Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa

Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa

Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa

The video is the aftermath of a gas leak, that exploded. Definitely ruined any romance that was in the air, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe there was more than just one flammable fume in that room. Poor girl got pounded and then had her fun bags set ablaze. Not confident that he called the next day either.

The vid is from west Africa the guy was enjoying some with the chic. Took a break to go smoke a cancer stick unfortunately there was a gas leak n they ended up on the back of the police cruiser to the hospital. Isn’t easy goin for 2nds after the incident let alone if there wasn’t an incident to begin with lol. Enjoy.

Props to Best Gore member @agentforty7 for the video:

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    1. Silly “Gore Friend.” It’s so easy to tell that this is NOT in any African country as they don’t have that many niggers.

      I’m sure you’ll see this in time, my friend.

      It works just like knowing that there are far less beaners in Mexico than there are in Mexifornia. (California) I will say that the biggest bonus to people living in California is that they’re able to drive across a border to get to ‘merika. Yeah, right. Who the fuck would wanna go there, ay?


      1. I’m obviously a bit slow on the uptake here, but I have no idea what it is you are trying to tell me. Can you please rephrase in simple English so that us simple Aussies can understand? Cheers…..

        1. No worries mate.

          Here it is: (Please note that I only lived there for 11 years. I’m originally from Alaska.)

          G’Day, mates. Hows yous goin’? You’re gonna shit yourself when you learn that these daft cunts the Seppos (If you don’t know what a Seppo is, you better listen to Kevin Bloody Wilson more) are on about with their fucking Abbos, mate. Yeah. They think when they watch the tele they’re just watchin’ these black bastards in Africa but they really are watching them in the States, mate. Fuckin’ ‘ell. I’m telling you, these cunts could sure use a 4 ex. (XXXX or VB were two of my favourites when I lived in QLD and VIC)

          Now get this shit: They have these creatures called “Beaners,” who seem to just run, jump or swim their way into the States. This explains why Mexico has such a crappy summer Olympics team, not to mention the fact that they can’t even find the Commonwealth Games. All of the good runners, jumpers and swimmers seem to have already gone walk about to America. Fair fuckin’ dinkum!

          Now that you know this, you’re bound to be happy as Larry.

          Just a note: GO THE LIONS!!!! FOOTY IS LIFE!!!! (I lost two teeth playing that amazing, beautiful game of Footy! I’ve never been so proud to have lost body parts in my life.)


          1. Yep . VB was a Real Mans’ beer and we
            Victorians thought all Sydney-siders were poofters drinking that Foster’s piss! Hahah

            This was in the days where men didn’t worry about high -s ugar low alcohol types and burnt off calories in everyday life. Ie fucking ,footy ,yardwork etc . Now men just play with iphones, electronic games and their dicks! Progress they call it! Ha!

            Thanks for offering your email. I will ask for it via admin soon . I am a little shy though ,due to a “woman” who turned out to be having “affairs “with at least one other guy I did NOT know about and probs more besides. I have evidence it was a man but anyway… live on ,I say!

        2. I’m going to have a go at translating what you wrote into what you were probably really going to write. LOL. Hope I get a little close. I still have permant resedency there and love Australia and the Australian people/culture more than I do the USA. The people were magical in how I was made to feel. Whilst I would NEVER put my life on the line for the States again, I would defend Australia without hesitation. That being said, now I’ll have a go at reverse translating what you wrote….Here goes…..

          “I’m obviously a bit slow on the uptake here, but I have no idea what it is you are trying to tell me. Can you please rephrase in simple English so that us simple Aussies can understand? Cheers…..”


          “Mate. What the fuck are ya on about you daft cunt? I’m a fair dinkum Aussie and speak English just fine, so what’s your problem? Ya got yer fucking ears painted on? Can’t ya understand what the fuck I’m trying to get across to you? You make two short planks look like a fucking super computer. Pull yer head in and say it so a normal person can understand yer sorry yabbo ass.”

          I doubt I did any justice to the fantastic slang Australia shared/instilled with/in me, but my attempt is with total love for the country that should have been my home country.

          ~peace, mate.


