Sweden – European War Zone

Sweden - European War Zone

Four words – Jewish multiculturalism did this!

I have already posted the video in which American Jew Barbara Lerner Spectre, who was sent to Sweden to destabilize the country from within with forceful mass immigration, admitted that destructive multiculturalism is an essential part of the Jewish plan for Europe and foretold that Jews would be resented for it, so I’m not gonna post it again. I’m just gonna once again ask why? Why is the resentment not happening when the proof that this mass immigration from incompatible countries is Jewish doing is right in everyone’s face and Jews admitted to it themselves? How are Europeans not demanding en masse to have the Jews banished and deported (or tried for treason and executed) from their countries and borders immediately closed to non white immigrants?

Worse yet, how is it that the sheeple continue to support the very people who turned their formerly peaceful and prosperous countries into war zones with bleak future? Take a look at EDL – the traitors of their country, who are filling the streets of England bearing the Israeli flags. Total moronic losers supporting the very criminals whose plan for destruction of white England lead to the beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby. EDL support criminals who flood England with Muslims and Blacks and irritate them by killing their extended families in the Middle East and Africa. Just how stupid do you have to be to stand behind your own destroyers?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Sweden – European War Zone”

  1. They’re actually killing themselves too since there won’t be any more foreign aid, inventions of any kind that help society, progress in the healthcare field, etc. Once the whites are gone, all the babysitters won’t exist.

    1. They won’t entirely eradicate Whites. Whites will remain in much smaller number but as Jewish serfs. The future will be very similar to a ‘Brave New World’ (film). A communistic totalitarian big-brother World state where Whites represent a tiny fraction of a percentage of the global population, their servility and diligence ensured by chemical-duping and indoctrination, and the whole show ruled by their Jewish overlords. Freedom will be absolutely abolished, but at the same time it won’t even be understood or desired by the brain-dead masses.

  2. Normally I would write a long and considered comment but this time wont be necessary because the answer is simple.

    Faced with a new enemy, Islam, and the growing threat of further altercations with Muslims in the future, the average citizen will choose to ally themselves with the enemy they know and understand, the Jewish system.

    It is like what happens to a person living in gang territory, not many choose to live independent, most will choose a side if only for protection and a sense of belonging even if that side takes from them their freedom.

    However only those with the mental strength to stay independent, only those willing to face the threat of violence from both sides can see the situation for what it is, a game of chess and we are the pieces on the board.

    The Muslims certainly are a problem, they always have been because, just like Christianity before them, they wish to spread Islam all over the world and take over, this is why people cannot sympathise with them and because of this they fail to see that the Muslims are being used has a figure of hatred, a reason for all the war to be had, a reason to sell weapons, a reason to take away everybody’s freedom, just like the communists before them.

    To be blunt, most people are either too cowardly or too stupid to want to stand up and fight, the people at the bottom have lost their strength of will from all the constant beatings and the people at the top couldn’t care less, they have it good and the middle, they are too busy looking down upon those at the bottom and aspiring to be those at the top.

    Human weakness is your answer to the question, fear, selfishness, jealousy, anger, emotions cloud the logical mind, its a game of psychological warfare and its a game the Zionists know well.

    Unless people can unshackle themselves from all the propaganda and state education they will never fight back because for every action they take there is a “ism” to remind them not too.

    1. Muslims are A problem, but not THE problem. A problem goes away or becomes easier to deal with when THE problem is eliminated. Whereas if THE problem persists, you can dedicate all the resources you have to dealing with A problem and it will continue to grow and become more and more severe. Muslims would be a minimal problem if Zionists weren’t importing them in massive numbers and at the same time provoking them by invading their home countries and killing their countrymen by the millions.

      1. The problem is that the Muslims are a more visible problem than the Zionists and those who are short sighted can only see what’s right in front of them.

        The Muslims from our perspective would be less of a problem had they not been intentionally brought in and antagonised to begin with and we understand that the idea behind this was to destabilise and weaken, much like what we are doing in the Arab world at the moment.

        It is obvious that this is just a game of divide and conquer and when we are all weakened enough the Zionists step in and take control on a larger scale.

