Self Immolation Couple in Mathura, India

Self Immolation Couple in Mathura, India

Self Immolation Couple in Mathura, India

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This footage is from Mathura, India.

The man and woman seen in the video are a couple, who carried out self immolation. Their son is filming them and interviewing the father, the woman seems to be badly burned and is not speaking at all. You can see the man is in a lot of distress, but he is able to tell what happened on camera.

The man and woman were being harassed by thugs. They had to flee their home. The thugs even went as far as molesting the woman seen in the video. The couple, understandably, filed a report to the police. In vain, because the police sided with the thugs and did not do anything. Police are, especially in countries like this, very prone to being corrupt pigs.

I cannot speak the language spoken. So if there is anyone able to translate, I’d be happy to put it in this description.

Props to Best Gore member @charred-sun for the video:

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      1. Always remember, pakis love money, they’ll do anything for money and if they lose money they kill themselves. When i was a kid we had a little joke “what did the paki say when he was getting robbed? Take my wife, take my kids but please, don’t take my money”

  1. Dig the high tech ambulance with the cabinet tied shut using some nasty old rope.
    I think I know what they were saying though: “Son….if you ever get in a fucked up situation like we did DON’T LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE. FUCK THAT WAS DUMB! Just shoot the cocksucker”.

    1. LoL …Actually @illegalsmile55 is correct. In paki land they don’t have toilets in their houses due to religious reasons so they put them all in the ambulances. They consider it more hygienic. They actually have a saying out there in shitland “There’s no such thing as a free poo”

  2. I say no to animal videos. The only people in my house that meet me at the door and are happy to see me home are my dogs. When I pull out (Of the driveway)they are scrambling to get behind the piano to watch me leave. Animals are innocent; humans are vile sacks of meat. Ok, enough tree hugging hippy PETA shit.

    Peace out!

  3. @lady-lexis ‘s comments most mirror my own thoughts although everyone had good points raised.

    I will abstain from voting though as i find it unfair and illogical that we can watch a person be tortured and murdered and not an animal. The latter break my heart as they are truly blameless as they have no malice but innocent humans are tortured and killed as well so why draw the line between the two?

    If we thought logically we either view all animal and human abuse or just abuse of known malefactors. I said the same about viewing rape vids. If we can stomach the butchering of innocent men and children we can’t draw the line at the vids of rapes.

    Sorry for belabouring the point. Anyway, I go with the flow on this one. Animals or not.

    1. Good, excellent point Nem! If you can watch one, you can watch the other.
      As Michael Jackson said to Paul McCartney “After loving one kid, I can love another”
      “Is that what the kid said?”
      “Yeah .. you keep dreamin’ “

    2. I think the problem with the animal stuff is any asshole can torture/kill an animal and video it just to get it posted.
      Who wants to glorify some cocksucker peeling the skin off a cat. These assholes are absolute trash, rodents who grow up to be Jeffry Dahmers.
      I see your point that it’s illogical nems, but this is my fear.

  4. The man doesn’t appear burned at all. We can only see his head, of course, but his hair and stache look completely normal, and his skin looks completely fine as well.

    The woman is probably in total shock. She probably also inhaled more of the hot flamey gases, scorching her windpipe and lungs.

    Seems odd to me that they’d be interviewing them in the back of what appears to be some utility/ ambulance vehicle. It’s gotta be hot as hell in there, since it’s daylight out, yet they’re covered in blankets.

  5. It is pure hypocricy that you can watch another human be dismembered, torched, beheaded etc. yet you would cry about another type of animal because “Oh gee .. that would be cruel”.
    I don’t want to see animals tortued to death OR humans. Both make me sick, just wondering how someone could do either one.
    Kill some guy sure, if he deserves it but slow or violent torture?? It is evil.
    Even ‘Butch’ in Pulp Fiction couldn’t sit by and let that ugly nigger be fucked up the ass.
    Butch got his sword and put a stop to the torturous anal rape (after a while…)

  6. The father is saying to the son “can you please shut up with the questions son, can’t you see I’m trying hard to crack one off under this blanket”, whilst the mother, although she isn’t saying too much, she is trying to show the watching world how she dances to Abba’s Does your Mother Know.

