Motorcyclist Lynched and Burned for Killing Bus Driver in Honduras

Motorcyclist Lynched and Burned for Killing Bus Driver in Honduras

Motorcyclist Lynched and Burned for Killing Bus Driver in Honduras

In the city of Tegucigalpa in Honduras a man was lynched and burned to death for apparently killing a bus driver.

The incident happened in the Arturo Quezada neighborhood of the nation’s capital. After witnessing the murder, the populace overwhelmed the killer and burn him along with his motorcycle.

Props to Best Gore member @niggercaradepepa for the videos. They are all vertical so I was not able to join them together. Here’s a video of the killer being caught and delivered beating:

Video of the killer burning and being doused with more flammable liquid:

Video of the killer’s motorcycle being set on fire as well:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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191 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Lynched and Burned for Killing Bus Driver in Honduras”

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    2. Tells you everything you need to know about Honduran society, what precautions you need to take if you are ever unlucky enough to find yourself in Honduras. Put your head on a swivel and merge into the background and ensure that you pass through this pleasant and peaceful land silently without the slightest detection.

  1. Don’t know the details, but I would be embarrassed to be partaking in this bullshit if I hadn’t seen it for myself. Which obviously most of the crowd had not. In fact if I saw what he is alleged to have done, I would have just killed the motherfuck myself, not hang around and wait for street justice.

    1. I wonder if he was a hitman, or if he was some random dude who just lost his rag with the bus driver for cutting him up in his own lane?

      I suspect the latter. If the former, he could have gotten away really quickly on his motorbike. Most people would be to stunned to react or stop him in those vital few seconds after the act.

      1. Must’ve been suffering from Reginald Denny syndrome. When assholes are climbing on your vehicle, or trying to pull you off your motorcycle you’re supposed to hit the gas, not sit there until you get dragged away by your hair and beaten to death.

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  3. In England, he would go to trial but be out on bail immediately, the trial would take 2 years while he was free, if found guilty, he would be sentenced to “life” meaning, he would get 8 years, but mandatory release in 4 with good behavior, then you add in the prison overpopulation problem, which causes convicts to be pushed out early for the new ones, and it is down to 3 or even 2 years, and then he is released. That is “life” in the UK right now. No exaggeration, no bullshit. We have convicted murderers, and repeat offenders walking the streets that were sentenced to “life” just a few years ago for heinous crimes. I’m all for lynching now, including the psycho judges who are constantly putting ultra violent criminals back into the street. We need to find, hunt down and kill every single one of these judges, who are more on the side of foreigner predators in society than their victims. If I had the magical power to do so, if I could push one button to kill every single one of these malicious judges in England, I would do it immediately with no hesitation. I would kill every single one of them.

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          3. You are uninformed or are wilfully ignorant. If you read up well ,you will note that Hitler did have plans on ruling the world and his vision was not just about ridding his country of Jews.

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      1. you see? questions like that are irrelevant. what does it matter? it can happen anywhere, from Russia to Congo to Vietnam to Bangladesh to Bolivia. This happened in Honduras. It could happen in Belgium under the right circumstances. and the right circumstances mean, the police are NOT there in numbers sufficient to restore order. the mob runs the show. and the mob demands blood until everybody is slipping in the streets from it. humans are very dangerous in numbers

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  7. Shit man,
    this is where humans really do become just animals!
    See all those guys putting the ‘boot in’?
    You gotta wonder is it really for ‘vengance’?

    Or .. Is it just an excuse to kick a person who can’t fight back, just
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    I truly believe it is.

    We all act so ‘civilized’ with our tea and china cups, yet when the
    chance arises, most people act more like monkeys than people
    when given the chance.
    And to see that fuck, standing there, filming it like it’s a Disney
    show he wants to go home and show his kids?
    Stupid fuck.

    I’m not saying this fuck didn’t DESERVE to die, we don’t really
    But really, how we treat our prisoners shows how civilized we really are or are not.
    What we saw here was just a pack of wild monkeys, killing another monkey ..

    1. this thin veneer of so-called “civilization” will evaporate in minutes once order breaks down and the police don’t bother answering calls. You should study what happened in Stalingrad and Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War. Minorities in the USSR who made up the armies ran pell-mell against the Russians, and Russians hated them accordingly. Again, you should study the Zoot Suit riots in LA during WW2, and which ethnic groups suffered the most during that fracas

      1. Not quite true. Many Moslems and some minorities ie Baltics ,Georgians etc were chastised because they were collaborators with the invading Germans. Many Ukrainians and ethnic Russians were also collaborators as well. Many later switched sides . Moslem Turks/Tatars of Crimea were traitors yet some of the best and mOST loyal Soviet troops were Chechens who were at war with Russia in the 1990s!

