Nightclub Fire Deaths

Nightclub Fire Deaths

All these people allegedly died trapped inside a nightclub that caught fire and turned from a party place into a mass grave within minutes. Unfortunately I don’t have reliable info on where the incident happened or whether it truly was a nightclub fire and not a terrorist bombing or something like that. Hopefully mean DJ didn’t play the “Disco Inferno” song just as the fire took hold of the place…

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  1. This looks kinda familiar. Dunno if this was a disco fire in the Philippines in the late ’90’s. Ozone Disco is the name of the nightclub. More than a hundred people died and there are urban legends that their souls are haunting people living nearby the old site

  2. could be the Great White concert…

    “In 2003, the band made headlines when The Station nightclub fire led to the deaths of 100 people in West Warwick, Rhode Island, including the band’s guitarist Ty Longley, who had been a member of the band for three years”

  3. There is no video or picture here so I’m not exactly sure what you are talking about but if it is what i am thinking it is then I can add some input. I am a born and raised Rhode Islander and back in February of 2003 Great White a well known 80’s rock band came to Warwick R.I. to do a show at the Station Nightclub. While performing their songs they lit pyrotechnics which they were not supposed to do they never got a permit to do so and it would never have been approved had they tried being the night club’s walls were completely covered with with highly flammable acoustic soundproof material the stuff that looks like egg cartons the pyrotechnics immediately set fire to this material and it spread so rapidly that escape for everyone inside was nearly impossible. Everyone panicked and ran for the door some ppl died due to being trampled on some died from burning some died from smoke inhalation. It’s important to note that there was more than one exit 4 to be precise and the exit closest to the stage patrons were refused the allowance to use the this exit bcuz it was meant for the band only who btw escaped unscathed except for their guitarist and their MC/DJ. Once the fire started most ran for the one exit they entered in which was located at the front of the building and had a long narrow hallway leading to the bar and stage area a stampede followed and quickly made it impossible for anyone to exit. It is also important to note that the bar was overcrowded and the owners did not abide by the law that states how many ppl were allowed in the club at one time. The official capacity for patrons was supposed to be 404 and there were actual 462 ppl in attendance that night. Out of all those ppl 100 lost their lives, 230 ppl were injured and 132 ppl escaped with no injuries. From the start of the fire it only took one minute for flashover to happen. A flashover is a near simultaneous ignition of directly exposed combustible material in an enclosed area. Within 5 1/2 minutes the entire club burned to the ground that is how extremely hot the fire was due to the flammable acoustic sound material and how rapidly it spread. Once everything was said and done there was a huge criminal trial of the remaining band members and the clubs owners and a even bigger civil trial. All in all the bands tour manager Daniel Biechele plead guilty against his lawyers advice and received a 15 year prison sentence with 4 years to serve 11 years suspended and 3 years of probation. Micheal and Jeffrey Derderian the clubs owners who originally plead not guilty but changed their plea to nolo contendre which is basically a guilty plea Micheal received the same sentence as the bands tour manager and Jeffrey got 10 years suspended prison sentence 3 years probation and 500 hours of community service. Their light prison sentences caused a huge uproar in not just the victims families and friends but in all of R.I. and a lot of the neighboring states who were outraged that 100 lives lost and that was the only justice they got. Numerous different companies including the state of RI the city of Warwick the owners and anyone involved with that performance plus a news agency were civilly sued there is a very long list if you want to know them all google station night club fire. They all settled out of court and most settlements were in the multi-million dollar area. The club was never rebuilt and has now been turned into a memorial for the ppl who lost their lives there. It was a very dark moment in the history of my home and very very sad!!!!

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