Severely Beaten Brazilian Man Dragged and Burned for Stealing Purse

Severely Beaten Brazilian Man Dragged and Burned for Stealing Purse

Here we go again – in pussy whipped Brazil, a man steals from a woman, and it’s pretty much a death sentence preceded by vicious torture, humiliation and at times, incineration while still alive. But a woman steals from a man – well, we would hardly know here at Best Gore, because she hardly ever gets punished beyond a slap on the wrist, so it never makes it on the site. The jackpot you win by being born with a pussy cannot be put into words. You even get the hoards of bleating white knights and social justice warriors blindly attacking everyone who doesn’t mindlessly fall in the pussy worship line, and label them “misogynist” if they have the nerve to talk facts, instead of accepting and promoting the pussy privilege narrative.

This nighttime video from Brazil shows a man stripped half naked being wheeled in a shopping cart by a mob to a set of railway tracks. He’s already severely beaten and bloody, so the mob drags him down the rocky path before setting him alight to burn.

At the end of the video, the mob allegedly argues with one another over why he was burned. Apparently, even they realized that his crime was not severe enough to warrant baconizing the man, but hey, he’s a man and that’s what they do to men in Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

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110 thoughts on “Severely Beaten Brazilian Man Dragged and Burned for Stealing Purse”

    1. I’m an actual Mestizo and i’d never do that to a purse snatcher. And I bet you I could find every single race under the sun on this very site committing subhuman atrocities.

      ^You’re just another opportunistic racist that jumps at the chance at using the race card, while conveniently saying jack shit whenever there’s a Caucasian depicted.

      Racism = your stupidity is showing.

      1. @split-you-open . “Your Stupidity” Is Incredibly Mind-Blowing, & Obvious To Us All, I’m Sure. As your Indoctrination, and subsequent brainwashing, is 100% complete. I truly feel sorry, and embarrassed for you my friend. Because in my 9 years on here, i have yet to read something so incredibly stupid, when your people have been doing this sort of thing on a daily basis, and is well documented on the pages of B-G. Have you ever checked-out the statistics regarding the millions of similar atrocities, committed by YOUR RACE, & Country ??? Obviously not.

        1. Gotta agree that Brazil is both beautiful in pictures and extremely violent on video!! Savage violent!! Proof is in the pudding. hot women, drugs, violence. W a gorgeous view of the beach and it’s surroundings, from one of your 3 balconies. “ILL TAKE IT!!!” Haha

      2. Anyone could say they are an “actual” Mestizo, especially as it is anonymous. But I would be embarrassed to say so. Quick blaming the White man for all your short comings, and I mean SHORT. You are the racist prick on this site. Go cry a river somewhere else, like the over polluted waters of Brazil.

      3. I am mestizo and we certainly do this kind of shit all the time. The atrocities (beheading, dismemberment, etc.) going on in Mexico and Brazil includes mestizos). It seems to be in our DNA to do extremes of violence under certain circumstances. Blacks and Arabs got the same problem. Yeah, all races do atrocities (and seem to enjoy it) but we mestizos are way over represented.

      1. Sick, sick, demented fucks in Brazil, as the comment posted by one of them above, truly shows their nature, and way of thinking, while desperately trying, to blame their shortcomings on the White Man, lol. Unfucking believable, and ridiculous to say the very least!

        1. @misterfilth. I’d pay two bucks or whatever your failing currency is worth in real money too see a filthy bum kick the shit out of a sadistic mummies boy who I’m willing too bet a lot more the two bucks has never had a physical altercation in his meaningless life, beyond the time one of his many multiracial step-daddies used him as a fuck puppet and he lay their and took it like the sissy faggot he knows behind his bullshit bravado he is 🙂

  1. Sure, it’s all fun and games until someone is dosed with gasoline and set on fire, then who’s laughing? The people who set Johnny Knoxville DeSilva on fire that’s who’s laughing. I’m laughing my head off. Continue with the games!

  2. ”Não era pra tacar fogo no cara não” One of them was saying that they weren’t supposed to burn the guy.
    These savages don’t need a big reason to act out their sadistic desires, any excuse is good enough for them to hurt and kill someone.

