Suspected Motorcycle Thieves Lynched in Nakuru, Kenya

Suspected Motorcycle Thieves Lynched in Nakuru, Kenya

Suspected Motorcycle Thieves Lynched in Nakuru, Kenya

The incident happened in Nakuru, Kenya. Two suspected motorcycle thieves were caught with a stolen motorcycle and got lynched by the public.

I find it interesting that even though the sun is clearly shining, and a couple of people walk around in t-shirts, the majority in the mob wear winter jackets. Many also wear reflective vests over the jackets, which suggests those are motorcycle taxi drivers or something of sorts, who wear long sleeves to protect against the sun and wind while riding, but winter jackets???

I don’t think these thieves are walking it off anytime soon. Aside from getting beaten to the brink of death, they were also set on fire.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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    1. These African muthafuckaz kill each other over stolen chickens. I was reading an article earlier where one nigger shot and killed his brother for eating the last honey bun! Who the fuck even buys that shit in the first place! Fucking stupid niggers!

      1. Nakuru is changing fast and, in the process, transforming into one of Kenya’s more agreeable towns, gentrifying around the edges and adopting some of the better aspects of Nairobi – minus the stress and the crime. Most travellers speed through the town on their way to the lakes and if that’s all you do, you might wonder why anyone would choose to stay here – at first glance, Kenya’s fourth-largest city can appear grim and provincial, without much to offer besides a convenient refuel. But stick around longer and we bet you’ll start to like it.

    2. you’re happy cos you’re a fucking thief too? no wonder you’re happy if you’re a piece of shit fucking thief! i’m not happy, i wish i lived in a place where stealing is punishable by street justice! i fucking hate thieves and i enjoy seeing thieves get sliced and beaten like that.
      i had something very expensive and dear to me stolen by russian faggot fuck cunts and all that happened, is that only the “head” of them was sent out of country … WOW such punishment. i bet he was laughing. he screwed up half of my life and didn’t even go to jail. fucking stealing ass cunts! i wish i would have been able to beat the shit out of those thieves, but in EU i would have gone to jail for like 10+ years for this.

      you dont need a fucking trial, if you STEAL someone’s bike and smash it like they did, you don’t deserve a trial, you deserve to be beaten and sliced until you wet your fucking pants and beg for mercy and then you deserve to get spit into the face and laughed at, just the way those fuckshit thieves did when they were stealing the bike. fucktards laughing while stealing other people’s stuff. i just can’t stand thieves! i wanna see them all get beaten and sliced up good.

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  1. If the motorcycle was stolen, why set it on fire ?
    To me, the term “motorcycle thieves” suggests a pair of no-good reprobate bandits riding around on their own motorbike, snatching purses, bags and mobile phones.
    This would explain why the bike was torched, along with the banditos…
    …they got caught.
    You need to get caught only once.
    Perhaps they stalled the bike.
    Who knows ?
    But stolen bike ?
    Nah !
    Don’t think so.
    Also did you notice, that those primarily involved in the lynching were arrested and loaded into an army truck at the end of the video.
    Good. That’s proper justice.
    Everyone deserves due process whatever they have done.
    The number of innocents that have been lynched by a frenzied mob after unsubstantiated rumours of child-snatching or some such similar horrific have wildly spread is truly tragic.

    1. “If the motorcycle was stolen, why set it on fire ?”

      Because there’s no logic to anything niggers do when it comes to civilization. They are still hunter gatherer apes who are simply programmed to feed their faces, steal, destroy and muh dick everything in site.

      1. If you leave white people alone for centuries you get advanced culture and technology. Leave black people alone for centuries and you get Sentinel Island. The Sentinalese have not improved beyond crude spears, bow and arrow, or hurling rocks in over 500 years. They attack all outsiders.

    2. they ride around two up on one stolen bike with different plates ,once target is found the pillion passenger dismounts and proceeds to the target bike mounts it ,breaks steering lock with foot,hot wires the ignition as the rider keeps lookout .all this takes place in under 90 night they simply break the lock and the bike is pushed along by foot in a towing action..the bike was stolen .justice was served up .seems they had fun..throw in some cool beer and burgers, drums, and you have your african fiesta…

  2. I wonder where the United States would be if this method of justice was adopted? Definitely not innocent until proven guilty, more of a guilty-guilty-guilty until (innocent?) oh, sorry we were wrong…..

  3. I watched this while I was eating a peanut butter sandwich and drinking a carton of cranberry juice. No fucks were given. The only thing that concerned me was my lack of concern. Then I thought “fuck ’em, black cunts”

  4. *I find it interesting that even though the sun is clearly shining, and a couple of people walk around in t-shirts, the majority in the mob wear winter jackets*
    This is the coldest season in Kenya and surrounding places despite having the sun.

  5. How can Barbaric stuff still be happening every day in this day, and age i will never comprehend.
    Some will surely say that it is because they are simply dumb Niggers, and that they are just a brutal bunch of heartless thugs.

