Teenager’s Hand Destroyed by High Tension Electrical Wires

Teenager's Hand Destroyed by High Tension Electrical Wires

Sick images here showcasing the result of a sixteen year old boy who had touched high tension wires. The photos show the initial burns, swelling and blistering of the hand and the ultimate melting of his flesh from the bones. Amputation was the only solution to save this young man’s life. This degeneration into infection and necrosis occurred over a two week period.

No special makeup effects can ever rival the horrific shit that happens in real life. Brutal.

Bad-ass props to YourNextExGirl for the images.

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      1. It looks not too bad on the surface at first , but you see the gradual decay because his hand is actually cooked from the inside out and after 2 weeks , we’ll leave a half cooked roast on the counter for 2 weeks and see what you get !!! It ain’t pretty lol !!

  1. I’ve walked under high tension lines before, and they’re so powerful you can hear the electricity humming from a long way away. It’s kinda scary. I always wondered what would happen if you touched them. I knew it would be bad, but I didn’t know it would be THIS bad!! O__O

  2. I have to wonder… he touched a high-tension cable, and the only damage he got was on his hand? How!? ๐Ÿ˜ Electricity tend to travel the easiest way to the ground, he should have got his shoulder, left side of the body and legs burnt up as well. But we dont know the circunstances he touched the wires anyways…

    Lucky for him he survived that nevertheless.

        1. @kopf Too bad huh? Do you do grills in Portugal? Imagine a sausage bouncing off a 200C grill, shivering on the ground with smoke coming outta it. That would be the video. But your tone sounds like you don’t believe me, don’t ya? ๐Ÿ™„

          1. You mean barbecues? Yeah we do that in here as well. And nah, i do believe that, i just asked if the video was here on BG or you could put it on BG if you had it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. That’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. I wonder if he touched the wires deliberately, being macho, or accidentally. Kids that age do like to show off. That must have hurt a bit. Just a miracle he’s still alive really.

        1. I have no idea why they let it get that bad, they definitely shouldn’t have. They should’ve realized long before.. that it needed to be amputated. Apparently he had a mental breakdown at some point because he was watching his hand be eaten away and they finally amputated it.

        2. They should have at least debried it along the way to get the dead tissue off, then if available used maggot therapy to keep it cleaned up. That hand and most fingers looked viable at first but if they just left the rotting flesh on it’s a sure fire way to keep the infection going, even with antibiotics. Probably had interns studying it along the way, lol.

          1. It was a case study I’ve been looking over because we have a patient now who was burned in the same way and is having his hand amputated tomorrow. Except his went downhill a lot faster. There were a lot of things done wrong in the teenager’s case. A lot more should’ve been done.

  4. For a minute there, I thought that was Michael Jackson’s Sequin glove. Heee heee. Shamone. I’m straddling my penis as I say “hee hee, shamone”.

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  5. Nasty hand.

    Ive said this before but it still makes me laugh a bit when we see nasty hands on BG. when i was about 15 i broke my R wrist ( im R handed) and. got plaster up to elbow. Devestated and worried my baby batter would go mouldy and clog my pipes if not ejected ( nothin to do wuth feeling gr8) i began testing the process with L hand. Soon, repetitive movements with L hand was as natural as anything and my twice / thrice daily dates with Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters was back in track.

    6 weeks later plaster was removed off R hand and was stunned to discover wanking with R hand now felt so strange, just like it did with L hand. Still to this day, my L hand has that job as could never swap it back….

    This kid will be fine in that department anyway …….

    1. Almost the exact same situation happened to me @dutchy; 14 years old and my right hand was in a cast almost to my shoulder. The one thing I never got used to was trying to wipe my ass with my left hand…it took quite a bit of patience and precision lol.

  6. This asshole at work hit a power line with the trackhoe while loading it on a trailer, it electrocuted the truck driver who was touching the trailer. It blew his toes and fingers off and fried his brain.. he collects rocks (random ordinary rocks) and smokes meth now….

      1. Hmmm no I think its with social security money or disability some shit…but I think hes the only white American like that….. the rest are hard working drug free citizens regardless of the shit hand theyre dealt. I understand having your “life ruined” is awful and all that. But you also must accept some responsibility for whatever happened and then make a positive step forward. Not just go into a stupor or give up ๐Ÿ™‚ unless youre from Wyoming…then you should just give up

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