Man on Fire Hacked with Machete in Haiti

Man is set on fire and hacked with machete BG

Man is set on fire and hacked with machete BG

Video starts off with man under brush fire in Haiti. Rolling away from roasting amber, the restrained man is hacked at with dull machete.

The machete wielding man extinguishes his burning desire to finish what he starts and hops over the fire, leaving the premises like a bunny in heat or illegitimate father.

The raging flamer wiggles out of an awkward situation. The sparse mob allows the DOGGY to freely walk away with tail between legs.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:


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  1. Is this better than my “fag step”??

    We are the disease, that spreads amongst this filthy race.
    I am certain of humanity’s demise.

    Coprophagia will be the only solution
    open your fucking mouths and ingest what you are.

    fucking ungrateful bitches.

          1. They like killing. They’ll kill anyone that presents an easy target. Most niggas kill other niggas. If you’re a demorat and you hate niggas it’s a perfect solution. Even better than the final solution.

        1. …ain’t that the truth.

          Make sure those ‘liquor stores’ are on every corner and let the drug dealers thrive on every corner and in every corridor. Let the guns flow into the ghettos and make sure you turn a blind eye.

          They’ll take care of their own business.

          America will be great again!

        2. …ain’t that the truth.

          Make sure those ‘liquor stores’ are on every corner and let the drug dealers thrive on every corner and in every corridor. Let the guns flow into the ghettos and make sure you turn a blind eye.

          They’ll take care of their own business.

          America will be great again!

      1. If you still wear diapers …. yes!

        Do it with style, finesse, gracefully…

        Do it ‘AFTER’ you have left something behind for the world to remember you by.. beautifully!!

        Don’t let your life be a waste. Because you’re NOT a waste.

        We are all souls that have been given a chance to leave an imprint on this planet that isnt one of distaste, ugliness and death.

        Learn by what we see here. Take it in and learn by it. Life is short. Make the most and give to others in a positive, constructive and respectful way.

        If you always focus on the dark side… that will be your reality.

        Try LEARN from that dark side… and choose the lesson its teaching you.

        Think about it.

        Life is short. For all of us.

        Every single one of us.

        Learn by this …..


          1. Porn dude.. what you suppose to do about pizza and pancake in web browsers for most of the time.. i think you’re fat and always think about food

    1. I think your defensive rant is a beautiful display of human emotion and I appreciate that, in your way, you were trying to be nice by adding a ( feminine ) touch of your own tastes but, assuming everyone likes the same as you, will not make the music sound, for some, less like the screams of a gay man in distress! … love you, thanks for the post … 🙂

      1. Lmao thank you!! That is exactly my point! I sat here and I thought “hmm, what best goes with the site and is tasteful, sounds nice, something people would enjoy.” And a lot of people liked it but the people who didn’t like it were rude as fuck… I am taking time, out if my day to post articles for you guys to enjoy. Some people just bitch and moan about everything though, like if they came here for the gore than can’t they focus on that?? NOPE, they wanna bitch about the first 5 seconds of the video, so I’ll give them something to bitch about!! It’s so irritating, you people are so demanding sometimes yet you are rude to me about it?? Why would I even bother caring what you want to see if you are going to be assholes about it! Makes not care about what anyone has to say. It’s whatever though, honestly it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if they would have came at me in a different way, instead of being ungrateful and rude.. Fuck it, I’m over it, thanks for listening to me rant you guys, I’ll stop being a pussy now..

        1. Other than just enjoying music in general, I thought it was nice that someone was taking extra time out of their day to make something more professional, or enjoyable, or whatever. People that couldn’t or refused to see that likely live sad, unfulfilled lives that have lead them to a place where they lack understanding and social skills. In person, they’d probably be too intimidated to speak to you at all, and they’d never consider being as hateful as some of the comments I’ve read. Thanks for all the time and effort. Y’all have done great.

          1. What do you mean? I’m using a new picture, but it’s just me with less beard, no hat, and no hoodie. I’d be happy to send you the old one, new one, and an extra one to clear it up.

