Mongolian Miner Sets Himself on Fire During Live Press Conference

Mongolian Miner Sets Himself on Fire During Live Press Conference

On November 13th, 2015, a Mongolian miner set himself on fire during live press conference to protest the government’s action that force native Mongolians out of work. Best Gore member @DancingMongorian explains:

A Mongolian miner set himself on fire to boycott the firing of miners working for a Mongolian mining company “Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi LLC”. He said “I will burn if I must” right before he struck a match. This happened during a live press conference held by the representative of dismissed miners.

The company fired most of the Mongolian miners and replaced them with Chinese miners who were brought to Mongolia by Ts. Elbegdorj – the president of Mongolia.

As seen in the video, it took good 3 seconds for the 2 guys standing behind him before they realized that he was on fire. It saddens me that the journalists cared more about the microphones than the guy on fire. It saddens me to see that Mongolia is becoming more and more like Tibet. The government has brought in shit tons of Chinese workers to replace Mongolian men. Now the desperate people are resorting to desperate measures, standing up to the government by castrating them and shooting (with guns and bow and arrow) at the government house.

This is the sad reality of Mongolian society. Bring back Chinghis Khan.

UPDATE from Best Gore member @YaagiiSaagii:

I want to do update on @DancingMongorian’s submission on the miner who set himself on fire.

Firstly, the employees were not “fired“. 200+ employees were transferred to a Chinese mining company and the employees protested that they don’t want to work for Chinese company on their own homeland.

Secondly, the person who immolated himself (S.Erdene) was president of the labour union of that mining company (Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi LLC) not a miner. He protested a month ago boycotting the same actions of the company and he said the protest will get worse.

Ambulance came 45 minutes later after his self-immolation (gg). S.Erdene is now in coma at the hospital. The president of Erdene Tavan Tolgoi LLC got at the same day.

After the incident, the reporters asked him why would he do this. He kept saying “Booviigiin gobsnii nuh angal bolsoon” to the journalists. Which translates “I did this for my country“.

PS: The word @DancingMongorian is looking for is self-immolation. Not “castrating”.

Thanks a lot for the video, @DancingMongorian:

Also a video provided by @YaagiiSaagii in which S.Erdene points at the president of the company and says “This is the asshole that made me do it. This is the president“:

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    1. Firstly, those Mongolian people are warriors. To be able to stand up like that, and walk out looking like nothing happened shows a kind of strength I envy. Secondly, I will never understand the purpose of self-harm to make a point. You only hurt yourself, and those who love you. It has absolutely no effect on the powers that be. They will not change their minds if a few nutballs decide to set their nutsacks on fire. They only care about the bottom line; those of us on whose backs they stand to achieve that bottom line don’t matter.

        1. lol. I like how at the end of the video he just casually brushes himself off and walks away, like it was just another day at the office.

          My mind is wandering here but I’d love to see this as the news report…”Man who survived self-immolation today was killed by an elevator while exiting the building”. πŸ™‚

          1. Hahaha that would be funny! Or if he tripped and fell down the stairs. I’ve never understood why people choose fire to kill themselves or to make a statement. There are so many other ways to do it, why pick that one?

      1. @Dos think this dude is definitely Freddy we had a Grandma look like Ghost Rider when her grandkids set her on fire with silly string singing her happy birthday…had Freddy and the Ghost Rider not been in existence before these videos people would be getting sued I tell ya.

          1. Over 100 dead and counting…multiple suicide bombings, grenade and fire bomb attacks…yea this didn’t happen over night…the death toll will continue to rise in the days ahead as the injured succumb to their wounds.

    1. that was expected imo. too bad we are not allowed to work on our own country ,except on exclusive situation (this not inclued other situation than full country war bad situation)

      shit, that will be fucking mess up at paris :/

    2. @rayf, this ?terrorist? attack comes only one day after ?Jihadi John? supposedly gets killed so I bet this attack will be declared retaliation for Jihadi John so as to support the idea that he was real and not an MI5 agent as most of us assume.

      I bet those responsible also escape only to ?accidentally? drop their ID cards in their getaway car, leaving them to be cornered and killed in the next few days.

      No doubt our governments will also use this to justify ground/air action in Syria.

