Oil Tanker Catches Fire in DRC, 50 Killed Stealing Gas

Oil Tanker Catches Fire in DRC, 50 Killed Stealing Gas

Officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo say at least 50 people are dead and more than 100 have second-degree burns after a tanker truck caught fire.

The accident occurred on Saturday in the village of Mbuba, not far from Kisantu city, south-west of the capital, Kinshasa. Witnesses say the tanker truck collided with a bus and when the fuel began to leak, villagers rushed to collect it. Then the fire broke out. Video shows the aftermath of burn victims at local hospital.

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    1. Extreme burns can cause severe fluid/electrolyte loss, infection, and shock. The people were on the floor in the hospital with severe burns! Imagine if that happened in the USA? What’s the number of that lawyer again? Lol

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