Thief Set on Fire After Being Lynched in Fortaleza, Brazil

Thief Set on Fire After Being Lynched in Fortaleza, Brazil

That’s what he gets for being a man. Damned patriarchy. If he were a woman, he’d get away with a few flip flop slaps.

According to the info I got, this was filmed in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. The video depicts the burning of an alleged thief, after he was lynched to the brink of death. As the mob sets fire to his body, and hits him with sticks, the alleged thief no longer reacts. He’s a goner.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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78 thoughts on “Thief Set on Fire After Being Lynched in Fortaleza, Brazil”

    1. That’s the african way, stone, beat, burn whilst still alive then stone beat and burn again whilst dead, i think it’s because africans takes ages to kill or brazilians are a tad more civilised

    1. Ummmm? And your point is? Was the sock washed and it tasted like laundry soap that it would be compared to Columbian coffee or was the sock used earlier with some lotion and friction? Now that would be something to post about.

      1. Not everything is as pointless as your words. People who get laid often don’t talk about sex and masturbation all the time. I posted this out of curiosity. I wanted to watch someone dies but the video was the aftermath so to speak. So, I posted my coffee adventure.

      1. Videos like this, remind me that i’m glad to be an American. LOL.
        If i were the guy in this video, i’d want to be American too. He’d go to court (possibly) and get maybe 2-4 years and get out early due to “good behavior”

      1. How’s that? Are you assuming that the presumed halfbacks in the video are the result of two opposites having procreated? Is it possible for an indigenous Brazilian and an interloping coon to spawn a batch of nigzilians whom are nowhere close to “in between” smart and stupid? Honestly I don’t know. That’s why I ask.

          1. @undergroundweller interesting guess. I’ve been told lots of times that I do look like an Arab from the middle east cause of my facial hair. I’m actually in the same land mass that you’re in. I’m Mexican from the state of Michoacan was brought up in Southern California in San Bernardino, bout an hour’s drive from Los Angeles.
            The reason why I somewhat understand Portuguese is because in written it is very similar to Spanish and Spanish is my first language English my second.

      1. Our friend Felipe.s says

        “We should stop translating the videos cause the majority of this site’s members are some racists sons of bitches”

        E eu continuarei, sem problemas.
        Felipe.s. por que você sente assim?
        Você não é como as baixas vidas mostradas nesses vídeos. ….ou você esta?

  1. “If he were lucky, he would get off with a couple of flip-flop slaps”, lol.
    But if he was luckier, he would get a blowjob afterwards because of Pity, lol.
    Fucking Brazil,,, and many other Point & Kill Countries,,, they make me sick, to say the least!

      1. That’s true. It’s difficult compare both situations. In that situation, the girl received the beating from a supermarket employee. Here, besides being in a shanty town, where people tend to be tough, there is the mob mentality factor. Nevertheless, it does seem that that girl did receive a pussy pass, from my experience.

  2. I wonder what he stole and who he stole it from. Not sure why so many people have to participate in this kind of brutality if it wasn’t their shit to begin with. That’s what makes me hate that kind of mob mentality.

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