          1. I dont say, that the Big Brother state is perfectly functioning, but they should?ve known about that, and they probably did…Its seems just too big, to be overlooked.

          2. @coochie
            I don’t know what to think anymore…
            Over 1500 soldiers have been deployed in Paris and my country (Belgium) are setting up control points allong with the french around there border.
            I don’t think this was a trick but a excellent planned terrorist attack

          3. Thats the disadvantage with alternative media, they have no news ticker, and can only analize the censored material from AFP, Reuters etc. One is left with the extraction of predictions out of the already investigated events and the big picture. The most important question is Cui Bono? Who benefits? This event today is somehow a quantum leap for Europe towards the radicalisation of the minds and the agenda of the snake suits. Some more will wake up, but the most of the sheep will run even faster into the “caring” hands of the powers that shouldnt be. Why I?m not surprised,lol.

      1. @Empty it could very well be retaliation for that…however this seems to show more than a day or two of planning…but as you say it does have a tit for tat feel about it.

      2. @Mr.Nightmare, it would not surprise in the least.

        Our governments have been desperately trying to find something that justifies Syrian action so as to put Russia in check and prevent the destruction of ISIS whilst hastening the fall of Syria.

        If they can?t find a reason for war they will manufacture one, the same trick has been going on since at least the days of the Roman Empire.

        @rayf, this attack shows many days planning indeed and that should be even more evidence that if they, and our media and governments, do call it retaliation for Jihadi John they clearly are telling lies.

      1. @Tas Nothing in the world makes one angrier than to invite “desperate” people into our countries and homes and have them murder us…they have shown time and again their true intentions…wonder how many more of these before we have enough of them ?
        They are actively pushing for that…it would seem roach stomping time is fucking nigh.

    3. Although I wouldnt call it a false flag yet, and apparently no exercises were conducted prior to that, it could be very well a staged event with usefull idiots. I hate to say that, but this will occur more frequently and the violent nature of such attacks will rise for sure, breaking tabus, but what the west/zionists and their tools need is a bigger attack with much more permanent impact to accelerate the overall agenda of creating chaos and control. Problem – Reaction -Solution.

      1. Joshua Homme from the band Queens Of The Stone Age was at the concert venue performing with his band Eagles Of Death Metal…no word on the band yet but it being a metal band you can bet most of these victims are going to be young….very sad.

    4. Yup was just reading about that. Looks like a 100 person hostage situation in a theater there as well. Reports that people are being executed as the authorities are preparing to storm the place. Maybe we will get some footage here. Sad.

  1. Oh sure, add insult to injury! The asshole douses himself with gasoline and with a quick flicker of his wrist, he begins the self-immolation process. The people around him, instead of helping him, begin to assault him by hitting him with coats and kicking him in the head. I saw one guy punch the old dude in the balls. That must have hurt, aside from the flame and everything else that was going on around him.

    He needs to do this at home where no one will bother him. He can film it and I’m sure someone will upload it to Bestgore.

  2. ?It saddens me to see that Mongolia is becoming more and more like Tibet?.

    A better example to use would be Britain.

    As of 2014 there were 6.6 million foreign workers in Britain, mainly existing within the low-skilled sectors and occupations.

    Official ONS figures also showed that within the last two years three in four new jobs went to migrants.

    Indigenous working class white kids in Britain are denied that which should be rightfully theirs, the right of employment in their country of birth. The reason for this denial is down to basic human greed, employers prefer cheap imported labour rather than pay a decent wage to the host inhabitants.

    Of course this reliance on low skilled, underpaid employees has a negative effect on the economy because not only is consumerism going down but also income tax intake as well which means that even though private enterprise gains massively the state sector suffers greatly because when the GDP falls the national debt increases which means more cuts and more taxes.

    To the point then, people setting themselves on fire is a worthless action considering their goal because governments and businesses do not give a shit about dead people because dead people are not profitable, outside of funeral homes and church services anyway, and so only those still alive can effect change in a meaningful way.

    My conclusion, attack them where it hurts the most; their profit margins. Do not support companies who refuse to employ the indigenous population, get together and boycott them and they will feel pain.

    The basic notion of reward vs punishment has never been so necessary as it is today.

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