        The sad part is that this has been done many times before throughout history, the Roman Empire were masters at it and if people educated themselves more and read more history they would be able to see through the ploys of today.

        The propaganda and state education has worked well, I will give them that.

        Better education is the way forward, but it has to be an individual education because organised education is far too corrupt, sadly they have been dumbing down the population since at least the 70’s, they didn’t want a repeat of the mass protests and anti war movements of the 60’s.

  3. Am I mistaken or are you implying that the video is from Sweden? If you do, which I don’t know if you do or not, you’re stupid, and they’re not saying that they’re swedish youths, they’re just saying they’re youths. But yes, niggers and muslims have destroyed this country, and it’s only getting worse.

  4. Welcome to Sweden, where people that aren’t allowed to be in this country gets free healthcare, money, never have to work, never pay taxes, have many kids and calling the swedish people racists. Enjoy your stay!

  5. Sorry for all the comments, but one of the things that really rustles my jimmies is that several swedish newspapers actually pay people for good pictures of burning cars, people in Husby where it started, had their direct number so it’s like they’re encouraging shit like this.

  6. Death to multiculturalism!

    This is like finding a festering, nasty cesspool covered up by a fine oriental rug that shouldn’t be walked on. Sigh… Sweden. I used to think of sex toys, and beautiful women. Now all I can think of is this shit. Like many other countries. So sad.

    1. And the worse thing – there is a lot of room for this to get even worse as their numbers continue to climb.

      Look at France. I was just browsing some pictures of Paris (Because a Soldier just got stabbed in the neck by a Muslim) and I swear I could count maybe 2-3 White people in every 20 or so pictures.

      And those ‘White’ people were probably Turkish Muslims.

      It’s unbelievable.

      And White Flight is a real thing. Whites are fleeing London like crazy, in America the same things happen – Whites pull back from the places infected with Blacks (Is there any wonder? Check out Philadelphia or Chicago, or any other major American city)

      So clearly we don’t want it.

      Not sure how any French man or woman can look at Paris and say “Yup. This is awesome.”

      And the Tourists.. yikes. You’d have to be blind not to notice the lack of the French in their own capital city.

      1. I’m glad you used France as an example, because as an American, I am naturally supposed to dislike them.

        Just joking, but in all seriousness, that’s very depressing to think about. The Truth always is. All this viral multicultural insanity makes the thought of traveling to foreign lands pointless. Going anywhere on Earth will one day be like this melting pot shithole known as the U.S. So, I might as well stay home, and save my money.

        1. Nah. Multiculturalism is something Whites have to deal with – no one else. No one but us is stupid enough, suicidal enough, guilty enough and full of enough self-hate to commit what amounts to cultural suicide and self-genocide.

          It’ll still be Japan for Japanese, China for Chinese, African for Africans, and so on.

          But Canada, America, Europe etc? Any White Country = For everyone. If you read the fine print, you’ll see it says (…but not Whites).

          I bet you a White American or Canadian would have a harder time relocating to Sweden, England or the like than some African or Muslim.

          1. For real though man I’m a huge black/death metal fan, shit I was in a death metal band a few years, I was ‘rhythm’ guitar…i put that in quotes because words like ‘lead’ and ‘rhythm’
            Are kind pointless and obsolete with this kinda music

            NILE goes awesome with shit like people getting hacked with an axe or other such scenes of utter destruction

  7. I want to slay these cunts with my bare fists.

    My school has probably 80% of niggers/muslims in it. They call us racists for being Swedish and can’t take a single fucking word against them when it comes to talking about immigration.

    It’s all because of the media and the politicians. Reinfeldt is fucking controlled..Just hear him speak about immigration! He’s literally attacking people with words because they want to lower the number of immigrants coming to Sweden! Do you hear this madness?

    Today the fires spread to Ume?, a more northern part of Sweden, it’s not even close to Stockholm and the fires are fucking burning there.

    If this continues more an other week, then you’ll be having your mailbox spammed with gore videos of dead immigrants.

    Hail Sweden and our sleeping vikings. We will not lose a war started by others in our own country no more.

