Salt and Ice Challenge Burns Photo

Salt and Ice Challenge Burns Photo

The back in this photo belongs to a 12 year old boy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The boy sustained second degree frostbite burns to his back after playing the Salt and Ice Challenge game.

The Salt and Ice Challenge became a big deal among kiddos whose miserable existence is telling them that attempting a Darwin Award type challenge somehow makes their mini dicks grow bigger. Instead of to their backs, they should entertain applying said Salt and Ice to their genitalia so they destroy them before they can partake in sex. Who needs mindless fuck ups to reproduce?

The Salt and Ice Challenge is played by participants applying salt to their skin and the pressing ice cubes over it. The salt and ice combination results in a pretty intense burning sensation and leaves a mark similar to a frostbite.

Honestly, just apply it to your dick or vulva next time you feel like taking the Salt and Ice Challenge, dimwits. You want to show off on the internet? Do it right!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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143 thoughts on “Salt and Ice Challenge Burns Photo”

        1. Me and my friends did that, I won the “sissy” test with the eraser. My reward was being burned without my consent via a thumb tack rubbed over a wooden surface in wood shop. Needless to say, but I hate people.

  1. Oh my fucking god!! That is insane. I remember kids doing it when i was in middle school but i have never seen one this damn bad!!! I bet he doesnt feel so “cool” now does he??

      1. Thanks, took me ages to get that song out of my head, now its dug its way back it. shit.
        I must say I have a few “friends” who have done this, along with another one called “the milk challenge” which is consuming I think its 2 litres of milk in one hour.

    1. As a member of the rare hot chic species, let me say on behalf of all of us- Ew, and Fuck No, Dweeb. It annoys me when every fugly guy with a two inch penis thinks he can fuck any hot chick he wants. Not to mention that you’re all a bunch of sweaty, horny chodes and we only sleep with you if we’ve been ruffied or we are wasted and feel really sorry for you.

          1. I would like to cut those balls off and turn them into klackers, and old toy from the 70s, if your to young to know what they are look ’em up. There’s a video.

          1. Sooo not halie, but I did think she was cool. I hate when ‘ladies’ bully other ladies. If I had halie’s bod and personality, I’d rock it too, but I wouldn’t give one fuck what the ‘ladies’ thought.

          2. meh, personally, i never had a problem with hailie. i mean, i barely knew her, but she didn’t seem that bad, going by her posts. if she’s confident enough to show off a bit more skin, then props to her – she’s definitely got the looks.

          3. She said hello last week sometime, I really think people should get over the rummors, she’s still here, just not posting.

            Wazup Halie, stay beautiful!

    1. So does this mean that this kid is possessed by a demonic beast? Seeing how if a cross burns your skin it was said to mean that you are tainted with evil. I wonder if this constitutes something evil in a biblical way. Chime in you christians you… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. It does look like a demonic mark, but supposedly if it was a true demonic symbol the cross would be inverted, possibly a mocking of the trinity as well, so this burn could be seen as the mark of an archangel since their chaste is the furthest from God.

        Not a christian, but I was raised as one and had to go to Sunday school every Sunday and had to take it as an elective class all four years of high school. (Hooray for backwash religious communes that pass themselves off as towns and think it’s fine to have a religious class in high school)

        1. “Not a christian, but I was raised as one…..”

          I’m a Native American raised catholic in a black ghetto. I don’t know whether to lynch myself, chase myself off my own land, or open a casino to take all of my money… but I do know that self-inflicted wounds don’t constitute demonic possession. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. But that takes all the fun out of it…. How else are you going to get the religious sheep so worked up they run themselves off a cliff if we tell them it’s self-inflicted?

          2. I meant in a religious context that if he was trying to go for a cross as seen in biblical references, then it shouldn’t have burned him if he didn’t possess some sort of demonic nature. If it didn’t burn then he is alright. Then again, I am just blowing shit out of my mouth.

          3. It annoys me greatly when people on this site seem to chip in with the ‘anti-religion’ brigade…

            It is a fashionable thing to do nowadays… Isn’t it?

            To bash the Church.

            You see. A common trait amongst the leftie Pinko do-gooders is their total disregard of religion as being the ‘opiate for the masses’ (Karl Marx) or being highly immature.

            As a regular on this site. I barely qualify as a ‘sheep’. But I am quite religious.