          1. @manbearpig – wow. I’m impressed with your translation skills and knowledge of all shit Aussie. You’ve outdone yourself champ.
            But bringing it all back to the original issue, which looks like it was weeks ago judging by all the comments is that I was being sarcastic about Africa looking like America. Also just for the record @nemesis, noone and I mean not a single bloody bloke in Australia drinks Foster’s. It’s shit and I’m sure it is only sold as an export beer, otherwise the brewery would have gone big time broke………
            Cheers @manbearpig

        3. Just a couple of issues with moving back:

          The fucktard who settled with me about the plane crash there sent about 20% more than he should have. He can’t do shit about it when I’m here. I owe the fucker nothing as he did kill me twice and ended my flying career. The other issue is that I’m now on a Social Security Disability payment and couldn’t afford to move back. While I appreciate your concern for where I reside on this planet I also admire the fact that your life is so great that this is all you’re needing to worry about. I’m so happy. I wish I could worry about such trivial bullshit as this.
          Love you long time, soldier girl,
          Always yours,
          Ming Li. (If you don’t know South Park, you should just stop using air or go find out about Ming Li on South Park via YouTube. HAHAHA! I just “Mansplained,” some really stupid shit there and you read it.)

          And yes, I do know that 5150 is police code for an escaped mental patient. I never liked “Van Hagar, but do love Van Halen.”


        4. That’s so funny. I think Foster’s is shite anyway. In the states a number of years ago they had an advert that had the line, “Foster’s. Australian for beer.” Really fucking stupid commercial, so I’m assuming it was done by an Amerikan company. As phony as the Lone Star restaurants over there are. The USA equivalent of shitty places to eat based on another culture would be the fucking Outback Steak Houses here. They’re shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit….yeah..not so good.
          I still have my VIP card for Hog’s Breath throughout ‘Straylia & “En Zed.” (NZ) I was given it by the owner of the Hog’s Breath in Byron Bay, NSW where I went diving so much he decided I should have a card. At the time I think they cost $50 (AUD) but give you 25% off the main course for the card holder. If you’re familiar with their prices, that saved a bit of coin. Hog’s Breath was also the ONLY place my daughter ever wanted to go to for her birthday dinner from the age of 4 on. I love my little nipper. (She’s 19 now, but still my little girl.) We always went to the location on The Spit, Gold Coast, QLD. It’s also handy that it was on the way out to Sea World. I’ve actually worked a Christmas season at DreamWorld. It broke my heart to hear about the tragic deaths on the River Rapid ride. My daughter and I had been on that heaps. The Tower of Terror was always a good ride, too.
          Chat later, bro.

          1. Speaking of “Jacks.” I remember when Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) in was suing a bloke (His name is Jack) who had a great burger place in Coolangatta, QLD. (Tweed Heads). which had a great sign with: “HUNGRY? eat at JACKS! The ‘eat at’ part was in very small lettering. Thankfully the bloke won. I was so happy to see a regular person kick the ass of a corporation. The food there was great. I took a mate who lives on Sovereign Island, just by Paradise Point. He’s a property developer. I did heaps of work for he and his wife. They spoiled the shit out of my daughter. He had a handmade silk pajama set made for my daughter in Hong Kong. Anyway, I love being able to kinda relive those fantastic places. Oh! When I first moved there in 2000, I lived at 27 Fairweather Dr. in Parkwood, QLD. I also kept my membership at the Southport Sharks club down the road by the BP station. 😉 Not that I remember the place. Oh If you like Zaraffas coffee shops (Harbour Town was my fav), say hello to the owner, Kenton. He’s from Seattle. If you ever speak to him, just tell him that Shawn, the ONLY person to ever have been issued a Platinum card at his shops says hello to him. He had his company headquarters in Coomera, but I don’t know if he still is there, or if he even is still selling franchises. I was in Browns Plains, QLD in 1998-1999, as I also got married in Browns Plains. 16-4-98. I guess that’s enough examples of a very small part of areas I called “Home,” there.


          2. I still love Hungry Jacks and now they have Burger King here as well although they are the same but obviously hungry jacks kept the name of their franchises somehow.

            I have visited some of the places you have mentioned. Nice.

            Yep. I remember the case and if you read my posts you will see I am very anti- BiGBusiness and rail at how the legal system is designed to help only the moneyed- types.

          1. Nah. He’s just still upset about Hilary’s failure to ascend to the throne. But hey, I hear that ol’ harpy is running again, so there’s still hope for the mangina to live in a gynocentric Leftist dystopia yet!!! Keep hope alive “mate”, right?

          1. Thanks for bringing back a great story from “Back in the day.” I remember laughing so hard when I first heard about that tech support call. Also the one about telling the woman to put her computer back in the box because she was too dumb to use it. Ahhh…the good old days. (I’ve been working on computers since 4th grade. I’m 54 now.)


