Teenager Burned While Trying to Light a Hookah in Brazil

Teenager Burned While Trying to Light a Hookah in Brazil

The images from CCTV cameras at a gas station in Cascavel in western Paraná, Brazil show the moment when a teenager caught fire after a hookah he was trying to light up exploded. It happened on Tuesday afternoon, January 22, 2013. The 16 year old was taken to the University Hospital of Cascavel in critical condition, with burns on 60% of his body.

According to the Fire Department officials, the teen was with a group of friends near the gas station and was engulfed in flames when alcohol kept in the hookah’s cooking base ignited and exploded. Once on fire, the boy took off his shirt and ran into the gas station’s convenience store where he was helped by random customers. Hospital staff reported that the teen was in a very serious condition, breathing with the help of a machine.

Teen’s mother said she did not know that her son was smoking the hookah:

While our children were small, we looked after them but now that they’re in their teens, we can no longer control them. I didn’t know he smoked, but I always taught him to stay away from the bad things.

The teen worked at a company nearby and was on a coffee break when the explosion happened. Brazil is awesome – for a coffee break you meet up with pals and have a toke at a gas station cause what could possibly go wrong with all those flammable fluids and fumes all around.

Online translator told me “narguilé” means “hookah”. I wonder if it maybe means “bong”. NOTDASILVA – what exactly is narguilé?

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      1. that’s exactly what I was thinking too, he even had that nice patch of grass to roll around right next to him but no he had to tackle the chairs face first inside the gas station. To his credit he didn’t touch the rope divider thingies.

  1. Sorry but with 60% of body burns you would be in critical condition. (Not a know it all i just know for a fact) Doesn’t mean you WILL die but there are many factors. Burns are devastating! Burns are not static and within just a hour a first degree burn can turn into a second degree(and so on). Our skin is used as a barrier against bacteria and viruses and helps to control our temperature and fluid. Inflamation and fluid accumulate in and around all degree of burns. If there is enough inflammation and swelling it can obstruct the airway causing breathing problems; on the chest wall it may not allow enough motion to allow proper breathing. Burns that are 50% or more have a very significant mortality risk. The kid was getting ready to light the hookah and probably has airway and lung damage especially with it being so close to his face. Not just from the fire itsel but from the gas vopors. Gas is a chemicle and can continue to do progressive damage until the chemicle is deactivated(by the burn unit or ER). Either way the kid is in some very serious pain and I would not wish that upon you or anyone else.

    1. I had road burns after being thrown from a jeep.My legs arms but mostly my stomach.I had to be wrapped like a mummy for a while it wasn’t the best time of my life.Took a long time to heal also.The broken ribs etc. I also got in the accident were not even comparable pain wise.I know it’s not the same as a that type of burn but it’s all I can relate.You know an odd amount about burns

      1. Sorry to hear that kuma-san. Sounds brutal! I cannot personally feel your pain or any other type of burn except for the usually small burns. I can say I have witnessed it on many many occasions and am compassionate towards those suffering from burns of many sources. Many times people are put into a medically induced coma to help with pain and healing. But I am glad you are better and hopefully fully healed!!!!

    2. You put that into perspective for me thank you. After seeing the video, he looked it pain but nothing like the crap they do to people in Africa for stealing a goat. They wither around in pain after being torched alive with gasoline and tires. That looks extremely painful.

    3. Wow, I was thinking he couldn’t have possibly burned 60%, but now I see. He was running for the interior carpet , or I think. But rolling still didn’t do it, until he started out the door and pulled his T off. Poor boy,I hope he is OK. I didn’t realize all the things that can compund.

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