People Burn to Death as Train Explodes at Station in Cairo, Egypt

People Burn to Death as Train Explodes at Station in Cairo, Egypt

People Burn to Death as Train Explodes at Station in Cairo, Egypt

On February 27, 2019, a train crashed into a barrier at Ramses train station in Cairo, Egypt. As of this moment, local TV stations report that at least 28 people have been killed and more than 50 injured.

Preliminary investigations indicate that there was a brake failure on the train. Egyptian authorities say they do not believe the incident was deliberate.

Here’s a video consisting of two different angles of CCTV recordings, and an aftermath footage. All filmed by a vertical retard. Props to Best Gore members @memo96aj and @faresdesigner for the videos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. 埃及发布“客运列车车厢(长距离)”采购招标通知
    文章来源:驻埃及使馆经商参处 2011-02-23 16:31 文章类型:原创 内容分类:新闻



  3. Well nothing like this ever happens near me I’m from this shithole of a country that you call egypt and I have always wanted to see shit like this first hand but I’m quite unlucky fml
    alert me next time so I can watch it.

  4. What the fuck was this trains cargo? Jet fuel? Petrol? A shit ton of Sambuka? Awww why did I have to mention Sambuka? Last time I drank that shite I got arrested for lewd conduct and aggravated assault but that’s another story! These rail rats got it fucking bad, especially that poor cunt who didn’t know where to run to like he’d just eaten the spiciest curry around and drastically trying to find the nearest shitter! Fuck!

        1. Having done some research, I think it ignited from some hot surface (plenty of these in a running engine) or a spark rather than compression. Were it petrol, it would still ignite. But being less viscous it wouldn’t be as bad for the victims, I reckon.

  5. Ok, the fire ball & buring folks running like chickens with their heads cut off is Fantastic, no doubt!

    But something also seems odd about this, right? I’ve got to put on my conspirator’s hat for a moment.

    So we’re saying the train ‘exploded’? Train’s don’t just explode, Bollywood style.

    From crashing into a barrier? Sounds like a strange desription, but ok. A barrier, like the end of the line or something? A wall? What does that even mean?

    Still, why such a big fireball? A train is mostly metal. I guess theres probably some diesel tanks somewhere, but would those ignite so quickly, so explosively like that?

    Aren’t there closed circuit security cams up on the train platform? Why couldnt we see those, and what actually happened? Doesn’t that securiry guy have access to ALL the cameras?

    Well, we got some phone footage. A lot of selfie action and a few crispy bodies. But not a sign of train wreckage? No shrapnel, no wrangled metal or passenger cars you’d expect from a large train crash?

    Ok, I guess I can give the benefit of the doubt. Dude was in a chaotic situation & got as close to the action as he could, but damn.

    Something seems weird about this. I saw no visual evidence of catastrophic train wreck. Am I out of line here?

    Dont get me wrong. I enjoyed the flaming runners as much as you guys did. Reminded me of torching enemy soldiers in the game Metal Slug ! (remember Neo-geo cabinents 🙂 ?)

    But damn @happy, I know you live a good conspiracy, are you really going to write this off so quickly as your run of the mill, train running into a ‘barrier’ explanation?

    To be fair, I have done zero research & should probably just look up the news articles, but I prefer to get my news straight from BG 🙂 Just asking questions.

    1. Meh, didn’t mean to write an essay. Sometimes you just gotta rant, my bad lol. @happy thanks for the great video!

      Watched it again, & the fireball really is exceptional! I love the random dude trying to put the flamers out on the platform. Johnny on the spot with the jug of water!

  6. I tell you what. You must get off your clothes immediately if you get burning like that. If those fucks did that, they would be still alive now. But they’re dumb, that’s why they died. They should watch bestgore to get some valuable life saving expertise. RIP

  7. Our news here said the train driver left the train thinking he had stopped it to go fight with the train ticket conductor! Can you believe that crap. So a train driver got up from a train bloody minded to fight with someone? How do they know that? Did he survive ? Did witnesses in the train see this fight! Hmm?

    MANY Trains in the 1800’s had a dead man’s switch i am told. Old tech. What.. it was too expensive to have old tech lIke this in this train?

    Anyone found vid of damage to the train?

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