Mob Burns Alleged Criminals Alive

Mob Burns Alleged Criminals Alive

Mob justice, whereas no police report is filed, no investigations is conducted, and no court of law called upon to determine whether alleged criminals are guilty or not is more common in today’s world than it would seem. While vigilante mob lynching is most typical of Latin America (the likes of Venezuela, Guatemala or Brazil immediately come to mind), it is certainly not the only area where mob justice is a way of life. Countries following Islam have perfected the art of mob lynching by involving closest family of the victim and gave it a name of “honor killing”. That’s a whole different topic though.

Getting back to mob justice – as I had said, it certainly is not a sole domain of Latin America. Some of you may remember lynching of two brothers in Sialkot, Pakistan, but it can also be encountered in other parts of South Asia, in Middle East and Africa.

Picture above shows three males – alleged criminals – who were sorted out by an angry mob. After receiving beatings, the alleged criminals had gasoline poured on them and were set on fire to painfully burn to death.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. “Muslim Dance Fever”

    The upstarts in front are destined for fame
    Flaming breakdancers on top of their game
    Hadji in back has less than no chance
    With that stupid YMCA dance
    Everyone knows Village People are lame!

  2. I Used To Know This Guy I Once worked with who was from Africa(not sure what part)He Told Me Of Some Horrific Shit He Seen There,One Was The Burning Tire Around the victims neck! Look At The Shit That Never ends over there,a bunch of Outlaw Rebels Rule The Land,If Are The Stronger group of rebels,then You Ruled it all of that Darfur I guess,and like The Famous ” Black Hawk Down” Incident

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