Mr. Crotchfire Gets His Crotch Set on Fire in Africa

Mr. Crouchfire Gets His Crotch Set on Fire in Africa

Mr. Crouchfire Gets His Crotch Set on Fire in Africa

In what looks like Africa, Mr. Crotchfire got his crotch set on… you guessed it – fire.

If they specifically lit up his crotch, which it looks like they did after they whooped his ass, I’d guess he was accused of some sort of sexual crime or that he was discovered to be a homosexual. They’re not very gay-friendly over there. Or, who knows, maybe they thought he was a sorcerer.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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190 thoughts on “Mr. Crotchfire Gets His Crotch Set on Fire in Africa”

    1. Thanks for digging this one up SS as per our requests. I take it his is the court room and this poor fellow has been lynched by his own black people after being accused of something.
      Does Oprah know about this or is she still bleating on about some ancient history lynching of a black man in america by whites. Maybe she should be shown what her beloved people are doing to each other today.

      1. They lynch those who are menace to society not the innocent. Sometimes Africans has to by-pass the Whiteman’s imposed laws and apply their own law, which is quick, efficient….and very entertaining when the justice is been done.

        1. True that : ) but you should know, we crackas generally have NO natural ability NOR psychological capacity to comprehend let alone approve of anything uneurocentric.

          To us you’re either a western brainwashed useful / acceptable wimp (which we understand as a “civilized human being”) OR you’re a “savage”… We the same idiots will tell you we’re against modern social re-engineering experiments / programs (like Same-Sex Marriage, Androgyny, etc) meanwhile our very existence and so called “western values” stand for everything which enable and support those idiotic programs.

          Don’t mind what they call you @african-angel it’s not worse than the sarcastic hypocrites we are

        1. haha they only lynch the guilty, very good, kid yourselves all day long just like oprah but don’t tell me no one innocent ever got lynched. One question. i hope it’s not too taxing for you.
          If africa’s so perfect why’re you all climbing over each other’s drowning bodies to get to the white man country ??

          1. @statutoryapes I know what you mean. It can be so energy consuming replying to dumbness and they only come back with something even more dumb but i thought i’d do my bit.

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    2. I was really rooting for this guy to just roll over! This is the type of people we are being told are so peaceful as Soros ships drop them in Spain and Italy by the rat load! Europe is like a keg right now waiting to explode and i seriously think that the spark needed isnt far away….

      1. I can’t wait till that spark ignites the keg , the white “Adamic” Anglo, Icelandic, Germanic, Celtic, and related blood will ride from the ashes like a mighty warrior, destroying all that defy him and all that attempt to mongrelize his race! It has already been foretold in the ancient writings that the White man will never be destroyed, the Jooo tries vehemently to take us down and flood our lands with these sub humans in hopes of watering our seed out of existence……. Fuck the JOOOO and everything he stands for1

          1. Agreed, even the messiah was against religion, he was also against the JOOOO kiddo so I suggest you not throw the baby out with the bath water …….. meeeehh- what do you know, you’re just another BG cuck that doesn’t know shit. Sad-

    1. What’s a niggA gonna do when he can’t Muh-Dick everything all day? A nigga in Africa with a burnt off dick. What a shitty life that would be. Can’t even spread the AIDS around.

      Anyone notice that nigga with the tootsie-pop or crackpipe or whatever @ 00:37? LoL.

          1. i doubt he did anything to warrant this treatment, they love a lynching do those africans, any excuse’ll do. he probly just fucked a married whore and she cried rape when hubby found out. Most african women fuck behind their husband’s backs, usually at work

  1. Fire being recently discovered* in this region, the troops are especially proud of using their latest technology to administer the penalty.

    * You buy from The Man, he show you how, now you do it. Ho, you hurt yourself? Try again, OK.

  2. Wait…can you hear the silence? where’s all the black bg members? Now let’s see, what will we get first “White people bomb and kill too” “White small willy redneck” “your momma’s a whore” ???
    African savages

      1. Oh yes i forgot SS they’re all out when the rest of us are just settling in for the night. Black bg members comment when they get home from robbing and we’re all at work paying tax dollars to keep them in welfare

    1. This might be a case of the African Super Crabs. These are the size of small toads and shrug off the usual 1% permethrin topical treatments.

