Redneck Tattoo Removal by Applying Hot Blade to the Arm

Redneck Tattoo Removal by Applying Hot Blade to the Arm

Since you guys enjoyed the previous video of redneck tattoo removal, here’s another one. This one was performed by a woman and she sure fucked it up…

The attempt to remove the tattoo from the guy’s shoulder was performed by applying a hot blade to the skin. The woman heated the blade of a large knife on an electric stove and pressed it against the guy’s skin. She should have pulled it away when she saw all the smoke rising, but she didn’t. The guy then repeatedly told her “OK, OK” but she still kept the blade applied. It wasn’t until the guy yanked himself away that the burning stopped, but by that time he had a severe burn patch on his shoulder. A burn like that would take a very long time to heal and would hurt like a fucking bitch for days if not weeks.

Props to Best Gore member bungle1 for the video:

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    1. Hey dude sorry about what happen back there you didn’t know I I’m 18 @Wm is right I’m an adult even I said it before but I don’t feel like one,I’m very harsh but when it’s about sex things it makes me feel uncomfortable and I found it offensive,and nobody says you’re a paedo it wasn’t your fault so let’s just enjoy all this sweet gore and let’s have fun mocking of dead people πŸ˜†

          1. @Ewe Agreed bro this IS a gore site not a porn site. Obviously we know some of those “what people searched for” to get here people have decided to stick around.

        1. @humanityishistory there is a point there – but there is also a way to put your point across , and this is not it.

          maybe you should f**k off back to one of the “chans” and practice your foulmouthed, personal attacks there with the rest of the internet ding-bats?

    1. @CityGirl, tattos are great if you think it through correctly. Just remember, it is more permanent than marriage, this will be a part of you for the rest of your life, unless you do something as idiotic as these guys, or have the $$ to have it removed by laser, so be sure it is a design/image that really means something to you personally and not just something you think looks cool at the time. Also, I’m not sure about everyone, but most people I know agree, they are addictive!! I am currently searching and planning my next one.

      1. Yup I have a few stupid tattoos, like an orgy of woman with demon heads all doing something different like eating each other out , doing the dirty dirty, one chick rippin her face off the other devowering the others stomach its like a swarm of intertwined flesh like a stream. My tattoo artist never finished it though. He ended up in jail for bashing some guys head with a hammer a week after my first session what a bummer.

          1. Mmm acid, got robbed at gun point selling that stuff a few years back. Latley its been Caps and stems. Thats what I like no head ache the day after. Yum especially some truffles!

          2. Not to mention safer. Never know what your getting when mother nature doesn’t control the manufacturing process.

          3. @POZ that’s gross, haha that Lucy can sure make ya do silly stuff. I went to a subway frying once and picking all sorts of ingredients I got a sick nausea feeling in my gut and got turned off hunger I looked behind and saw more and more customers coming in I felt judged by the sub I created and all the people made me feel agoraphobic then I abandoned my order after I saw the pepper sprinkled on the sub. My eyes where all bugging out and I told the lady I couldn’t take the sub that I had and emergency and ran out. Haha I go out side and sit it out and some customer that was inside comes up to me and asked me if I was okay. He paid for my sub and gave it to me. I opened it up and all it was was mayo and pepper hahaha I felt like such and idiot, what the hell did I order…Well yeah that’s it acid made me do some silly shit.

          4. @rayf ya right I tried some stuff that had me Barfing up some weird colors. Nasty ass Tripp felt sick the whole ride.

            Had a friend mix acid and shrooms haha he farted and shit his pants. It’s was gross.

        1. You want to know something weird. I have an easier time getting pretty woman than I do ugly women. I don’t know why. Some uglier women have a weird chip on their shoulder. I find it way easier to deal with the attractive women. Fucking weird.

          1. Some of my mates got bagged by a few trannies too. Don’t blame you goys though, these days it’s very easy to make a mistake …

  1. The grinder would definitely hurt more than the hot knife. Plus grinder boy didn’t scream like a little girl. Grinder boy is up one to zip. Hopefully they both have more tattoos and can keep trying to one up the other. Now we need a soundtrack can anyone play death metal on a banjo ?

