Rohingya Child Badly Burned Allegedly by Burmese Military in Maungdaw

Rohingya Child Badly Burned Allegedly by Burmese Military in Maungdaw

According to the backinfo I got, this Rohingya child was burnt in an attack by Burmese military and Border Guard Police in the town of Maungdaw, Rakhine State in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Rohingya are a Muslim minority in Burma.

How much of the allegation is true I have no means to know. All that is certain from the video is that tha child was indeed badly burned and could suffer serious skin infections if not taken to hospital promptly and provided adequate medical care.

Props to Best Gore member @AkramGdr for the video:

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      1. I wont go that far. I feel for the child as i would for any other. However, you are absolutely right. These rohingya are eternal spoilers making trouble there for over one hundred years. Now of course they are being made out to be angels by the usual culprits ;zionatoyanquistanis!..i have seen videos of native buddhist burman children headchopped by these scum. Fuck them into the ground!


          1. Exactly. Nothing ever beautiful about Cains descendents.
            Even seeing that mark of the beast flaking off him a little… it’ll come back.

    1. @carnage-2 quit being a dick, the poor kid is obviously scared as can be and his clothes have fused with his skin during the fire. Get the kid to a treated bath to remove the clothing and start administering bandages and antibiotics for proper healing. Hopefully he makes a full recovery

      1. @carnage-2 you never know the goats could grow up and become emperors if the right ‘god’ is implanted in the people near them.

        I have a more forum based question for you, how do you gain access to communicate within the forum threads ? feel free to add me as a friend if that allows easier communication, still not sure how this forum works after months of observation

      2. I aint takin’ that kid ANYWHERE. Not my fuckin’ problem, Mr. Selfie can do that. And I honestly don’t give a fuck if he makes a full recovery, or not. Why tf would I? Nothing I can change about what’s goin on over there, nor would be interested in attempting to.
        What, those starving goats can’t get no love? Fuckin’ kids gotta hog all the attention? That’s selfish if you ask me.

          1. Like HK said, send Mark an email. None of us can give you access to forums. It’s a bit crazy around here at the moment, as I’m sure you can tell. You will just have to be patient. Being rude to people when we can’t even help you with your inquiry, certainly does not help your case any, I can guarentee you that. It’s very off-putting and people will pick up on that shit, including Mark.

          1. I was not kidding @doc-undy I actually like his name. I also enjoy your insight into certain technical medical issues. I like this site. Why I am still hanging about. Just curious how I can become able to participate in your forums. Seems many ideas are moving about within them.

          2. I was not kidding @doc-undy I actually like his name. I also enjoy your insight into certain technical medical issues. I like this site. Why I am still hanging about. Just curious how I can become able to participate in your forums. Seems many ideas are moving about within them.

          3. If you are tagged in a post as such, @honkeykong ; @carnage-2 ;

            do you get note tags for it when you log back in ? I am still trying to understand the forum and posting etc. I understand the worry for trolls but their are bots that and active members that can monitor that. Please if you respond my name and tag is the same on here. Let me see notes of response

          4. OG, I have never gotten any notifications when someone tags me. That’s why I don’t bother with the whole @ thing in front of the name.

          5. Thanks for letting me know tagging folks within a message isn’t of any worth. No Humor, that is humor that a 2018 thread doesn’t have the ability to notify someone they are tagged in a comment. I am 32 and I think that is ancient. May be one thing to work on as the torch is passed. This site won’t go down if I have anything to say about it.


          6. Og Zerp
            I was referring to Carnage. The tags work in the forums but not the comments section. I suspect that it’s an issue with WordPress, not BG. I rarely venture into the forums but I somehow still tag people just out of habit. At least the tagged person will definitely know who I refer to.

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        1. Don’t forget to throw some leeches on that head wound and smack him a good one, for playing around with fire. Fire is not a toy, squirt (THWACK!). Now get back to the fuckin’ sand pits.

    3. haha caRnAGE you made me laugh buddy, i see the goats now, the rohinga are just the first bunch of muslim cunts to pave the way for the millions to follow, play the victim then attack and take over,notice how all these kids are held up in front of the cameras, his own father probably did it to him

  1. Knowing the brutality of the Myanmar army, I can accept that the allegations are correct. I have land right on the Thai – Myanmar border where I’m building our home. It’s about a 5 minute drive up the road to the actual border and military check point. The nearest town is Mae Sae and the shops have the usual signs displayed about no helmets, and no knifes etc etc…but they also have one extra special icon…. a grenade with a red cross through it. Tough neighborhood. lol

    1. @doc-undy Forgive me I had forgotten previous posts where you stated you had some medical issues yourself and I was not sensitive to them in my earlier post. By sensitive I mean I hope you get well and heal, which you can and will.


