Man Dies After Jumping from Window of Burning Apartment in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Man Dies After Jumping from Window of Burning Apartment in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Man Dies After Jumping from Window of Burning Apartment in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

In Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a man was filmed jumping out of a window of a burning apartment to save his life. It would seem it didn’t work. Best Gore member @awentia has backinfo:

A house caught on fire several days ago. It started slow but in a matter of seconds it grew into a massive fire. The owner was still inside at the time the flame started. It escalated very quick and help was too late. He had to make the choice to jump. He died a while later from his injuries in the hospital.

Many thanks for the video and the backinfo, @awentia. He was probably started off by the smoke he inhaled before he jumped, because coming feet first from that height seems otherwise highly survivable.


The Dutch police has just released a report about the incident. Additional props to @awentia for translation:

The 27-year-old victim suffered severe burns prior to his fall. He was treated by trauma helicopter personnel and urgently transported to Erasmus MC. There he died of his injuries tonight, according the joint Rotterdam emergency services report on Twitter.

Another victim, a passer-by who wanted to rescue the resident from the building, suffered smoke inhalation. He was treated on the spot.

According to the fire department, the fire started on the first floor above men’s hair salon Costa on the Hilledijk. All three floors above the hair salon are completely burned. The fire spread quickly across the floors, presumably due to flammable polystyrene sheets in the homes. Adjacent buildings have suffered smoke and water damage. The neighboring properties have now been released. The police have started an investigation into the cause.


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  1. Damnn well I would of departed from the window as well. Fuck burning to death. Instead, I would of hanged from the window and then let go gently to have a less height fall. Im sure I would of survived cuz I would of parkour rolled to make the impact of hitting the ground way less so I would of survived foshoo. You gotta think smart in these situations and make a wise decision and not panick, like this guy did or ur life can shut off

  2. It always depends on how you fall. My aunt’s husband broke his neck from 9ft falling off the back porch. Then went ahead and blew his face off with a 44mag a couple months later on the same porch. I wanted to see his face at the funeral. Woulda been a good pic for here at bestgore.

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