Severely Burnt Victim Jumps From Fire Engulfed Apartment

Severely Burnt Victim Jumps From Fire Engulfed Apartment

Severely Burnt Victim Jumps From Fire Engulfed Apartment

This video depicts a woman jumping from a flames engulfed apartment and landing onto the street with severe burns to much of her body. Something else falls out of the burning apartment later on, but I can’t tell if it’s another person or just a window sill, or a similar object.

I don’t know where exactly the video is from. It seem they drive on the left there. The stores have signs in Spanish and English. I presume it’s an African country.


This happened in Cape Town, South Africa, in an area called Bellville. Two women jumped from the apartment building, one has died in hospital. The other is in stable condition. A 5 year old child named Nabi Mutoke, was in one of the apartments where he burned to death.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video, and @flemdog for the update:

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    2. ”The stores have signs in Spanish and English. I presume it’s an African country”.
      It is an African country yes, and this happened in Kuilsrivier (Afrikaans) or Kuils River (English) in Western Cape Province, South Africa. All those writings that look like Spanish are actually in Afrikaans, a Dutch dilate language.

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  1. This occurred in the city of Bellville in Cape Town, South Africa. I knew as soon as i saw the pink elephant on the pavement right at the beginning of the video…it’s the liquor shop mascot and has been there for as long as I can remember. Then I got all giddy cos finally my hometown got featured on BG. The chick died in hospital, and a 5-year old boy also burnt to death in the blaze. I created an account just so I could say all that. I think I need a hobby.

          1. Hey BloodyHands, been checking BG daily for the past three years or so, but finally decided to get in on the commenting action. Been voraciously devouring every gory thing I could find online since the halcyon days of, with the exception of animal abuse/killings. Can’t believe back in the day we had to make due with blurry pics of corpses and ripped DVDs of those Banned in America documentaries. This site has been a lifesaver from that corny shit, lol.

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    Perfect free publicity! Clever or what?

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