          1. Come to Maine. It’s a beautiful state, for the most part. Especially up north and around the coast. Gotta be able to handle the snow or have a place to go down south for the winter. Me, I love the snow, just hate shoveling it… Good fucking work out though, so I don’t bitch too much. Better than goin’ to a gym, imo. Gyms smell awful and are too expensive… Maybe go to a yoga class, just to check out that booty and attempt to take one back to her place, huh Mark? 😉

          2. About the closest I got to you in Maine was when I stayed for about a week with a friend in upstate New York…around the Mohawk, Herkimer region. It was during Winter with snow & cold. But I love the cold too Carnage, although I’ve lived in Oz most of my life, I was born in England and we came to Oz when I was 7.
            Nothing wrong with bootylishish chicks in yoga pants 🙂
            We have several acres on Doi Tung which is about 4,500 feet above the blue sea. So even though it’s in the tropics, it still has coolish weather most of the year. Come over & visit us sometime.

          3. I don’t believe that.
            Born in England & lives on Thai- Myanmar border.
            Anyone who’s wise would NOT live in Thai- Myanmar. Its a dumphole surrounded by nothing but Cains colour-constipated, Christ-killing, coons.

          4. Reading the horror stories…of which BG has quite a tidy collection, I would steer 10,00 miles clear of Thailand. I’ve lived short stints in many countries, and this is my second time in a 3rd world tropical country. The Philippines doesn’t feature a great deal in people’s consciousness as being a dangerous place to visit let alone live, yet that place is the 4 G’s to the max. GUNS GOONS GOLD & GIRLS….too many guns even in the big cities the place is crawling with kids armed to the teeth as security guards even a KFC has one.

            The ambiance of Thailand is quite different. Besides most big cities are basically the same . Hard mean places if you venture into the wrong parts or engage in reckless behaviour. Even the infamous balcony ‘suicides’ in the prostitute areas of Pattaya and Phuket and Bangkok might ave been avoided if the horny fuckers stayed sober & were more careful with who they brought back to the hotel. Many of those falls are due to the very low balcony railings found here … booze plus low rails & height = death.

            I live on a big mountain in a little village and we’re building a modern 2 story place in a valley far from the madding crowds. The place is swarming with cops & soldiers and guess what? They don’t even hassle me about my bike not being registered. The most dangerous thing here are the road users. They’re all suicidal and don’t give a fuck and can’t drive for shit. Stay away from the main roads & you’ll be ok.


    1. At least they got their fuckin’ priorities straight, smh. Kid’s prolly like, dude, can you please stop touching these raw burns? He’s def. in shock to not be able to feel that shit, or this was staged, using make-up and such. Hard to tell with the quality. Whole thing did seem kinda strange. Either way you’re right though, the propaganda is what’s more important to them… Fuck em.

        1. That was to end a war we designed to acquire land and resources. Japan and Korea both north and south not allowed to have a military. Samsung comes from south korea and sony is from japan.

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      1. The Democrats have always warmed up to him. As you’ve already stated in so many words, there’s no difference between the two corporate parties anymore.

        It was much easier for Clinton and the Democrats to lose to Trump, than standing upon the progressive principles, that the Democrats had years ago. If one thinks that you can have affordable healthcare, while raging wars in the Middle East well, it just ain’t gonna happen.

        Now we have Bolton in the Trump administration. One of the filthiest war mongers next to Cheney. Does one think that Clinton would of done anything different, if she were elected President?

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        This is a fact!!

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    1. Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.
      And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.

  5. I don’t think the child is badly burned at all. For a first attempt, whoever did that did a pretty decent job of it. Next time though the child should be completely charred (i.e. only identifiable by dental records type of charred).

    1. A starving goat will eat anything if it gets hungry enough. Just look at em salivating in the background. Must either still be a lil too rare for their taste, or they’re just waiting till they leave the boy unattended for a brief moment, while they’re fixing their cam. settings. They look like they’re getting ready to fuckin’ Blitzkrieg the little twerp, first chance they get…

    1. The video is bordering on potato cam, but from what I can see, the child has a mixture of superficial and partial thickness burns. He still has a full head of hair too suggesting that the flames were extinguished quickly. Appears to have some sort of scalp laceration.
      The child would have a good chance of survival if he was able to get to modern health care. However, in this case that looks unlikely. Otherwise, he faces a good chance of dying from sepsis and dehydration.

  6. 40% burns will kill a child of that size and age. Rest assured, that one isn’t breathing any more. John Nigger (above) is probably more accurate in his 80% burns estimate on that kid. He was in full blown shock. That will have hurt – a lot. Shock might have numbed it a little. Dead now.

  7. poor Rohingyas with Ak-47 ,we have 50k of them(according to a report allmost all females there are pregnant or became mother just) enjoying everything including weeds,Many of them have linkage with Terrorist groups.Fuck them!

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