Man Douses in Gasoline and Self Immolates in Brazil

Man Douses in Gasoline and Self Immolates in Brazil

Man Douses in Gasoline and Self Immolates in Brazil

Apparently this happened in Brazil. I admit it’s a bit odd, because even though we see all manner of violence come out of Brazil, but self immolation is not a typical feat.

The video shows a man douse himself in gasoline and set himself on fire. The moment the flames engulf him he sounds as if he regretted the decision to fireball. Being consumed by tremendous heat is no fun at all, as I’m sure he would attest to it if he survived.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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69 thoughts on “Man Douses in Gasoline and Self Immolates in Brazil”

    1. It never ceases to amaze how much of a dire shithole Brazil is, nothing has changed ,the only good thing about that place was the women, probably made up for it if I’m honest , even with all the dead bodies and weirdness.

  1. that was a dude? I thought that was just an unattractive feminist, honestly. (and tbf there aren’t ANY attractive ones) thankfully I’m oldschool and enjoy spending time in the kitchen!
    but jokes aside.
    was he also trying to stab himself?

  2. Looking at Brazil, mexico and some other countries and the contributions its people are making towards humanity I think maybe the Nerd Bill gates has a point and this world does need depopulation so all useless dead weight like such could be removed once and for all.

    1. There are 7 billion people on the Earth. The planet isn’t meant to sustain that many parasites.
      Most of the oxygen thieves are in countries that do not have the resources. They don’t have enough television for entertainment and should stop breeding.
      War, famine, natural disasters and plagues are not enough to cull the herd.

    1. It’s more understandable when Buddhist monks do it because they would rather burn than be controlled by the Chinese. This guy probably did it over a girl and now he has severe burns to show for it.

  3. If I ever wanted to kill myself it’d never be by self-immolation, last thing I want is to go out screaming as my skin crisps up and my fat fries me from the inisde.
    I thought most suicides were people trying to escape suffering, not bring it about in such an enormous scale

    1. If I knew I was terminally ill, while I was able to do so, towards the end, I would go down a list of douchebags that needed killing. Criminals, pedophiles and terrorists, etc.
      Give me as many grenades I can carry, ammo and firearms and drop me in a village full of Taliban or ISIS. I’ll have a dead man switch if they disable me. Take out as many of them as possible.
      OR, do something really cool like skydive without a parachute or drive into a concrete highway pillar in an exotic sports car at 200 MPH.

        1. I kinda think he would.
          …. A bad diagnosis with enough time and cash to go out in a blaze of vengeance and glory rather than rot slowly to death in your own shit in some hospice setting would be my choice.

          1. you would think a lot of people have that same mindset as him and make such proclamations, however the reality of the matter is it rarely happens, people rarely goes through with it, or else you would see a lot more carnage in the world. So my bet is that he wouldn’t do it either.

            Even I myself entertain such thoughts, I would bet almost everyone does, but when the time comes, who knows what goes through your mind. It is rarely put into action.

        2. Truthfully, you don’t know until you do.
          I am a logical/practical person.
          The only thing I fear in life is for the safety of my daughters.
          Before I crossed into Iraq in the ground war, I only wanted for it to be over with.
          Even our Squadron XO mentioned that in our book.
          You don’t know me so I appreciate your skepticism.
          You can’t take my word for it; it would be a logical fallacy.
          I love life and would like to live a thousand years. But no sense wasting an opportunity to make your death count.
          On a side note, Bath House Barry has a vagina. His husband Moochelle has a penis. It’s universally accepted.

  4. I would like to dedicate this next song to the extra crispy.

    I have gone insane-o
    I lust for volcano
    Be with molten lava
    Give me my nirvana
    I have no vertigo
    I lust for tornado
    Be a leaf upon air
    Venusian maldemer
    Venusian sickness dire
    I want to be set on fire
    Venusian, gather while I
    Venusian-ly catch on fire
    Like a bird in a cage
    Airostat habitat
    To motion, I am slave
    Give me hell I want that
    Venusian sickness
    Venusian bilious
    Venusian nausea…

  5. man you’re on fire!! you set the camera, stay in the field of view, that’s why it’s important to set the camera on ‘landscape’..trying to be helpful….maybe next time…?

  6. I guess he proved his point… or not.
    It’s highly probable that there were zero fucks given.
    If he was heartbroken because Chad or Tyrone laid pipe to the love of his life, the girl probably only noticed his absence when she stopped getting free shit.

  7. Yeah I bet you regretted that one dumbfuck. One of the worst ways ago and a likely chance to survive it fucked up for life. Love the screams. I wish that mexico gas pipeline explosion had audio. It would be like a 100 of these in one vid.

  8. why the fuck, if you were gonna commit suicide, would you choose probably the most painful fucking method available? death by fire is NOT quick, and I’ve seen videos of people burning being still alive after over a minute of being in flames… this guy is a total fucking idiot, so good riddance. one less fucking idiot mouth breather on earth (6billion to go)

  9. It’s a bugger when you realise you forgot the lighter & have to go back inside to get(!).
    But eventually we get to hear some rather nice screams. This is yet more evidence that fire is indeed very, very hot.

  10. Humffff, hoping the clip included the 20 seconds after he lit himself, where he instantly begins to the scream dance after realizing he maybe shouldn’t have done that. I mean, of course karma always knocks at your front door, but morons who self immolate deserve the agony.

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