    1. I was a firefighter in Sweden before I left. If I was still there, my job would be cleaning up after these scum who destroy our country. There’s no respect for us in our own country anymore, even from other Swedes. Reinfeldt and everyone who allows him to continue his destruction of Sweden should hang for treason.

    1. At least they are trying to do something. While the rest of England sits on its ass and allows the hordes of Muslims and Africans to take over their Country, slaughter their people in their streets, rape their daughters, wives and other women, bully and stab their sons, erect their centers of hatred all over the place, erect Islamic schools, preach hate, and so on.

      “Oh, it’s only London..” Now it’s only London. Won’t be long before most of England is beleaguered by these scum.

      Yet nothing. No response from the English outside the EDL.

  8. There’s fires in Ume? now. They don’t want to mess with our Lapps.

    80% niggers/muslims in my school and they call us racist for being Swedish and whenever talking about something they don’t like.

    If the fires keep burning for more than an other week then your inbox will be spammed with gore videos.

    Hail Sweden and our resting vikings. Let us never forgot that people who start war in our own country, are the ones who shall pay with blood.

    1. Swedes won’t do anything. Swedes are like the rest of Western Europeans, weak, pathetic, brainwashed and kissing and licking the feet (or other things…) of these filthy Muslims and Africans.

      Just as your politicians and Governments have brainwashed them to do.

  9. Well shit. I love Europe, and it saddens me to see it going to hell under the relentless waves of muslim refugees and idiots who support them, all overseen by Israel of course. Listen, I’m not a bigot, as I’ve said on other posts, but I’m totally against the grossly-exploitative and the incredibly ignorant/stupid. It’s not muslims that is the problem, it’s attempting to mix them in with europeans. Didn’t work during the islamic invasions of the middle ages, and won’t ever work. It’s just a fact of life. Some people were NOT meant to mix. Forced multiculturalism is just the zionist’s way of weakening the affected nations. Does anyone know of any zio-free countries I could eventually move to? There’s Brasil (my homeland), but if there happens to be anything better (I like traveling to new places) I’d love to hear it.

  10. Yes exactly the same here in Britain. we white brits are being QUICKLY turned in to a minority and there’s no plans of it slowing. Next year the Eu plans to bring in another 14 million Romanians and Bulgarians. our schools are full and so our are prisons and hospitals and if we are to go off the ones that are already ere then we are getting 14 million thieving gypsy bastards. Something needs to be done And Fast. people power is the only way to stop it but most of them have been unknowingly brainwashed to call you a racist if you stand up for your own country. So unless a miracle happens then I see a very bleak future for myself and more so my children.

  11. The zionist approved? EDL are just playing their part in the divide and conquer ploy, without trying to be too disrespectful to the EDLs footsoldiers I think most of them don’t have a fucking clue. I’m happy you have pointed them out for what they are, they even have a jewish branch for fucks sake! Maybe they should change their name to the English League of Defence for israel, probably more appropriate.

  12. It just takes one man to become a beacon for the masses. I imagine soon, collectively the people of the civilized world are going to get fed up with this shit, and the 1940’s will repeat itself.

  13. I rarely comment on anything here but this shit is really sad. I’ve wanted to visit Sweden since I was a youngster but now it looks worse than here in Australia. Where the fuck can we go to get away from this bullshit? Or is it time to fight back?

  14. As a swedish citizen, i don’t understand the actions of the swedish government. This “war zone” occurred because swedish police killed a dangerous man with a machete. The swedish governmnt is so afraid, because they think that if they do something against the immagrants they’re racist. So now, they will not do anything to stop the riot, ’cause they are afraid of causing more chaos.
    I’m sure voting for Swedish Democrates next election.

    1. I posted the video in which a Jew admits that mass import of Muslims into Europe is a part of the Jewish Divide and Conquer plan three times. Arab and Somali sand niggers you see burning Sweden to the ground and Israeli proxy soldiers mass imported into Europe intentionally for this very purpose. To understand a problem, you must understand what causes it. If all you understand is how it presents itself, you will never get rid of it. Unless you are part of the problem… Cause you stink like one.

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