the injured thoroughly sedated 😉 be careful not to get yourself amputated lol…. In all seriousness though training alone usually weeds out the ones who can’t handle it, I’ve only ever seen one medic “loose” it on the field, not a bad statistic really.

          1. I?ve been ordered to serve as a sort of a medic in the German “military” back in the days as there still was a draft service. I was never sent to combat though, but it was still fun having an own treatment room with all those cool meds and pussy quasi soldiers with all their ridiculous booboos like feet blisters, ingrown toenails or cranial trauma due to falling of a building while binge drinking. The training was awfully bad and equipment beyond tragedy.

  3. “” My friend and his buddies accidentaly crashed his motorcyle while teaching his one of his friend how to drive. “”

    not the best teacher in world imo… or maybe he going to teach how to cook on motocycle :p

  4. That looks exactly like the burn I got on my knee from a Harley exhaust pipe when I was about 10. My pawpaw (yes, I call him pawpaw) came home from the grocery store and I came out to help him bring them in and when I got up close to the bike, my knee rested on the exhaust. Didn’t even feel it burning it me at first, then it actually felt cold and then by the time I realized it was actually burning me, it got me big time. Luckily it didn’t leave a bad scar or anything, you wouldn’t even see it unless I pointed it out and you looked at it extremely close…

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