Photo of Brazilian Nightclub Fire Victims Lined Up for Identification

Photo of Brazilian Nightclub Fire Victims Lined Up for Identification

Brazilian police inspector Ranolfo Vieira Jr. said at a press conference that four people had been arrested in connection with a nightclub fire in Santa Maria which claimed the lives of 231 people. The Kiss club owner and two members of band Gurizada Fandangueira are among the arrested. The death toll has been amended from previously official 233.

Santa Maria Mayor Cezar Schirmer has declared a month-long period of mourning for the victims while Brazilian president Dilma Roussef has declared a three-day national period of mourning.

Most victims of the Kiss nightclub fire died from smoke inhalation or from being trampled to death by panicking crowd. As you can see from the photo above, there are no obvious burns on any of the victims. If I didn’t know this is a photo of a nightclub fire aftermath, I wouldn’t have guessed their deaths had anything to do with fire at all.

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the photo. Corpses of more than 200 young people are lined up there for identification. Terrible tragedy.

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39 thoughts on “Photo of Brazilian Nightclub Fire Victims Lined Up for Identification”

      1. One band member who made it out, returned for his accordian; now he’s not only a dead Silva, he’s also a Darwin’s Award list topper of 2013. So sorry for favela dwellers and their nonexistent building codes, and fire/ pyrotechnics simply have zero business in a club full of drinkers, with 1 exit I shit you not.

  1. I’ve been to Brasil twice, when you go to a club they can’t deal in cash due to the high probability that a robber will have a go at getting it.. So you get a bar card and pay up at a cage on the way out.
    In this case the robbers have caused death without any robbing.
    Cause and effect.

  2. one moment you’re at a bar having a good time, the next one you’re inhaling toxic/extremely hot smoke that’s burning your lungs and you’ll be dead even if you do find an exit

    death by smoke inhalation must be a terrible way to go

  3. I remember this – I found it truly horrifying and it affected me greatly. 233 people – that is insane. RIP to all the poor victims of this terrible accident, and God bless their families………

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