Three Boys Ignite themselves Inside Car

Three Boys Ignite themselves Inside Car

Three Boys Ignite themselves Inside Car

Video of three boys, allegedly from Algeria, surfaced on Facebook.

It shows some soft dudes listening to music while driving along. The backseat passenger leans over to pick up a lighter. He lights it and the interior of the car is engulfed in flames. Supposedly they had just sprayed cologne.. or was it perfume.

I think maybe they used hairspray as well because the flames seem to glide perfectly over all of their heads. And then they scream as the camera falls to point up towards the beautiful blue sky 🙂

Props to Best Gore member @6wolfy6 and @dawsjon85 for the video:

Brandi ®

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  1. this got me all hot and bothered, no pun intended. loved the screams! imagine if it where girls!!! xxx
    more or less the same thing these days, what a clown world we live in XD 3 less pakis on the streets

  2. seems like they speak french..

    i can hear

    but then, i cant hear correctly… can barely hear something like
    “t’es un garçon”

    but, i cant hear correctly and the freaking insanely consuming flames spreading sound is absolutly ears killing to me if i try to go very high in sound.

    but again, maybe they speak arab, i cant hear good because of the distortion of voice and fucking background music.

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