      You can stun them with a ball peen hammer. Not to your head, stupid. Then you can apply white spirit to finish them off – you may get a burning sensation, use accordingly.

      1. everything grows bigger in africa, it’s all that sun, spiders, snakes, gators all God’s creatures but the women, they never stop growing, i honestly can never work out how a person just gets fatter and fatter. I can only think that the actual bones keep growing to accommodate the massive amount of extra weight. It’s a phenomenon as yet unexplained and those asses, imagine the stink coming out of those huge ass cracks

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    1. I know Haydolf. Problem is there’s nowhere left to move to. White flight has run out of places to run. i doubt any of them will answer your comment as it would mean having to read it first and it may be a bit long for them. Especially as there is no mention of sex to keep them focused.

      1. eastern europe is still strong, and russia is to a degree but i can see most europeans would rather go to war than to uproot because eventually they would watch their homeland turn into a ruin and this would enrage europeans even further and they would go back anyway and destroy the invaders. mass immigration will be the biggest disaster europe has ever faced, and america they are using the same model on your country which is basically the richard von coudenhove plan to destroy white nations with mass immigration and rule the eventual mix. they want whites to become such a minority in their lands that slowly over time (and with relentless propaganda) whites will breed with blacks until their “strongest enemy” is eradicated forever.

          1. americans and europe do not see the bigger picture of what is coming in the next 10 – 20 years, its going to wake them from a deep slumber, its going to be an immense shock to the system and they will be forced into war. dark days ahead i tell you.

          2. war is always inevitable every few years. We’ve had too long without it but it will come. The young uns think there can never be war because they’ve only know peace. Just like when you’re young you think your parents will live forever. We are at peace during times of peace while islam the blacks and pakis backed by the left (go figure) are always at war with us ideologically. Our dumb as fuck middle class youth need to wake and join us

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          4. Are they not prepared to eradicate the colored with some melatonin oriented virus once they get enough of whites to mix with them? All these race wars might be over in less than a month and the population back to the Middle Age numbers.

    2. @haydolf_hittler

      “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

      -George Orwell, Animal Farm.

      To equate to our modern times, all races are equal in their current existence as humankind however some races are far more high functioning than others.

      Whites, Indians and Asians etc in general are far more intelligent and functional than blacks are and when all these races exist and compete within the same place and time the blacks will always be the losers in last place racially speaking.

      In the above sense race wars are inevitable because not all is equal between races and never will it be.

      The nigger losers will never accept their position nor will the winners and runner ups accept a demotion due to anything other than meritocracy.

      Evolution has made us unequal and due to its time parameters and effectiveness that will never change at this point, the differences between us will always be there for the foreseeable future.

      1. check out the recent riots in france, slowly but surely the africans are turning france into africa. paris is now officially a shithole too and has been for a few years, a once beautiful city destroyed by these locusts aka niggers.

    3. Well said Haydolf. Heres one for you:

      “With the Negro emotional, momentary and explosive thinking predominates… dependence on excitement, on external influences and stimuli, is a characteristic sign of primitive mentality. Primitive man’s energy is unstable and spasmodic. He is easily fired with enthusiasm for an undertaking and begins his work with great zest; but his interest dies down quickly and the work is abandoned. Where the stimulus of emotion is lacking the Negro shows little spontaneity and is passive. He waits for what is coming to him and evades what is inconvenient or adapts himself to it; instead of bravely confronting the obstacles of life and mastering them…The Negro has but few gifts for work which aims at a distant goal and requires tenacity, independence and foresight. ”

      Black Intelligence in White Society by Stanley Burnham (1985

      1. Thank you… And that’s why I’d rather have “white” house workers and fieldworkers they’re much smarter, much more evolved to do better, more quality work than some niggrs or spics and if I happen to knock-up my manslaves wife.. It’s all good because it’ll be white and white guys are cocks anyways, so he’ll be OK with it… Fukn win-win!… Am I right?.. Hi five guys…

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