      1. I realize this. Is she killing this guy? Is a group of women killing this guy?
        Is the problem “pussy privilege” or is this a bunch of violent idiots who would’ve done the same if he’d stolen a wallet? This isn’t a gender issue.

          1. It sounds fun but I’m heading out to do American shit, ha. Fireworks show on the lake, some drinks. If you celebrate, enjoy and be safe.

        1. When a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, she uses the power of the state to attack the man. She’s not directly involved in the attack, but she’s still the force behind it. Pussy whipped cucks on a street killing a man are likewise an extension of the woman, acting as judge, jury and executioners on behalf of the woman. It definitely is a gender issue, for if the thief was a woman, they would not have beat her senseless and immolate her. If the thief was a woman and her victim a man, he would be attacked for certain if enforcers were state owned, and quite certainly if enforcers were a street mob.

        2. That’s like saying Israel is not responsible for deaths of thousands because it’s their proxies ISIS doing the killings at the behest of Israel. Without Israel, the atrocities wouldn’t be happening, but by your logic, since Israel merely provides the logistics, training, treatment, arming and financing for the extremists, but is not directly involved in atrocities, calling out Israel would be [insert a label here].

          1. The Israel/ISIS comparison is at best, a huge stretch. It’s unlikely the behavior of these men occurred at the behest of the woman and it’s even more unlikely she gathered them, compensated them and gave them their “tactical” ideas. I’ve seen too many brutal videos just like this where a woman had absolutely nothing to do with the situation. These thugs would’ve beaten this man to death over a man’s wallet just as quickly.
            Disliking the unfair conviction rates/punishment for female criminals is totally fair. Anyone, man or woman, should care about that special treatment. But applying “pussy privilege” theory to this exact case doesn’t add up.

          2. No one asked for my opinion… but here it comes anyway, and stands right between you two. No women has nothing to do with it, yet punishments are certainly worse when a crime involves a women, just like it would be if involved a child.

    1. Funny you mean, not ironical.
      Or ironical but not in the way you think but in the way that Brazilian man are committing murder cause they protecting their woman, woman that they themselves don’t respect and will beat senseless for being whores or whatever reasons they may have.
      And the only complaint is that of your comment.

      1. You basically just said that these women DON’T get special treatment by pointing out how these same men will also beat the women senseless. What exactly is your point in relation to my comment?

        1. the articles are always written with a hard gender slant and jew bullshit..i’d say jus deal with it like the rest of us and watch the damn videos, or create your own forum and see how far that goes..i get youre a strong woman but that argument doesnt stand here. i thought you would have figured this out by now. I myself hardly read the articles(unless theyre facts or witness accounts) because alot are only opinions, and just that

  3. It was obvious he was faking how serious he was injured. Look how quick he moved once set on fire.

    If you ever set someone on fire, tie them up properly first or tie them to something secure – like a fence or tree.

  4. When you’re set on fire, you worry only about two things:
    1) Your dick and balls
    2) Your eyeballs.

    Yep. Penis pass denied. If it was a woman stealing purses, she would probably be tied to a tree and given a slap across the face with a flip-flop and then released.

    No wait – that’s the punishment in Egypt for a woman caught trying to steal real, live children

    1. If it were you @Mr Spock, and you have 1 dick, 2 balls and 2 eyes but can choose only 2 things to worry about, what would you choose?
      I think that I would go with 1 of my eyes and my 1 dick.

  5. Tonight’s self harm inducing, trolling abuse is brought too you by a bottle of 18 year old single malt, 3 anti psychotic pills (not too be taken with alcohol), a box of cigars and 10 rounds of insane kinky sex with the wife since 6am #crazydays.

  6. They kill him for stealing. Someone should kill them for committing murder. And then a different group should kill the people that killed the persons that committed murder the murder. And then another group… well you get the idea. It’s such a vicious cycle. Stupid humans. I have no pity for your kind.

    1. It doesn’t matter who you steal from, but it does matter who the thief is. If the thief is a man, there’ll be no end to brutality he will be subjected to, but it it’s a woman, she’ll likely get a pussy pass. Punishment is always harsh if you’re a man, but light to non existent if a woman.

  7. In America people shoot up schools and public spaces, most are white, with lives worthy of living but the moment something goes bad, they get get all Shooty and “misunderstood” so calling anyone savage is a joke.

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