  7. Here’s the “translation” of the things the man was speaking of:

    “Oh, shit this hurts! Why the fuck did I listen to that stupid cunt. ‘Let’s burn ourselves to show them we can’t be bullied.’ That should have been my first hint. I’m just a stupid wanker who was thinking with the wrong head. She might be my children’s mother, but she’s so fucking ugly now. What was I thinking? She wasn’t much better before the fire.”

    That’s kinda the main bits he said. While I don’t speak anything close to the language he’s speaking, I’m quite happy to make shit up in the spirit of international relations and improving the understanding between our cultures. Basically: “If you listen to a cunt, you’re fucking stupid.” The self-realisation by this guy is pretty funny.)


  8. No dear god no, please do not start posting (aka supporting) animal abuse videos. no no no no no. Lets see human fucktards who DESERVE IT (or not!) get chopped up and thrown across rooms. Humans can control what happens to them for the most part. Animal creatures can not.

  9. I’m glad you guys won’t post animal abuse videos. Ppl suck but children and animals are inocents. They don’t deserve to be abused.
    I saved a few cats off the streets and now me and Mrs. Reaper have 6. All saved from bad situations.
    Animal abuse will be paid for if I ever see it in person. And then the authorities can have them.

  10. Makes no sense to me. Why light yerself up like a Giant running Zippo? Light the bastards up that are fucking with you. Even if you light up 2 or 3 before they kill you they will remember you from the permanent scars

  11. Land mafia are after his land he is saying they want to “steal it”. Police took no notice since the powerful mafia own/bribe police as well as the military around his village. According to the self-immolator some naughty men have even poked fingers up his wife’s butthole “not for pleasure, but to inflict pain”

    Babloo & Patel have repeatedly ripped his wife’s ‘shalwar’ over the past 5 months. He is saying Babloo tied his wife in the middle of the village centre & made Patel squeeze his lactating wife’s bare breasts: “In broad daylight Patel drank my wife’s breastmilk!! in front of the whole village. That is so unfair on my 3 year old girl!!!”

    According to him Babloo has also tasted his wife’s milk. To make matters worse police just stood & watched! Patel reportedly threatened his wife with a mass lactation session right in the middle of the village. He said he could no longer take such a humiliation & decided to kill himself & his wife

  12. @landagirl man(burned) is saying they(high caste thankurs) want to steal my land of village,They are trying this from years,I reported to police many time even to the officers but nothing happend i just want justice ,I tried to gain attention by tearing cloths infront of offices ,everyone is aware of this matter but blank. they use to beat us everyday….there names are sonu , satpal singh,babloo….total 4.This is my wife chandravati. The interospector is policeman not their son.

  13. @jsmith666
    Regarding your recent comment about Dylan Roof.
    I don’t believe he was weak or strong, but his convictions lead him to a dark place with no fair man to stem it. Problem with most of mass shooters, serial killers, opportunist killers(lynchings) and heat of the moment killings, natural or unnatural way of population control, hate can linger with many sins attach to are ideals and motivates us in a society that gives up on the hopeless. What you see before you is an excuse to act on them. Yes i agree we have become soft in this country, while those that capitalize on peoples fears, rich on their ivory towers, no different than the Colosseum, except the Colosseum has come to the streets.
    I only wish i could agree with you, maybe some people are destined to hate the unknown or past atrocity.
    As for patriotism, such a disgraceful thing to be american, nor can i be proud under this banner anymore.
    its a pessimistic view many share in these trying times.

    1. Well stated, sir. I simply can’t respect Mr. Roof or the act that he committed. To me, he did show great weaknesses. He came from what I would consider to be a decent family, though I don’t personally know them, to be fair. His father was a carpenter who could’ve likely taught him a trade had he been motivated or interested in learning it. At one point I understand that he was working as a landscaper but quit. He was a known drug addict who instead of trying to better himself or his situation chose to isolate in his parents’ homes and waller in it. He sought out media to support his own views and confirmation bias instead of looking for a balanced perspective. According to his manifesto, he was a supporter of slavery. To me this suggests someone with a tremendous sense of entitlement. Why would someone want others to do work for them just because of a position they were born into? The one thing I agree with him about is his disdain for the U.S. government. He almost had a good point about destroying Jewish identity, but he forgot to mention that Christianity and Islam are also cults that need to be destroyed. I do find it very sad that someone so young and troubled could fall so deeply into such a dark place, so maybe we all share some of his weaknesses for allowing this kind of thing to happen over and over again.

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