Issam Judeh Mustafa Hamad Severely Burnt and Beaten to Death

Issam Judeh Mustafa Hamad Severely Burnt and Beaten to Death

Atrocities of Israeli terrorists against Palestinians are well known and documented. The description that I got with these pictures says that the victim – Issam Judeh Mustafa Hamad was a 40 year old father of 5 living in a small village of Um Safa in Ramallah, Palestine. He was kidnapped by Israeli militants while on his way to work. Even though Issam Judeh Mustafa Hamad was harmless and never involved in war, the fact that he was Palestinian was a good enough reason for Israelites to ambush his vehicle, kidnap him and put medieval on his ass.

Body of dead Issam Judeh Mustafa Hamad was discovered thrown in the field near the village where his family lived. The body wore signs of obvious torture prior to death, he was severely beaten and burnt. His skull was fractured, neck suffered from severe damage, burns all over his body but no punctures from bullets. He was simply burnt and beaten to death.

Gallery of post mortem pictures from coroner’s office is below.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. That was some bad shit,,, But I think there are a few people out there that need that to happen to… Like that little bitch Bobby J Blythe that was involved in the Murder of Mentally Challenged Man…

  2. This is a TOTAL LOAD of HOOEY! This is not a Palestinian murdered by Israelis. These are old photos from Iraq. This guy was a victim of Saddam Hussein’s house of terror.
    Why do you people want to blame every atrocity on the Jew? “SO-CALLED-Palestinians” have killed more Israeli women and children than Israelis have killed total Palestinians. And STILL they are firing their rockets into Israel, UNPROVOKED! C’mon… GET REAL!

  3. WTF shadow84? Palestinians killed more people than Jews? Where do you get your stats from? Let me guess – you still believe that Americans landed on the moon and 7/11 was a terrorist attack, right? Oh, and let’s not forget WMDs in Iraq. Seriously, time to switch channels on your TV cause stations that brainwash you suck.

    Has it ever occurred to you that Israel occupies Palestine and steals their land? They are the aggressors, the same way Americans are in Iraq. I don’t care who is with which religion, Israel is the oppressor that needs to get the fuck out of the Gaza strip and leave people who have lived there alone.

  4. I liked it better when this site didn’t try to hold on to shity political agendas. A quick search on google and you would have found the medical report on Issam’s death, made by the PHR, on November 2, 2000. This guy died on a car crash, being thrown out of vehicle (hence the draging bruises and one-sided impact marks) while on theway back home. He may have been chased by israelis, wich would explain the accident, but there was clearly no murder.
    Also, for the anti-arab and the conspiracy-freak, if you’re not going to back your statements with solid facts, then just shut up

  5. Everyone on this site thinks they are a fucking PI…Are you here to fucking investigate the features?? Or are you here to masterbate to some gore pics, like me?? Put down your spy kits and pick up your clits. Geez!

  6. I got what I was looking for. A dividing line. Idiots who believe EVERY conspiracy theory they read on the internet suck up everything they WANT to believe, even if it is so blatantly false that a third grade goat could see through the smoke.

    ANGIE— You sound so very ignorant/illiterate TRYING to make a point, (I guess that is what you were attempting to do). By the way, what point were you “ATTEMPTING” to make when you said “and 7/11 was a terrorist attack, right?” “7/11” HAWHAWHAWHAW was that a convenient store bombing you speak of? 7/11? HAW HAW HAW what a stupid little twit you are. GODD GRIEF

  7. IvorED, it doesn’t look like you have done your quick google search right. Yes, Israeli army tried to camouflage the murder to make it look like car crash in the eyes of international media, but that’s only for people who can’t think for themselves to believe. Just how gullible would a person have to be to believe a murderous nation that’s been slaughtering other nation for decades that a body disposed of in the middle of field was a car accident. Did your “quick google search” also return results saying that Israeli army try to revive the crash victim with CPR? Yeah right, the guardian angels Israelis watching over Palestinians. Are people really this dumb to believe the propaganda?

  8. Yeah, Mr. Hitler… we are dumb… ALMOST as dumb as YOU and Angie.
    By the way, Mr. Hitler, good name for a Jew hater.
    I’ll bet you think the holocaust NEVER HAPPENED, Right?
    I know your type. I meet them every day. You are a fan of “PrisonPlanet” and an Anarchist / White Supremacist as well. Am I right, Mr. Puke? er… I mean Mr. Hitler?

  9. What do you want dead fag? You have already proven that your brain capacity doesn’t reach far enough to comprehend the obvious. I’m not interested in conversation with someone who can’t see past the tip of their shit stained nose. You’re too dumb to see why.

  10. Israelis are the scum of the earth, who cares if they were responsible for this or not?

    Let’s not argue over irrelevant details, God is ultimately in the details.

    The fact is they are very well capable of this and have and will continue to massacre Palestinians in their delusional belief that they (Isrealis) are God?s chosen people.

    Satan?s chosen people would be a far more accurate description.

    They are determined to continue their genocidal pogroms against innocent Palestinian civilians, and they are justifiably hated the world over.

    Great comment by the way Angie, these vile odious Israelis make the Nazis look like choirboys.

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