          2. Personally, I rather enjoyed this post. Though my origins of music come from the Beatles and floyd, as well as most other good rock n roll and metal…I have a soft spot in my heart for brutal death metal. May it be grind or Gore, the heavy side of metal…like the real heavy side…has always appealed to me, much like my taste in videos. I have always wondered what it would look like if a good death metal tune was properly paired with an equally bloody and sickening visual.
            Watching another person’s life being taken away is about the heaviest thing a mortal can contemplate without actually being part of the Gore. Watching all these videos over the years has put an indelible mark on my psyche, but in a good way. It allows me to appreciate what I have right here in front of me as opposed to wanting and wanting. Life is fragile and disposable. Supposedly we were given superior powers over other life forms on this planet, but as the usual shit humans are, we easily fuck it up. So, it is to be viewed as a lesson learned in how not to get on best Gore. Haha, I made zero fuck sense with all that, but somehow, it just comes naturally.

        2. I didn’t mind the intros. A lot of news channels have intros for their videos. I think it was great that you did them, so we had an opportunity to see videos with intros and compare them to those without. We wouldn’t know otherwise if it’s something to like or not. I myself think I like ones without intros better, but that’s just my preference. I wouldn’t bitch and whine if we had intros. Maybe whiners find it hard to get used to new things?

        3. OMG… I’m so sorry! I complained a good few times, I must admit! It was a GREAT intro!!

          ……but I must say at first I was totally loving it and ROCKING along with the whole hardcore ‘vibe!’ After I’d heard the ‘intro music’ into the second day though… along with hearing it (and seeing those 5 seconds before any video clip) a good 8 times over….

          Yikes!!! It was a total mind fuck after the third day!

          I totally (we all) appreciate your musical taste and technological ability though. I couldn’t do what you do! Thank you so much.. sorry though..

          It felt like I (eventually) had to watch an advert before the clip……

          I found myself humming it when I woke up in the morning…..


          1. Awe, no you’re fine haha! Honestly fuck it, I shouldn’t get so butthurt I guess.. Just got irritated longing on to see people focusing on the dumb first 5 seconds is all.. But lets be honest, what is BG about? So don’t be afraid to share your honest opinion, just don’t be upset when I share mine back 😉

          2. Brandi, criticism is part of being creative. Some will like it, some won’t and those who don’t will criticise. Look how rich art critics (failed artisits) have got from criticising art or film critics (failed actors) from criticising films.

      1. Yah, thank you, that’s what I was trying to accomplish. But enough people bitched about because I guess they don’t care to grow or innovate so I’m done hearing about it.. Just the type of community we have at BG.

          1. Ah, jeez, I’m 68 and still remember my elders’ guidance and reminiscences. There was a solid foundation, but they had a fault. They didn’t go far enough when the media was still in its infancy.

        1. I agree. Everything isn’t equal, a lot definitely depends on what you’re born into. If your parents are millionaires chances are you’ll have more tools for success as opposed to having a crack whore mother. Life’s just harder for some. Whaddaya gonna do?

          1. I hate it when someone tells me that you make your own destiny. So many children don’t even have the chance to be born because they are aborted. Many die because of simple illnesses. If you’re born in a dirt poor and violent place where people don’t give a shit about others, your chances are extremely lower. People don’t like to hear that and it makes them feel good thinking that they are in control.

        2. There are 3 perspectives –

          1. You believe in only one life and something like Christianity which says if you don’t accept Jesus you go the hell.

          In this case it would be asked why God has given different people, different starting points. Why someone is born poor and someone rich? etc.

          If a baby is aborted in the womb, then he was not able to accept Jesus, so as per Christians he will automatically attain Jesus since he didn’t even get a chance, so that means we should abort all children.

          Hence this philosophy is wrong.

          2. You believe in materialism. That we are only the bodies and we will not exist anymore after death of the body.

          In this case there can be no good or evil. All things just become random oscillations of random particles. Hence emotions etc. are useless. Babies getting killed, terrorist attacks just become random oscillations of random particles which is happening purely by chance.

          3. Karma – We have taken many births before this birth and will take many births after it.

          According to this philosophy our present life is the reaction to the actions performed in a previous body.
          And while acting right now in the present body we are manufacturing reactions to be experienced in our next life. This philosophy is called karma. And is much older than the other 2 philosophies above.
          Someone is born poor, rich, beautiful as per their previous actions.

          As per this philosophy, even newborn children are not innocent, and what is happening with them, is the consequence of what they did to someone else in a previous body.

