Romanian Teenager Electrocutes on Top of Train and Burns to Crisp

Romanian Teenager Electrocutes on Top of Train and Burns to Crisp

Romanian Teenager Electrocutes on Top of Train and Burns to Crisp

According to the backinfo I got, the teenager who died carbonized on top of the train was 15 years old and was from the village of Brusturoasa Cuchinis in Romania.

Eye witnesses reported he was accompanied by a friend and wanted to take a selfie with the pigeons. He climbed the train and closed a circuit, creating an electric arc of 25,000 volt that consumed him.

The firemen arrived and put out the flames, but the paramedics declared the boy dead.

Props to Best Gore member @drowningdoom for the video:

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      1. How do you know that he is gipsy? Gypsies in Romania represent just 5-8% of the total population. Saying that all Romanians are gipsy is the same like saying all Africa is white. Don’t be ignorant please.

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  1. Kinda looks like those pigeons shitted all over him.. poor dumb bastard. See kids, this is what being stupid gets you, an embarrassing death with your cock hanging out and covered in pigeon shit.

  2. I used to work on the railway and we had to take piss tests every other week just to make sure we were compos mentis enough to be there and some countries people think it’s a good idea to hang out on or near the tracks.

  3. If He Didn’t Look Like A Gypsy Before,,, He Sure Looks Like One Now!
    But Rest Assured Ladies, & Gentlemen,,, Cause At Least Now,,,
    He Won’t Be Pick-Pocketing Anyone, Anytime Soon! 😉

    Out In Da-Street There Is Violence,
    And Then A Lot Of Work To Be Done.

    Dealing With Multiplication,, And
    Then Da-Crispy-Gypsy,s Be Done.

    Oh No Because He Walked Onto Electric Avenue,,,
    And Climbed Dat-Train Much Higher.

    Good God He Took A Rip Down To,
    Electric Avenue & God he crisped Him Harder. 🙂

  4. I didn’t see any dead pigeons they must have more brains than him. There’s a certain bridge over canal near me and they are flies round shit swarming down if some cunt like me feeds them bread. Anybody walking under at that particular time has good chance of having shit on their head.

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