Motorcycle Thief Burned to Death by Necklacing in Rural Tanzania

Motorcycle Thief Burned to Death by Necklacing in Rural Tanzania

Motorcycle Thief Burned to Death by Necklacing in Rural Tanzania

As the title suggests, according to the backinfo I got, a motorcycle thief was allegedly caught in the act in rural Tanzania, and the locals didn’t hold back lynching his ass.

Per what the video shows, the bike thief was eventually burned to death by necklacing. There’s some involuntary movement in his arms, but I think he’s already pretty much dead in the video.

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74 thoughts on “Motorcycle Thief Burned to Death by Necklacing in Rural Tanzania”

    1. ffs, i would have given the poor sod a bike if he wanted one. But then when he’d have held out his hand for more and it wasn’t forthcoming he’d have hated me for it.
      Better to just sit back and enjoy the bonfire.

        1. That’s true, curtains, chickens, bread, they killed two little kids for stealing bread. Also i’ve seen a video somewhere of them killing one of their own for stealing cabbages from his plot. I think murder is their default go to for every problem.

  1. Never a lack of bald tires and gasoline in these shit hole countries . The tires I get, but how does someone suddenly appear with a cup of gas.
    I guess it’s because they just throw their trash on the side of the road and in streams. F’ing animals.

  2. The Crime doesn’t fit the punishment. You wouldn’t do it to a rabid animal if you came from a civilised place. If you commit a “crime“ in a place where human life has zero value and there is zero empathy for anybody or anything, this is what you get.

    The only thing I can say is we need to keep this culture, mentality, zero values system well away from us. Gates said that half of Africa wants to come to Europe. No way! Nice to see Trumps wall is keeping our American brothers n sisters safe. Wish Europe had that Geographic option.

    Meanwhile, I’d like to send our so called leaders in the UN, EU/Brussels and the academics in most of the faculties of higher education throughout Europe for a holiday in several African countries I can think of. Let’s put a sign around their necks saying mobile phone and bike thieves. They can try debate their way out…..

    1. You’re right, over a fucking bike.
      I think we should just let all africans into europe and go live in africa. We’d develop it in no time and never allow a nigger to live among us. I mean, they’re all so desperate to live in the west so let’s all go live out there. Or is it that they just want to live among whites in a civilised culture.

      1. I’m certain the regional citizens know that a crime of this sort could result in a lynching. Not long ago right here in the U.S., horse thievery could result in harsh punishment. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

        1. Research by the Tuskegee Institute, Alabama (now Tuskkegee University) in 1908 defined the conditions that constituted a recognized lynching:

          There must be legal evidence that a person was killed.

          That person must have met death illegally.

          A group of three or more persons must have participated in the killing.

          The group must have acted under the pretext of service to Justice, Race, or Tradition.

          The research determined that 38% of victims of lynching were accused of murder, 16% of rape, 7% for attempted rape, 6% were accused of felonious assault, 7% for theft, 2% for insult to white people and 24% were accused of miscellaneous offenses or no offense.

          The records of Tuskegee Institute remain the single most complete source of statistics and records on this crime dating from 1882 for all states, although modern research has identified new incidents in studies focused on specific states in isolation and suggest that the actual numbers of lynchings were, therefore, under-reported.

          The last annual report by the Institute (1959) concluded that a total of 4,733 persons had died by lynching since 1882.

          To quote from the report:

          ‘Except for 1955, when three lynchings were reported in Mississippi, none has been recorded at Tuskegee since 1951. In 1945, 1947, and 1951, only one case per year was reported. The most recent case reported by the institute as a lynching was that of Emmett Till, 14, a Negro who was beaten, shot to death, and thrown into a river in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1955

          For a period of 65 years ending in 1947, at least one lynching was reported each year. The most for any year was 231 in 1892. From 1882 to 1901, lynchings averaged more than 150 a year. Since 1924, lynchings have been in a marked decline, never more than 30 cases, which occurred in 1926.’

      2. @JohnFrum yeah, i honestly think these black people do it because they’d claim righteousness from it, oh he stole, let’s burn him alive, bring the children, show them oh, don’t forget the camera!

        Lord Be With

  3. Are all the vehicles in Africa just riding around on bare rims? Maybe we should start doing this to pedophiles and child killers in the US and we could cure that problem AND used tire disposal issues too.

  4. This man in afterlife meeting the creator.
    -God I stole some bikes and mobs have killed me I….
    -I know.
    -So what is the meaning of life God?
    -To burn niggers. Why do you think I create you black? To remind you what to do. You stupid monkey.

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