Truck Illegally Transporting Gas Explodes in Lima, Peru

Truck Illegally Transporting Gas Explodes in Lima, Peru

Truck Illegally Transporting Gas Explodes in Lima, Peru

In Lima, the capital city of Peru, a truck allegedly illegally transporting gas exploded, causing severe burns to a number of people, including children. Best Gore member @nither explains:

Exclusive content – first-hand recorded by friend’s relative.

Recently there was this disastrous car gas explosion near where I live (Villa el Salvador, Lima – Perú).

There are many speculations about what caused it. Some lay guilt on the driver (he has a shit ton of infraction in his driving history), others are saying it was due how poorly built our shithole highway is. And finally, some say that the illegal gas car was in really bad conditions unsuitable for use.

At the time of me writing this, there are 8 fatal victims and several injured, including minors and pets.

Thanks a lot for the aftermath video and backinfo, @nither:

Another aftermath video from the same incident, props to @maxhades:

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    1. I’d prefer to die from such an overwhelming burn injury…But the little one is so young. Her whole life, if she lives, will be so very different from the one she should have had.

      What do you think will happen to the perps..That is if they haven’t been incinerated?

          1. I think if you poor cold water over someone with burns all over their body, it may send them into shock? I don’t know. Giving them a blanket isn’t a good idea either. The fibres on the blanket will stick to the softened skin and will rip it off when you take off the blanket.

        1. Theres no way in hell shell recover from that. It’s just going to be a slow and very, very painful death. She’s got severe burns all over her body, nobody can withstand that and live… The very next thing to that is instant-death type of burns, I imagine…

        2. If i remember from my bio 137 class in College:

          Typically for burn victims They die within a few minutes without treatment. This is a really bad 3rd degree burn all over the body and the body needs water because it is dehydrated. Once the skin is burned off, most of the water is gone from the cells and it is hard to recover from.

    2. The only upside to this is her nerve endings r burned off. My daughter was in a fire she had 3rd degree burns on more than half her Body. When i pulled her out of the fire her whole arm was degloved it looked like she dipped it in candle wax and pulled it off it was just hanging there from her finger tips she wasn’t as bad as that child but …she passed away a day later. She was 2 and its was electrical we only lived there 2 days and the landlord collected insurance for it i hope that motherfucker dies a terrible death …btw y tf r they standing around like fuckin idiots fuck at least comfort the child before they pass away ….

      1. i agree with burns like that you don’t really feel a lot of pain its just numb all over when i was 10 a towel fell of my window onto a space heater in my room and it caused my house to burn down i have a lot of problems sleeping so i have to take sleeping meds witch caused me not to notice i was on fire my back and my left leg had very bad 3rd degree burns and i have permanent nerve damage so i don’t feel much on my back and parts of my left leg that was almost 25 years ago.

  1. Innocent suffering because of somebody’s selfish idiocy
    Pisses me off when innocent children get hurt.. stupid idiot.
    The little one on the floor looked around the size of a toddler 🙁

      1. It disturbs me that not a single person is comforting this poor girl. Also not any first aid in sight. If they had any education about these sort of things they would know to wrap the girl in a wet sheet to prevent shock and infection. Unfortunately for this girl she has burns to 90% of her body and she will not survive………..

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      Isn’t it just baffling how people with your mindset are able to blame ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYTHING Trump & his supporters???

      A Columbian Asshole illegally transporting DANGEROUS & EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE MATERIAL in a beat up, damaged, completely unsafe & unreliable vehicle, through very populated Columbian neighborhoods full of pedestrians especially very young children running around & playing.
      » 100% TRUMP’S & HIS SUPPORTERS’S FAULT!!! «

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  2. It breaks my heart. Only parents would know the feeling… She is asking for water, due to her going into hypovolemic shock. Fluid resuscitation must be given right away to save her, otherwise she’ll fall into shock pretty soon.. Motherfuckers..