        1. @dejaht

          You must have lived a very sheltered, middle class life if racism appears so rare to you that it elicits surprise and reproval. Or perhaps you are being ironic. Its hard to tell these days what with bubble birthed libtards and what not.

          Anyway. Dislike of outsiders(racism), tribalism as it is better known, is as normal as breathing, eating and sexual reproduction. It is everywhere on the planet and in every people.

          White western governments have, by proxy, held a mask of virtue and respectability over the face of every member for many years now despite the individuals themselves being what they always have been. A pretence in other words. The illusion of being all embracing and all loving but created at gun point wherein any and all dissenters are met with career suicide and ostracization.

          Racism is merely what nature required for thousands of years but magnified, reflected and acted upon via the focal point of current socio-political trend at any given time.

          Nowadays anti-back sentiments are a taboo within white western society whereas in the past they were the very much the norm and now anti-white sentiments are all the rage amongst the chattering classes.

          Tribalism(racism) hasn’t changed then. Just the target.

          1. That’s very interesting and quite correct. Empty Soul.
            Ppl are Racist Even in Hell. I don’t know about Heaven. They won’t let ol Grim in there anymore. They say I get too drunk on Christ’s Blood and get roudy.

      2. I live in So Cal. And NO ONE from here goes there. Bestgore is popular here due to the Mexican Beheading. Some much better than Issis beheading. Issis is better at it. Anyway, we already live in So Cal. Why would we want to go to Mexico when we got the same thing right here in Riv. San. Diego, L.A. San Bernardino.
        We can get anything Mexican we want. Yep. Anything. Screw Mexico.

        1. This should be San Diego’s anthem! I know it may come as a surprise that I like South Park, but I’ll be honest…it’s kinda something I like….on the same level as air, blood circulating and skeletal replacement [your skeleton fully replaces itself every 10 years.] so it’s only kinda up on the importance list.
          I’ve only been in San Diego twice. It’s the ONLY place in Mexifornia that I enjoyed. Besides the water (I’m insanely in love with SCUBA or anything in the water) and the reason is totally normal, if ya know the town: I love the fuck outta Mitch’s Seafood!!!! OMFG!!! I’d have that bastard’s children…okay..that’s bullshit..I’d shake his damn hand, though! Fantastic place. Very nice people and fantastic food. I guess they don’t know they’re in Mexifornia.
          I’m not giving you shit. You seem like fairly fucked up person. That’s a big fucking bonus in my judgement of people. Since I seem to like you and think you’re okay…that might be an indicator that you have a very fucked up life and should probably get professional help &/or chuck yourself into space, hoping to one day interact with the surface of the sun. Perhaps your view is slightly different, but what the heck, right? I’m still thinking of Sea Otters bashing the shit outta clams as I jack off and make big messes that resemble…ewww…too far. Sorry. 🙁

          On that note……enjoy!


          1. How come there’s no folks boiling people alive here?
            My therapist says I like watching ppl die and I have a disassociated personality disorder that basically means I don’t give a fuck about much. Same as a lot of you I suspect.
            Amazing that Canadians own this site. Usually so passive. I know, Relatives in Ontario and Ottawa. Not here tho………

        2. BTW, @theapocalyst
          I have always called San Bernardino “San BEANardino.” Say it outloud. It’s funny has hell. Even got a guy I used to work with to say that to his mum who LEGALLY immigrated back in the early 70s. She yelled to him: “What the fuck did you say to me, boy?” Fucking priceless right there. He said I had said it that way so much that he just started saying it. She asked, “So Shawn has you hating on Mexicans, now?” His reply? “Si.” I laughed so hard when he told me that. Hope at least one other person on here enjoys the great, humourous irony at work there.


        1. I like the tune…I’ve heard it before and like it. 🙂

          I’m pretty much done posting on here. Shit is pretty bad in my life and I’m done dealing with the shit. Most likely I’ll just be looking/ghosting on here and then I won’t be.

          Be well, @honkeykong .


          1. Manbearpig, no matter what is going on in you life just remember and you can thank zombie jesus for this, at least you aren’t a diddums nuffins in Africa.

      1. what???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…until infinity. No more of this “just one” ? or !

      2. LMAO. NigNogs. . He said Big Nog’s. That what they call them in Canada? Or Riverside? .
        I heard French girls don’t shave armpits or use deodorant. Is that true? Just wondering Mom was French. She didn’t shave. Dad didn’t either. I had to cut them apart with garden shears once when I was 4 years old. I was the last child after that………..
        All that shit fucked my head up pretty good. They keep telling me I’m the Grim Reaper. I tell them they are wrong. I am Elmer Did. I own a mansion and a yacht.