            So not all of us are immature sheep that have to toe the party line.

            I don’t particularly want to get into a theological debate on BG again.

            The last time it happened. It resulted in a huge fucking flame war and an awful lot of pissed off Goregians with sore heads.

            It was totally futile.

            So please, if you are going to join in with the rest of the trendy, liberal world. And bash the faith. Please posit a well constructed argument on the matter rather then, disregard all religious people as ‘Sheep’.

          4. @Tropper
            I dont what they were doing was bashing
            At all alittle insensitive but that’s no big deal. My viewingof religion is it was usefull before we had the mental capability to prove stuff with science. Now that we can prove evolution beyond
            a reasonable doubt I don’t understhow anyone can say humans were placed here (according to the bible) 6000 years ago when scienceshows H. sapiens
            have been evolved from H.eretus for around 150,000 years.

          5. Let me clarify: I by no means meant that all people are religious sheep, but there are some that use their religion to blind themselves. I grew up in a commune filled with them. I know some very intelligent people who follow religion, hell, I even believe in God. I graduated from Sunday School as a Gospel Scholar with awards for mesmerizing different parts of the Bible and thoroughly studying it.

            When I said “religious sheep” I was referring to the people that I had to grow up around that haven’t even read the Bible yet claim to know more than those that have. I was referring to the people who give religion a bad name. I was referring to the people from the town I grew up in: where each and every person is holy than thou even when they are doing worse things than you, the people who preach to you about God’s love and the love of Christ but then reject you, shun you, and ridicule you because you aren’t exactly like them, the people who make going to church all about showing off their new clothes and how expensive they are and being cruel to anyone who can’t afford what they can, the ones who fear things they have no need to fear if they knew the true doctrine, the ones who rally themselves up so much “in God’s name” but never seem to realize that their actions and the hate and hardness of their hearts brings more sorrow to God then the ‘evil’ they are stomping out. Those people are religious sheep. They are the animals that are so dumb they don’t even realize their actions are far from their words.

            I meant no disrespect to anyone who actually knows about their religion and realize it isn’t a tool of hate and fear.

          6. @Spanky.

            I am getting a tad sensitive about it because I hear it ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

            On Television. I watch it.
            On the Radio. I hear it.
            In the Papers. I read it.
            On the outside Web. I read it.

            And now, on this site. I am reading it.

            And their is no body to stick up for the other side. They are on the floor. Getting the shit kicked out of them.

            And for people to be permissive in this Raping of Religion. And when I stick up for it, I get fucking crushed by certain members.

            It stinks of a conspiracy.

            By the way. The Bible doesnt have to be taken literally. It also has to be remembered that the Bible has been modified and edited so many times throughout history. The only thing be can take from it. Is that there was a Man called Jesus. He was Crucified for upsetting the Jews and Romans.


            I understand where you are coming from. I myself am a criticiser of organised religion. It has deviated wildly from the teachings of Jesus Christ and has been hijacked by the educated to control the Unwashed masses.

            But that doesn’t mean that their is no truth behind the message.

          7. @Trooper
            I agree with you. I may no longer consider myself a Christian but I do know the truth there. And I’ll admit that one of the main reasons I don’t say I’m a Christian is I’m in Utah. Saying you are Christian in Utah gets you lumped in with some of the worst examples of Christianity I have ever seen.

    1. Society has shat on us all. Its all about what society says, “looks cool.” I swear, they should just go ahead and make a darwin award kit sold on every damn shelf at wal mart. Atleast that way we can keep track of the towns with the most dumb fucks within it.

  2. They should have kept going and applied salt and ice until the spine was exposed, now that would have been a challenge.

    Kids today need better hobbies unless they want to be blind and crippled by the time they reach adulthood.

    1. @Jesus, It’s call heat transfer. Basic chemistry 101. Salt lowers the melting point of water to around – 18 C (0 F) so as the ice cube is continuously pressed against the skin the ice will get to the point where it will not melt anymore. At the same time the heat from the skin is absorbed causing an equilibrium to be achieved in the area where the salt and ice is. This in turn causes severe frostbite in that area as the skin temperature reaches -18 C. The longer the ice is held in place the worst the frostbite will be ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. That’s even a better explanation ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
        yeah i don’t remember chemistry at all i’d get a headache if i ever have to learn that again.. the classes i hated were chemistry/biology/physics/math/algebra/geography all the complicated nerd stuff ๐Ÿ˜ก
        but now i kinda want to mix ice and salt just to see effects ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. I rather be a dumbass with ton of friends + girlfriend than a smartass lonely loser nerd ugly ass fuck ๐Ÿ˜›

        1. @daweeka, I’m not sure about the process of making ice cream but I’m sure heat transfer happens during the process.
          Just think of it like this; the coldest source will always draw heat from the warmest source until they equalize in temperature.
          I could go on and on about this subject and give many examples of heat transfer but you might get board of it so I’ll spare you the details.