    1. Being burnt hurts like crazy. When I was young, my mother left her curling iron sitting on a chair. I sat down on it wearing a pair of shorts. It burned the hell out of the back of my thigh. I jumped up and fell to the floor screaming in pain. Fire hot metal to the skin hurts like fuck.

      1. Yea I’ve had some experience with both . Not saying hot shit doesn’t hurt but the hotter it is the quicker your nerve endings quit screaming. Hot brass from a rifle is unpleasant so is molten metal from a torch but grinder rash those nerves are gonna sing you a song.

          1. @3rd I rotten I’m going to assume you went to the hospital if they were second or 3rd degree burns, if so the debridement process involves a steel wire brush, which hurt more ?

          2. @Rayf Yup was rushed. My mother didn’t know what to do I was a small little child don’t remember much of what happend at the hospital just remember during thr healing process i had to wear some funky underwears for a wile. I do remember they where scrubbing my ass with some shit. I can’t remember the pain though. My mother said the heat made my underwears stuck my ass.

          3. @3rd that sucks bro I was a paramedic for 22yrs so I have seen some awful shit. On a personal note my older brother on his 6th birthday of all days, turned a table over and a freshly brewed pot of coffee spilled on him he screamed in the cold shower our mom put him in, but when we got to the hospital and they took that steel brush to him, I was only 4 but I still remember those screams. And the younger you are the less they can do for your pain.

          4. @rayf ouch!!! my mother soaked me with the garden hose. The doctor said it was a mistake that she only made it worse wetting me with cold water. Growing up i was self-conscious about it turns out it happens to a bunch of people.

            Paramedic sounds interesting. I work in printing.

          5. Printing is a good living bro. My parents used to be type setters which if I’m correct is a dying if not dead part of the process now. The brother who burnt himself was as well but got into the camera work side of things before he became a full time referee, I did 4 yrs graphic arts in high school and a couple semesters of trade school I was going to go into the printing press side of it but in the end I just couldn’t stand standing on concrete for a 8 to 20 hour shift. Was at a lake one day tried to save a guy from drowning but wasn’t able to resuscitate him. That’s when I decided to become a paramedic. The rest is 22 yrs of happiness and sorrow. I farm for a living full time now, another best / worst job I’ve ever had.

  2. I don’t understand people.. I am so glad the tattoos I have I actually put some thought into getting I don’t regret any of them or wish they could be changed sure as he’ll not burned off. Ps not all southern people are this handicapped. He’s just one of the lucky few I guess.

      1. Yeah mate , it’s all what was known in those days, as Bush, nowadays . Resin is as hard to find now as weed was back then I believe .

        The knives did the trick though @Deadmanwanking eh !? back in the day . πŸ˜€

        1. Knives , buckets , etc . Shit I’m showing my age now . Ha.
          Amazing how times have changed mate. The price of an Oz nowadays is around ?250 compared to ?90 back in the day.
          No wonder there are so many crack/smack heads , as it’s probably cheaper than smoking weed !
          Grow you’re own has never been so popular !!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I worked in an exhaust shop and one time I cut off a piece of pipe with the oxy gun, then stupid me picked up the hot piece of pipe not knowing it was red hot, I ran straight to the cold water and man I was lucky I didn’t have a scar after that.

    1. Better to leave moles well alone @Dutchy. I knew a girl back in school days , who had a tiny mole that was attached to her neck by a sliver of skin and flesh .
      She pulled / ripped it off and my god did that thing bleed , looked like it would never stop .

      I seriously wouldn’t mess with it mate .

  4. The fat fucking pig is giggling about it like some retarded morbidly obese chimpanzee.. Using a knife thats 4 times too large and pressing it after the guy says OK OK OK!!..
    He’s definitely gonna need a skin graft now… might as well got one in the first place..wouldve saved himself a shitload of pain.

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