          It selects 2 types of people for giving any reaction –

          1. The one(s) who has to be given a favourable/unfavorable/neutral reaction, as per their previous action.

          2. And the one(s) who has a personal desire to perform such an act.

          Now for example, if someone as per his previous actions needs to die by a head wound, then his karmic reaction will make him meet another being, such as a gangster who has a personal desire to bash someone’s head. So as per the karmic destiny when they both meet, the gangster bashes the victim’s head. In this way karma achieves two goals at once. It makes someone get what they deserve and makes another achieve their desire.

          Eventually in the same manner the gangster will also face a negative reaction for killing someone.

          And in this way the cycle goes on, getting out of which is the goal of life, as per this philosophy.

          1. If I understand you correctly, all the chicken rapers we’ve seen lately will eventually result in an influx of Big Bird on Ice performers?
            By karmas design, thier next life form gets fucked into a shitty job while satisfying thier previous life forms desire to be inside a chicken.
            I really hope karma isn’t based on what we stick our dicks into. I’ll have some explaining to do.

          2. @Dan-a-conda

            Why do I write these… I’m not even allowed to by the sources of these. Yeah those scriptures themselves don’t allow it’s knowers to reveal them, not to everyone. But nobody’s to blame but myself. I always start writing stuff which requires a strong base of the respective philosophy’s basics first to actually… realize. Well forget about what I wrote and delete my comment if you can, or tell me how I can do it myself.

  2. Coming to a European city near you!

    Was the death metal soundtrack added by the uploader? If so, please don’t, the audio of the videos are as important as the images.

    But thanks for the continued hard work Brandi, Seraph and Honkey.

  3. I appreciate the packaging you guys are doing on these videos lately! Though i was not opposed to the dubstep sound track, the death metal is more fitting. At the same time it be better cut at the start of the video, so original audio can be heard, unless there is none, then great job guys! Love the effort!

      1. I enjoy music from sibelius to july, pink Floyd, to sacred reich, pissed jeans and even die antwoord. I’m not a fan of grindcore, though I do find crabcore entertaining. I understand not everyone likes the music I do and I may feel the same. I will say though that People annoy me way more than any music I’m not a fan of.

        1. I’m not a huge grindcore fan but I do like Whitechapel. They’ve been to a venue just off of the KU campus in Lawrence several times and my oldest son is in one of thier live videos.
          Maybe I’m just old, but from what I could tell, crabcore is just sing-o scream-o in skinny jeans.
          I’ve been checking out this band with a homo for a vocalist. Thier songs aren’t about dick sucking so I kinda like them.
          Sorry about the long intro.

      1. This the kinda gay shit you get nowadays anyway:
        youtube dot com/watch?v=1Azhz-WdOBs

        Best pit I was ever in was a Pantera show in the late 90s. These soft little participation trophy winners would’ve gotten stampeded.

        1. Lmao!! I’m leaving the actual link so people will be more inclined to watch it (lazy fucks) because this was funny…

          number 4 was my fave I think.. Bunch of bitches shoving eachother in a “mosh pit” one falls down, they all stop to help her up.. Ha! I have seen some pretty brutal pits on camera, never actually got to go to concert unfortunately, I lived out those years either in foster homes or in juvi lol! No concerts for this “at risk teenager” but that’s okay.. I’ll go one day. Didn’t stop me from damaging my ears blasting it through my headphones 😛

          1. #4 was funny but #7 reminds me of a dog dragging his ass on the floor. Did you even see #1? Ha,trying to stage dive into a group of about 7 but jumping over the only 3 who were actually paying attention to your dive, Hilarious!

  4. Am I the only person that finds this rather weird?

    The perfect opportunity for a ‘necklacing’; hands tied behind the back, a handy spare tyre, and fire.

    Despite the obvious, and in yer face, requirements it doesn’t happen.


    Or is it a sample line on the Bell Curve?


    The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life. Herrnstein R J, Murray C. Free Press; Jan 96.

    ISBN-13: 978-0684824291 ISBN-10: 0684824299

    Editorial Reviews:

    Michael Novak National Review Our intellectual landscape has been disrupted by the equivalent of an earthquake.

    David Brooks The Wall Street Journal Has already kicked up more reaction than any social?science book this decade.

