Petroleum Worker Fails to Attach Hose Correctly, Sparking Big Fire

Petroleum Worker Fails to Attach Hose Correctly, Sparking Big Fire

Petroleum Worker Fails to Attach Hose Correctly, Sparking Big Fire

No backinfo, but it could be a Middle Easter country (Iraq?).

The CCTV footage from a petroleum plant shows a worker failing to attach a hose to a fuel tanker, causing the flammable gasoline to gush out and onto an overheated high capacity pump. That in turn caused the spilled gasoline to ignite and bust into fire.

The fire sent the worker on top of the truck running, and the drivers of nearby trucks start up their engines and get the hell away from there before their vehicles explode. The worker who failed to connect the hose was engulfed in flames. If he survived this, his skin surely has been severely burned in most of its surface area.

Props to Best Gore member @adrian9119 for the video:

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  2. Come with me and you’ll see a world of OSHA violations………gas powered centrifugal trash pumps are great for pumping out a basement of water but who’s idea was it for pumping gasoline? Give the man a cigar or educate him on Air diaphragm pumps.

  3. do you smell that? DO YOU SMELL THAT?
    Petrol son, nothing in the world smells like petrol… One time we had this building that Gypsies set on fire, the whole building, we couldn’t find a one stinking body. You know that gasoline smell? THE ENTIRE BUILDING! Some day we gonna see someone repeat this stunt and I would like to congratulate to him on a job well done 🙂

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