    I, on the other hand think that it has to do with the fact that they have little to no police officers that are brave enough to show-up in these dangerous little villages, or towns to uphold the law. So as a result they take the law into their own hands, which oftentimes results in wrongly accused being tortures, and killed which we have often seen right here on best gore.

  6. How can we Possibly make these people have a society with values like in the west? Imperfect as we are, it’s vastly better than this shit. Sure we have our share of Indiscriminate killers but they are the exception rather than the rule. You have to be super desperate or super stupid to steal anything of value in many parts of Africa, and this is what you can expect.

    Why is empathy for each other and respect for human life so critically lacking in Africa? Is this purely wayward Culture at work here or are these peoples actual brains/thought processes that different to countries that have laws, a criminal justice system?

    I recall a similar scene from Africa where two teenager kids and a adult were all changed together by a lynching crowd who proceeding to pour petrol over them as punishment for fuck knows what. The adult knew what was coming, but the kids Just looked confused.

    They call it the dark continent and it is in so many ways, yet its had hundreds of years of missionaries trying to instil some kind of social consciousness in the people, even if it was mostly Christianity based.

    This question of basic empathy reminds me of when I was watching a “fly on the wall” type documentary around 20 years back, about French doctors working in the Caribbean. During one episode, we see a guy wearing only ripped shorts walking towards A&E in a Jamaican hospital He had been involved in an accident where Costic Soda had back blown from something he was doing and he got absolutely covered. He had walked two miles in that horrible condition with X degree burns all over and in terrible pain to the A&E.

    When he came through the doors the duty nurse was already shouting her mouth off on somebody else working there, who had obviously pissed her off.

    I remember being staggered by the fact that when this poor bastard came in the doors, literally shaking in pain and unable to speak. Nobody reacted!. He just stood there shivering with his arms outstretched, waiting for somebody to help him.

    The staff just looked at him and went right back to their conversations! I still remember my disbelief at the absolutely callous disinterest everyone showed for this man’s predicament. Nobody went running to try stop one more second of the horrible pain this man was suffering. They were all still firmly in that slow motion Caribbean thing they do there, especially the women. I’m sure you have seen it, if you have ever waited for service anywhere in the Caribbean.

    It was always sold as part and parcel of “living in a hot humid place“‘The “slow down man, take it easy” Caribbean bullshit…. I never bought it. Not one of them made any effort and fuck knows how long they left him like that because the documentary maker decided to cut away from that scene.

    It stuck in my head, the severe lack of empathy. How could this be? I knew people back home from Jamaica and Barbados etc, and they seemed ok? Is this genetic? Cultural? what the fuck is it that the black nations in particular act like this. We are all human and share the exact same DNA, yet the discrepancies in behaviour is so stark.

    It’s basic intelligence to NOT treat others like absolute shit in any society because, sooner or later, what you do to others will return to you or yours.

    This is very similar to the way I see people behave in India, especially around serious accident etc. Another place famous for its lack of empathy and social consciousness towards each other. Despite all the Mystic higher spiritual bullshit they like to point to.

    I’m not saying that definitely the White Races have exclusive domain of evolution over black/brown peoples, when it comes to empathy, law and order etc, but it sure as Fuck looks like it!

  7. Lol such an African country thing to to….to beat up and burn thieves to death in public.
    Still, that’s better than how First World countries deal with it. If you steal over there, you just get a caution, and you can re-offend many times. Thievery and burglary is rife there.

    Yeah, I prefer Necklacing and vigilante. Bring it to England.

      1. Ah, thankyou, Mr. You’re All Going to Die Anyway.

        I’m so glad. But in the end I will be dead one day, and my existence simple a forgotten blip in the universe’s history. The futility of life is not lost on me. I’ve always wondered, what is it for? Why does any life at all have to exist, i.e. birds, insects, animals, human? What’s the big picture?

  8. Wait wait wait wait, at the 1 minute mark they sure look like firefighters. You know, the type of people dedicated to putting a nigger out. But thennnnnn, they may be one of those once in a lifetime niggers dedicated to wiping out the negro, and preserving the righteousness of the WHITE MAN. They let the nigger burn……… Someone bring the lube quick….. Just kidding, could never wank it to a nigger , they’re fucking disgusting.

  9. I am from Kenya and everyone will agree with me when I say that if you mess with these Motorcycle taxi guys you just signed your own death agreement. these guys are very stupid, even if the mistake is theirs and you hit one of them, within seconds they swarm around you and may even burn your car, so it’s basically safer if you hit one of them, just speed away to the nearest police station. (popular thought here is that since most don’t wear helmets, people say the cold rushing through their head and faces have messed their brains up)

  10. Its ‘winter’ in kenya despite it being sunny, its rather cold. Yes, these guys ride motorcycle taxis called ‘boda-boda’. Their is a belief among them that if you dont protect yourself from the wind you will get pneumonia

  11. yet another satisfying video where piece of shit thieves get what they deserved. it makes me feel bit better, seeing thieves being beat up and sliced up. i’ve had bad experience with thieves and wish i could do same to them. i just can’t stand stealing shitfucktards. they were lucky i wasn’t there, i would have stabbed them in their penis.

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