        To this day ,the Russian peacekeepers /military police/soldiers in Syria today are Moslem Chechens!

        1. yes, and the bulk of American military stationed in the middle east are of latinos from the barrio. second-class citizens of the USA just like the Chechens in Russia. your point?

          1. My point is that not all minorities in Russia were hated in WWII by ethnic Russians until they rebelled and were traitorous. In fact , in the spirit of the times ,they were loved as brothers in Communist arms. No Christianity ,Judaism nor Islam was allowed , remember. They were stamped out. The Chechens were not considered nor considered themselves as second -class citizens at the time. The Latinos are. They are currently to the American forces as the foreign auxiliaries were to the Roman army.

      1. Excellent point!

        If you look at Space Odessey 2001, A million years ago we through a bone up, now we throw a Space Shuttle up, but besides the technology, still just a wild monkey.

        I mean, look how many Islamics think some kind of ‘God’ wants them to behead men, women and children, to make sure they get some really great ‘fucks’ in heaven/paradise.

        I mean, yeah, that’s what a loving ‘God’ would want : not to save some young kid from disease & suffering, but to make sure you get your ‘end in’, depending on how many innocent people you have murdered.
        And these lefty idiots telling us

        “Oh, it’s such a pure religion .. A muzzie would never turn terror unless it was Jizzhad ..” But …ANYTHING can be Jizzhad – if you don’t like the price of a Chuppa Chupp, you can start a Jizzhad .. or get Fatwah issued to
        murder some innocent person … What an INSANE religion …
        And to be told by our leaders that “Oh well, many will be killed in the name of Islam, but .. it’s for your own good to be multi-cultural”

        It is what it has always been .. a multi-cultural failure of the highest

        In my area, 2 parents had a nice white girl, who wanted to travel so she went to UK to work as a nanny – got stabbed in the neck by a Muzzie and died on the street ..

        When will the World wake up and see what shit this really is ?
        I’m so sick of this fucken World (people’s brains I mean, not the
        planet & animals).

        All goes back to … We are just a bunch of wild monkeys, looking for the
        next piece of raw meat …

    2. You dont know whats the reality pussy are you new on bestgore ???
      Those mothafuckas kill you for less than a dollar they rape your daughters sisters or if you open your own bussiness you have to pay a weekly fee if not they kill you thats why that bitch killed that poor bus driver and that happend to a lot of them every week go to sleep or go watch cartoons you ignorant

      1. yes, they are mongrels, mutant half-breeds from the race mixing in so-called “Latin” America. but the percentage of European blood in Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela extremely low. these people are outright indigenous Indians. Their percentage of Spanish blood is less than 1% in those countries. the bulk of foreign blood in these populations is African, not European

    1. if i ever see a group of Hondurans in MY neck of the woods? well, they had all better have flak jackets. of course, if I was to make trouble in their country? I wouldn’t expect to be treated any better

  8. why is she crying, :'(
    wuz that her little bastard gettin roasted, or the bus driver her lover, huh..?

    or just being hysterical, cause someone just get killed, was it the first lynching there..?

    1. mob rule is scary as hell. that’s why she’s crying. I bet you might consider it too if you ever had to come to grips what a mob is capable of in a frenzy. I’ve seen it before in Indonesia and man, its spooky and no fun. we’re talking about mass psychosis here
      That bitch is crying because she is witnessing something inhuman. done by humans. and there is no telling where it goes or when it stops. I’ve seen a mob literally tear down a house, until it was nothing but rubble. the family of the culprit in question had to flee the county for their lives. and there was nothing to return to once order had been restored.

  9. female crying probably one of passengers on the bus obviously said “PUTA” to the suspect, she was distraught by what happened to the driver of the bus… .what not probably all the passengers apprehended the robber and lynched him! Highly doub’t as some comments mentioning “pussy pass” that she was maybe an accomplice ..she would of been fired too!

  10. Holy Mother of Satan !!!!!!!!!!!

    PPL just walk by like it´s a normal thing !!!!!!

    This Shit doesn´t even happen in India ??? ( Population 1.1 BILLION )

    Why is South-Central America soo Full of Extreme Human Hatred ???

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