Roadside Corpses

Roadside Corpses

So you’re just riding your motorcycle to work one day and the road is lined with randomly scattered corpses. You don’t even whinge. You just keep riding cause that’s normal in your hood. We don’t get that in my hood. All I see are dead skunks, but I smell them before I see them.

No word on what exactly happened here but “natural disaster” was my first thought. Perhaps a flood, a landslide or a tsunami could leave dead corpses everywhere and judging by the debris, it’s quite possible. But then some of the corpses bear signs of burns and flesh tears which would suggest that these people were subjected to an explosion. What do you think?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Roadside Corpses”

  1. Looks like what happened here in Haiti on January 12 2010. This wasn’t an uncommon scene. Although they almost look white or asian as to color, it’s my unfortunate personal experience that people who were recovered from under the rubble sometimes appeared this tone and condition after the first 10-21 days. The paving stones, moto driving by and blue 5 Gdes water bag in the pictures are clues. Still; could be somewhere else though. The flatness of the road and moisture make me think it is somewhere on National Route 1 near the Main Sea Port or near mechanics alley.

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