        1. Had her parents used a condom instead of bringing that innocent baby into this fucked up world she wouldn’t have gone through that horrible agony. Conceiving a human being is one of the worst atrocities you can commit in this life and yet people like you always find a way to justify it and make parenthood look like a precious thing. “only a parents would know the feeling” “we would trade places with them” You fucking pieces of hypocritical shit, didn’t y’all know about all the different forms of suffering that existed in the world before shooting the load inside? since you people are so empathetic and shit, why didn’t you consider all the possible risks there are when you create a person and come to the sensible conclusion that it’s not fucking worth it?? And don’t give me the “we need to preserve humanity” bullshit, cuz even a fucktard knows that sooner or later the human species is gonna go extinct. But until then, more and more motherfuckers like you all around the world are gonna keep on breeding and perpetuating the suffering of poor little creatures like that girl along with all the fucked up shit that happens in this rotten meaningless cesspool. But who gives a fuck amerite! haha I just hope the three of you fuckheads have a slow painful death just as horrible as the one in the video.

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          2. @guarangapicante
            I’m not sure what any of us said really has to do with what you’re babbling about.
            Ya I know about this human plague infested world, that’s why I decided not to create any, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that almost any parent out there would trade places with their own suffering child, and Laura agreeing to that doesn’t touch on anything that you said.
            So you can hope a slow death on us all you want you infected and smelly monkey nutsack, it won’t change my life one bit!

          3. motherfucker. who ever brought you to this world should have a been a cow, so you could have end up in a slaughter house. shut the fuck up and eat your cereals..

  3. That devastation is caused by a cars gas tank blowing up? Not petrol, natural gas Or whatever.
    How? I’ve seen them big propane tanks caravans have blow up and it didn’t do anything like that. USA spend millions or hundreds of thousands on bombs and missiles, drop gas cars on the target area.
    I hope a security camera has the explosion so we get to see it.

    1. Let me explain, I’m from Peru so i’m informed about this
      The truck didn’t just explode, there was a hole in the highway, so a tube under the truck broke and the gas started to expand all around the neighborhood for several minutes and somehow from a house something started the fire and because of the wind literally the air ignited, some of the deaths were almost instantaneous because they were breathing the gas for minutes and even their organs ignited, if i’m not wrong, that’s why the damage is considerable

  4. I think that burnt kid is going to die so the best thing will be to put it out of its misery. I’d be begging for a bullet, well I’d actually ask for a massive morphine overdose I can administer myself. To be very honest I’d do that any day of the week, burnt or not. If I did it slow enough I should feel awesome before my heart stops..

        1. Did you see the house in Russia with the few junkies who burnt to death?! One went for the window and died hanging out, another was sat on a sofa or something and doesn’t look like he moved at all, he’s still sat there so must have been gouching like fck when it started.

      1. The first time I administered first aid was when a girl was ran over by a car at a tram stop. She was badly injured, and I was the only person who helped her, even had to call the ambulance myself. I was 19 and didn’t have first aid training. Point is, people these days don’t react or take the initiative, they are always waiting for someone else to do something.

  5. Poor kid. I’ve read that the pain can be so severe that they sometimes have to induce a coma. She’s got a rough road ahead of her, if she survives. Without proper emergency care, the chips are stacked against her. This is negligent homicide.

  6. I cant believe wot i just viewed, didn’t anyone call an ambulance, wot a bunch of useless bastards, if there is a fund for that little girl, I’ll b the first to donate, im truly upset, i hope she recovers to the best of her ability, and the camera fucker burns in hell,slowly…

    1. You need to make up your fucking mind dude.Poor little girls or retarded toddlers(your words idiot)?You are just fishing for attention. You realised that in the case of this tragedy commentators are actually quite sympathetic so you also jumped on the feel sorry wagon. You just forgot to delete your heartless comment about the mummy looking toddler. As stated above you are just an idiot.

  7. Some backup from news sites: The girl was called Nati, she had a 2 years old brother, his father had his hands burned so he couldn’t grab her. A motor bike used as a cab (moto-taxi) took her to emergency services, but she died hours later. A neighbour prayed half an Our Father
    with her beforee being taken away. Like a fucking prayer could do shit.

    The blame goes to the Guy with the driver. The driver told him to not turn on the car. The fucker did It anyway and it exploded. The exploding car was followed by a truck, burning the roofs of buildings and people from the houses around the place where the explosion occured.

    Fucking morons killed children and animals. Hope they survive with serious scars as a reminder of their stupidity.

  8. i have seen children like this first hand and all i can do is send my love to them, they have serious burns but if they can get past the infection state and the burns are cared for the child will have very normal skin. still sending my love to an innocent

  9. Damn, I feel bad for the little girl. She was yelling “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. Help.” While the people around her were panicking, not knowing what to do to help her. But there was really nothing to do.

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