    Peter Brimelow Forbes Long-awaited…massive, meticulous, minutely detailed, clear. Like Darwin’s Origin of Species — the intellectual event with which it is being seriously compared — The Bell Curve offers a new synthesis of research…and a hypothesis of far-reaching explanatory power.

    Milton Friedman This brilliant, original, objective, and lucidly written book will force you to rethink your biases and prejudices about the role that individual difference in intelligence plays in our economy, our policy, and our society.

    Chester E. Finn, Jr. Commentary The Bell Curve’s implications will be as profound for the beginning of the new century as Michael Harrington’s discovery of “the other America” was for the final part of the old. Richard Herrnstein’s bequest to us is a work of great value. Charles Murray’s contribution goes on.

    Prof. Thomas J. Bouchard Contemporary Psychology [The authors] have been cast as racists and elitists and The Bell Curve has been dismissed as pseudoscience….The book’s message cannot be dismissed so easily. Herrnstein and Murray have written one of the most provocative social science books published in many years….This is a superbly written and exceedingly well documented book.

    Christopher Caldwell American Spectator The Bell Curve is a comprehensive treatment of its subject,never mean-spirited or gloating. It gives a fair hearing to those who dissent scientifically from its propositions — in fact, it bends over backward to be fair….Among the dozens of hostile articles that have thus far appeared, none has successfully refuted any of its science.

    Malcolme W. Browne The New York Times Book Review Mr. Murray and Mr. Herrnstein write that “for the last 30 years, the concept of intelligence has been a pariah in the world of ideas,” and that the time has come to rehabilitate rational discourse on the subject. It is hard to imagine a democratic society doing otherwise.

    Prof. Eugene D. Genovese National Review Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray might not feel at home with Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Lani Guinier, but they should….They have all [made] brave attempts to force a national debate on urgent matters that will not go away. And they have met the same fate. Once again, academia and the mass media are straining every muscle to suppress debate.

    Prof. Earl Hunt American Scientist The first reactions to The Bell Curve were expressions of public outrage. In the second round of reaction, some commentators suggested that Herrnstein and Murray were merely bringing up facts that were well known in the scientific community, but perhaps best not discussed in public. A Papua New Guinea language has a term for this, Mokita. It means “truth that we all know, but agree not to talk about.” …There are fascinating questions here for those interested in the interactions between sociology, economics, anthropology and cognitive science. We do not have the answers yet. We may need them soon, for policy makers who rely on Mokita are flying blind.

    Richard J. Herrnstein held the Edger Pierce Chair in Psychology at Harvard University until his death in 1994.

  5. Let’s all take a minute to thank the wonderful lady for our ‘deathgore ‘intro’ music’ from the last couple of days! (Berry berry neice Tankyou!)

    ((Ahhh… sorry about the misspelling as above but, it’s because I can’t lie with a straight face/font type))

    Thank fuck it’s now been deleted and it will never again rear its ugly head!

    Yooooo Hoooooo – I’m not gonna wake up humming that tune ever again!

  6. Holy fucking shit, who is the genius to put the death metal on this video? I am mostly a background observer of the best Gore site and very rarely am I moved to login to make a comment but I had to login for this one and give props to Whoever put death metal to the gore! I don’t get off on gore but I find this site to be the most enlightening site on the Internet as it surges into the abysmal depths of the human experience. Thank you

  7. Damn @brand-wall, @seraphim-serenata got you good there! Haha. I love it.

    You know what you were getting yourself into though. I’d expect no less from a bunch of degenerates like us, than the ‘gratitude ‘ you received.

    You served up a nice run of high quality gore in Searaph’s absence. He should let you take the driver seat more often!

    1. Did that asshole rhyme poultry with upholstery? What the fuck is wrong with you Honkey? That was the biggest piece of shit that I’ve ever heard.
      I could read a Dr Seuss book in one of your corny rap battles and beat these retards. Get your shit together.

  8. Well old trump the twat has visited dayton ohio so i guess thats going to make it hard for you tossers who shout , it didnt happen its libtard fake news lol

  9. No idiots ya burn white people. Its fun seen crackers burn.. Also google said america will be great in 20 years since thees crackers been falling from 70 percent to 36 percent since 1900. And the rest of thees crackers we set them on fire

  10. He survived? Can’t these Niggers do anything right? These blacks in Haiti sure do love hacking and burning each other.
    What gets me is that Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. So where are they getting these cameras for recording all this?

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