Orem – The Melted Kenyan

Orem - The Melted Kenyan

This man’s name is Orem Onyango and he lives in a small village in Kitale, in the country of Kenya known as Kona Mbaya. Orem was not born this way, as far as I know, he was born just as normally as everyone else and had a normal childhood. Until his mother died.

You’ve all heard the fairy stories of the wicked step mother. Well, Orem’s was terrifyingly real. At the age of ten, Orem’s step mother doused his face with scalding hot water in an attempt to kill him. Orem survived the assault, but at a ghastly price.

He fled the home he knew to stay with one of his brothers, who raised him until he too, passed away. Orem had yet one more brother, but he dare not stay with him. This brother waits eagerly for Orem’s death so he can seize their father’s land for his own and would likely murder young Orem at the first opportunity.

At the age of twenty, he lives mostly on his own now. He is cared for by a kind villager who has taken pity on him and helps Orem.

Orem’s story was brought to light by an charity worker who was in Kenya treating residents afflicted with Jiggers (a type of flea which feeds on warm blooded animals and transmits disease), who then took the following video.


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204 thoughts on “Orem – The Melted Kenyan”

  1. Being doused in hot water sounds like the worst torture. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

    The face I can deal with but the drool is grossing me out. I know he can’t help it but I can’t watch that shit.

  2. This is one i can’t do either. Dead and deceased, just fine, can’t get enough but, shit like this here, nope, can’t do it. Sorry Orem. You got more guts than i got. I’d have 86d myself long ago.
    No prospect of pussy, no will to continue on. Sad

        1. C’mon……that kid has been through Hell..and not quite come back from his visit. He looks very evil thanks to a person who He dependent for love. If I could make this happen, I’d put him first in line. God rest his soul, always, and protect him

          1. He will rest his own soul and will have to protect himself Your imagined and invisible friend has yet to show his protection and might. I know it makes you feel better to put your faith in a make believe figure but surely if you are over 18 its time to grow up and see our reality as it truly is eg this b0y is a good example of it

        2. C’mon……that kid has been through Hell..and not quite come back from his visit. He looks very evil thanks to a person who He dependent for love. If I could make this happen, I’d put him first in line. God rest his soul, always, and protect him and keep him close. When it comes to children, I could care less if you wanna give me the business

          1. @DR…sorry if comment looked like it was directed at you bro. What you said was cool…it’s just some of the Newbs who have’nt quite learned the difference between dark humor and trying to be funny… It’s a very fine line on which they walk..

  3. When I scrolled down to this post that picture scared the shit out of me.
    I love the parasites called Jiggers. American Jiggers are the worst kind of parasite though.

  4. I hope someone threw the evil stepmother into a volcano full of liquid hot magma. Hang tough Orem, at least you’re HIV- and don’t have an inoperable case of the Jiggers. Top notch gore @Obli.

  5. He’s had to live like this for 10 years with no love life, apparently only one kind soul for a friend and a brother he’s afraid will kill him. He’s a much stronger person than I’d be in the same situation, best of luck to him.

  6. The drool didn’t bother me. I just feel sorry for him. I couldn’t imagine at 10 going through that kind of trauma. The physical pain would have been unbearable not to mention the mental anguish. Poor fellow.

    1. Exactly, well said. He’s strong, and for that he’s got all my respect. Going through what he did, so young. Wow, really. Hope he has people around to talk to and to support him, he sure deserves it…We really don’t realize how lucky we are until we see these people. And what they deal with. Life is strange…

  7. Saw his story on YT, this kid, believe it or not he was a good looking kid! Apparently, the evil stepmom didn’t like the attention he was getting so the bitch doused him and I can’t even imagine the fucking pain. The kids wears a garbage bag to collect the drool that never stops. The aide worker brought him a new pair of pants,shirt and new sneakers, you would have thought he hit the fucking lotto. Hope the kid has a chance for, at the very least, something that resembles a life.

      1. I’m the interview the aide worker never asked him about his teeth. @IGIi I think you’re right. Hi mouth,eyes, throat and mouth were all obviously damage. He probably had scar tissue in the gums which caused the teeth to grow in this way.

  8. Born in Kenya. Lost mother during childhood. Was cowardly attacked, damage is permanent. Caring brother died. Evil brother lives. Can barely turn his head. Merely eating is a trouble. Carries a saliva collector anywhere. Damned life, sucks to be him!

  9. Normally, I would crack a joke. But I feel sympathy for this creature. How horrible it must be to endure the stares day in and day out. Kudos to him for not just giving up. Hope the evil stepmother gets beheaded.

    1. It takes a split second to change someone’s world forever. Unfortunately, the actions of someone else changed his world.
      I’m certain that everyone here, even those of us who joke realize how lucky we are to not be him.

    2. So im thinking that i shall change my opinion on this matter. I shall print a picture or maybe shirts with his face with the saying”But, for the grace of God, this could be you”!
      Wouldnt it be cool to sell that and send the kid the $

  10. poor child

    Where to start, a warm bed each night, food a cuddle and give him a job, make him feel worthy and giving a child a job in these circumstances will help him so much, give him a job helping others,,

    He is such a calm patient soul and hopefully someone watching this with the money to help him, and will do it and do it quickly

    I believe everything is for a reason, but really does get you thinking, what bloody reason can there be for the pain this child has suffered, big hugs X

    1. And yes, water would have done this, it would have been boiled on an open fire etc, so would have reached a far hotter temp then a normal cup of tea,,, it would have melted his gums, and caused his lips to swell blister and maybe even burn away totally, can you imagine the pain he felt when it happened, it’s unbareable, luckily he did not loose his eyesight, but poor child,

  11. I feel for this poor baby . I know first hand about evil mothers. My momster burned me with a piping hot bowl of oatmeal while I was at the table in my underwear. That was excruciating because it stuck to me and just kept burning. I almost cried reading this. Sad when the person you look to protect you can do this to a child no less.

        1. @wrong doer
          I have read about Dave, and a lot of other books about child abuse. Only those who lived with abuse can truly understand.. My Mother was an evil thing, she died last year of a glioblastoma. Good riddance. People say I should forgive, but I think forgiveness is highly over rated. If I would have written her obit it would have said “she was a fucking cunt and I hope she suffered until the end”

    1. No, this is horrible. Too few people dare to talk about violent, bitchy step-mothers. I second you, totally support too. I would revenge…Get in trouble and go to jail I know, but this right here, hurting a kid…I’m boiling inside…

    1. Comment? Comment on choisit avant notre naissance? J’ai pas compris, l?…Je peux me tromper, mais il me semble qu’on n’a pas le choix, justement. Et c’est pas plus mal, parce que ?a donne une chance ? ceux qui n’en ont pas. De bien s’entourer, et de se faire aider. Bien s?r, les plus jeunes n’ont pas le choix, et c’est ?a qui est trop triste…Comme lui, il n’a pas pu balancer sa belle-m?re, qui lui a fait ce qu’on sait. Mais que quelqu’un s’occupe d’elle, quoi…Qu’elle souffre autant m?me pire…

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