  3. What ever happend to playing “BLACKOUT” or “CHOKEOUT” or “PASSOUT” depending on where you lived is what you called it but it now that was all the same, basically you got somebody to press with their hands against your throat cutting off circulation to the brain and causing you to pass out and be bitch slapped back to reality…now that was a real game not this salt and ice bull shit…I tell you man it seems the more technology advances the more kids get softer and become bigger pussies

    1. Some kids have died from the
      choking’ game, if they are standing they drop to the ground, cracking their heads. I saw a big kid do this at school, his friends couldn’t hold his weight so he went down face first onto the concrete! He broke a front tooth and split his face from his lip all the way into his nostril, BestGore worthy even.

  4. Idle hands make for stupid children, I guess. How come I raised one as a foster child, had another turn 18 yesterday and have one five year old, and the first two weren’t that stupid? I am grateful.

  5. funny how everyone is complaining about how stupid these kids are….yet when a cutter sends in pictures of their scars and wounds they are giving props for it…personally i dont see the difference in the two…one burns himself with ice the other cuts themselves with whatever is nearby…..

    actually there is one difference…this kid is 12 and probably knows no better…cutters are older and some way into adulthood and SHOULD know better

    now as for the halie comment somewhere above…we could all flash our ass or tits in our DP but for what…..personally i feel if you cant pull off a decent convo and have someone like you for your personality you are screwed……tits and ass will only get you so far

      1. it is true hun…..halie was pretty…….but the naked pictures of her and the telling people she would suck their cocks and how she would fuck them was just total childish and attention whoreish…..i called her out on it and i got banned so thats all im saying on that subject

          1. @razor, I wasn’t aware the content of one’s “convo” was subject to YOUR approval. I’m sure @halie was adding to her own “convos.” Btw, she had a personality you could learn from.

            I just feel bad for the way she was treated. She tried numerous times to be the bigger person, but the Inquisition wouldn’t have it. First she was called a man, then chastised for not showing her face, and was ultimately crucified for giving the proof everyone was after. The Inquisition was just pissed that she was stealing their thunder. It couldn’t be more obvious.

            And @razor, thank you hon. You have a nice day, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I don’t see what’s the problem if someone wants to show his/her tits, ass, dick, scars from WW1, offer blowjobs and handjobs on the internet, etc. After the militant moralist stance taken by the Best Gore Temperance League, not one but several fansigns were driven to exile, not only the halie one, but also DESASTRE’s that was the first fansign of the site…For that reason, the Temperance League won Tulio’s perpetual enmity, as Desastre is the platonic ciber-girlfriend of Tulio’s PROTEG?, Baked.

          1. @Tulio.

            It is cheaper to buy a bottle of Scotch from France. Than it is to buy the same bottle of Scotch from Scotland.

            Taxes are fucking stupid high round these parts.

            If anything. Ireland is more expensive than England even!

          2. yeah thats why I am always asking for prices of booze around the world, to check the degree of tax-stupidity worlwide, with a particular interest in euro-assholes ‘temperance liberal$’

          1. Now that we are getting into BG politics…

            I propose we form several Political parties… Or at the least, think tanks:

            The Best Gore Temperance League

            The Best Gore Libertine People’s Party

            The Canuckland People’s Movement to prosecute Mark and all those nasty Goregians

            Any takers?

    1. If you really want stupid, try the cinnamon challenge. Plenty of dumbasses doing this on youtube. My favorite is by this wigger called Skweezy Jibbs. Just type in “Skweezy does the cinnamon challenge” on the search window, and you will see real stupid.

  6. My friends and I did that in the past. It’s painless during application of the salted ice. The creepy part is how deep the salt is embedded into the skin. I did it to my friend’s ass, it left an indent that was about an inch or two deep.

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