Man Puts Forearm on Red Hot Stove Element

Man Puts Forearm on Red Hot Stove Element

Well, that’s also a way to gain internet fame. But I must say he took that shit like a champ. Dumb shit, but considering how red hot that coil was, that must have hurt like hell. Any normal human being would yank their arm upon the slightest touch.

The video shows the guy deliberately burning his forearm by placing it on a hot stove element. There must have been trillions of extreme pain signals bombarding his brain, but he held the arm there for a bit before nonetheless removing it. Like his mate, I too thought for a second he’s gonna do it again.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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        2. well i was waiting as such comment !So why you guys hate jews too much,i see admin posting with anti-jews captions, i came to know year back that there is something like jew so…why?

      1. I once stole something @ the tender age of 6 and Moms didn’t take to kindly to that so she held my hand over the stove , threatening she would burn it , so I said, “burn it,!”
        And stuck my hand in the flame deliberately, I carry that scar w/ me everywhere I go, A reminder that Authority can suck Balls!

        1. I’m sure if he could, he would laugh at that remark! Ryan was a cool fellow, surrounded by jackasses that were only interested with his stunts, bound to fail.. Don’t drink and drive kids…

          1. I just watched(Game over, man!) A couple of days ago. I was also going to suggest it on here. It’s pretty funny. Steve-O is only in it for a few minutes though.

      1. I used a red hot nail to burn all the spots where I used to inject, hoping I wouldn’t get caught(welding was the only thing I did besides shoot heroin and crack, blame it on the zingers!) and I wouldn’t shoot anymore. I was high on some stinky Detroit dope. I felt every second. Just didn’t give a fuck. I started shooting in my leg the next day. hahaha. Almost 5.5 years clean with beautiful burns on my arms. Naw it looks like shit.

  1. Shit, I think I saw this video before not to ruin it for anyone else but watch it and learn. Enjoy the Burn. Shit I know I wouldnโ€™t do any of this shit. The guy had a cool shit though props to that and for being sane enough to do a crazy thing.

    I donโ€™t mind watching some of this crazy stuff but yeah no thanks.

  2. Electric ovens are shite not very practical you have to wait for the fucker to warm up before you can light a cigarette ,difficult to burn cannabis resin for a spliff if no lighters back in the day ,can you imagine the blisters our faggot friend would have had ,we are talking large skin plebs ffs….

  3. Ok that scalding will become a 3rd degree burn in a few days’ time….where it just looks and feels really horrible and then he will be scarred for life.
    What a tosser lol. Was it really worth it?

  4. A Lot of Drug Addicts do similar shit in order to get Narcotics from the Emergency Room Doctors, telling them that he slipped and fell on it by accident. I Bet ya,s that 2 hours later,,, he was feeling no pain, & flying higher then A Kite!

          1. You both are so correct my B G Brothers,, And God Bless your Sister,, hope she pulls herself out of that out of that vicious circle.

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      1. Everyone of us Succumbs to *The Parrot Syndrome* once in awhile,,, and even Veterans like @theprotoclsofzion and myself, when the post button sometimes will not react to the first tap.

  5. lol what a dumbass. you got to have a mental disorder to do this. he is going to be in horrible pain for a long ass time, possible infected arm and surgeries, and then he will have this fucked up scars all all over his arm.

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