Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Presidential Office in Taipei, Taiwan

Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Presidential Office in Taipei, Taiwan

A 37 year old man, only identified by his surname of Huang, approached the Presidential Office in Taipei, Taiwan, on May 19th, 2015. As he got closer to the building, he stopped and doused himself with gasoline. As military police officers approached him, Huang pulled a knife and warned them to stay away from him.

He then ignited the gas and created a little inferno in front of the building. The flames were rather quickly extinguished, but Huang had already suffered second degree burns to over 80 percent of his body. As of this writing, he was still in critical condition with a poor outlook. The incident has not been ruled as politically motivated.

Hey, guys, would you be surprised if I told that Huang has a history of mental illness? Didn’t think so. This is usually the all-time favourite cop-out plea of Americans, but in Asian countries, having mental illness is still very taboo.

Apparently Huang and his mother, “Chen”, had recently been involved in a court drama with one of Chen’s friends in which the court ruled against her. Huang expressed suicidal intent over the incident and this incident is believed to be the result. His “fuck you” to the judicial system.

We have three videos here. The first two show the event and the third one is the aftermath. I love hearing this pig squealing, fucking attention whore. I am also disheartened by the fact that in the first video they are listening to America rap in their car. Jesus Fucking Christ.

Mad props to MrsPink for the vids.

Another view:

And the aftermath:

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  1. WoW.., he went up pretty quick.., someone should’ve started hitting him with a stick till he was out.., in the Good ol USA., the cops would have used bullets to put him out.

      1. Fire Marshall Bill would definitely approve…

        “Lemme show ya something!!…
        Don’t worry folks… I’m a Fire Marshal!…
        It can be very… Very DTUHHH-DTUHHH… DEADLY!…”

  2. I have said it before and I will say it again, self martyrdom is worthless if you wish to encourage the future generations to take up your cause.

    So you die, fantastic! what have you achieved?, nothing except for acknowledgement of present social/economic conditions.

    It takes those who still have life to change the future and therein lies the answer.

    1. I doubt very much that this dude had a “cause”…or maybe he actually did. Either way, I have more respect for absolute loons like this than “Raising Awareness” aka “Give me Money” activists for…income/gender/baboon inequality etc etc etc…perhaps one of THEM should “light up” in a public square!!

    2. most remonstrations are useless. Racism, rapes, gender discrimination, religion etc etc will always exist as long as there are humans on this planet duh! i rather pull out the long chair, smoke a bowl and watch the world go to shit

  3. Something tells me he wasn’t screaming to be a “fucking attention whore” I think he just realized that fire is hot… And it doesn’t mix well with living skin!! Lol. What a stupid asshole! And he blocked traffic! What a dick. At least he could have went on the sidewalk… Stupid Asians his skin isn’t even pealing off… What a tease!

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