Self Immolation in Subhash Nagar of Delhi, India

Self Immolation in Subhash Nagar of Delhi, India

Self Immolation in Subhash Nagar of Delhi, India

In the Subhash Nagar area of Delhi, India, a man poured gasoline on himself and set himself on fire. The self immolation was preceded by what looks like a possible argument on the street, during which the man just calmly stood there.

I don’t know much about what has prompted this drastic move. The cameraman did about as good a job capturing the action as your average American.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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93 thoughts on “Self Immolation in Subhash Nagar of Delhi, India”

  1. Ughhh fuck all on television lots of fat birds talking shit stop the world Mr Patel wants to get off …..Fucker combusts then tries to put out the fire out with shity little pats …Go find a train track

    1. It looks like the one behind with a baby is his wife. She kicked him out and then the women will not stop talking. The guy is like: Shit!! I can’t take one more word from these porky bitches, light me up

      At least he chose a better way than letting women talk him to death

  2. They were having an argument about the wife’s cooking , she was trying to make a true Indian dish , the husband was angry that it wasn’t hot enough and wanted to demontrate that it’s not a true Indian dish if its not hot !

    1. That’s what I was thinking while watching it. The fat Dindu bitches obviously eat while they cook and serve the poor guy the nothing that is left.
      May as well go out in a blaze of glory. But something tells me, if they had kept filming… he faded away.

        1. None of those women even had any feminine shape, probably hairy all over and then all that non stop yakking , it’s awful. he wasn’t trying to put out the flames like some people say, he wanted to die. i bet the poor sod worked all his life and just handed the money over to those witches. Now they’ll have to find another source

  3. Born and raised in the some of the cleanest and most abundant places in India. We serve you fresh Indian BBQ right off the street.
    Tandoor-cooked right before your eyes, our food comes from our own family recipes and centuries-old Indian kitchens. But we make it amazingly fresh and delightfully modern with gasoline. Screeching women are extra.

  4. Takes some serious nuts to set oneself ablaze. Probably one of the most painful things. Unless the person is female, in which case I wouldn’t know what it takes, not nuts though.

    Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a female light themselves up before.

          1. I think the world itself is everything and nothing all at once. Both ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’ depending only on a person’s circumstance, environment, and existing laws/ways/morals/ethics of the society born into. Or, a creature that naturally belongs here without any of that nonsense.

            Either way, life itself is the most bizarre thing ever if we think about it at all.

  5. I understand Hindi, it was a home ownership issue, and the owner (blue dress) wanted them to vacate (they were on rent). she said she’d file a case against them. I’m guessing the man didn’t want to see his family homeless…

  6. He must be high AF on that good good mango leaf strain of marijuana best found in India exclusively in Subhash Nagar, man i’m a fan of this place now i have a historical internet moment to go and cherish there xD

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