      1. Ha, I’m from Metro Detroit and can relate to that. By the way, this is a big goddam month for births in the D. Nine months after it starts getting cold up here, and a girl’s lifetime first visit to medical care is just like above – in pain and horizontal.

          1. ROTFLMFAO!!!!

            Fuck me pink, @honkeykong !!!!! (Figuratively speaking.)

            I honestly was laughing so hard, especially at the “adult” nigglet dancing in the background during the opening.

            OMFG!!! Niggers are so funny when they’re taught how to do tricks. It’s a pity that we’re not allowed to own the little fuckers anymore. As long as you can keep them outside, and locked in a VERY secure area, they seem like they’d be fun. Get tired of them? It’s not like anyone will give a shit if we put them down like the gene-pool misfits that the fucking monkeys are….I mean…..euthanize them. 😉


          2. I will call him Too Short II. No wait, Lord Stink Nigger of the Delhi Blackbottoms.
            Love the positive messages in this little song and dance number. I didn’t see anything about bathing and not shitting in the street though. Maybe in his next single, huh.

    1. Since it’s proper slang to refer to extremely black niggers as ‘crispy’, I haven’t yet settled on what to call niggers that actually are charred & crispy. Anyone have any ideas? It’s been a long day and my brain is fried, could use a little help here. Maybe I’m making this more difficult than it needs to be.

      Oh wait, I think I got it. Fried niggers.

        1. Like, a big sweaty fireman carries you out of a burning building, lays you on the sidewalk, and you think, yeah, he’s gonna give me mouth to mouth. But instead, he just starts choking the shit out of you, and the last sensation you feel before you die is he is squeezing your throat so hard that a big, wet blob of drool drips off his teeth and just, falls right onto your popped out eyeball. Go get my sandwich.

      1. All the famine, desease etc is engineered in order to get charity. Everybody wins apart from the subjugated tribe they decide to drive into starvation for a few months. Saint bob will tell you, it’s a win, win situation.

  1. You’re starting to get the way of it, little boy.

    As I’ve told you in other messages (Anyone who wants to see the abuse this idiot will put up with, just check out my activity and see what kind of crazy, stupid shit I’ve written about this loser) “Please ask whomever reads and explains these posts to you to show you more about how to write. I give you and your helper monkey respect in the advancement in using the shift key. There’s still room for improvement, but you’re headed in the right direction. If you want to study ahead and learn about what a person might want to use an apostrophe for when they write, you might want to focus on this example: “Wont,” is really “Won’t.” See what I did there? Kinda clever. Yeah…I learned that in elementary school.

    The only thing I am honestly wondering about in regards to you is just how long I will be able to fuck with you before you either stop showing up here/posting on Best Gore or you just do the right thing and preform a VERY late term abortion on yourself. Just the thought of that video is kind of arousing, although I would feel kinda lost without somebody as sad as you posting on here. However you decide to interpret that is entirely up to you. I would NEVER encourage anyone to commit suicide. (In public anyway.) IF you feel that’s an option, please seek some professional help. If that fails, please post the video on here. I promise to write something befitting of your ignorance in honour of your contribution to making this planet a better place to live for the rest of us.

    I really do love you. XOXO If you keep writing, I am ready to get rid of my satellite television service and just enjoy your stupidity. It would be great if you keep posting as it would save me $60 (USD) every month. Money I could easily justify donating to Best Gore.

    Keeping with tradition I now have wasted more of your time than you and all of your biological relatives of yours could ever claim back. Do you really think you’re not going to be fucked with ad-noisome? I will be posting this to as many of your comments as I can. Aren’t you glad you decided to get my attention. If you’re able, please look up at how hyper-focused a person with PTSD (Yeah…it’s really fucking severe can become with something. I’lll stick with the PTSD and be glad I’m not you. That would be worse.)


  2. Thank you so much for the video, niggers. You people are so damn funny. Is there any level of stupidity that you won’t reach? The only competition that you might have in the stupidity arena would be @badanddy , which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point.

      1. Yup. The world was a much better place when they were on the plantations. Better for both whites and jib jibs.
        At least on the plantations they got food, clothing, and shelter.
        These days are much harder for them. I mean how much fucking effort does it take to get one of them to pick up a damn book?

        1. It’s so easy to get the niggers to pick up a book, my friend. Simply put an application for welfare benefits on it or a white woman’s vagina and they’ll scoop that fucking book up in a nano second. Getting them to read and understand the fucking thing is another trick. It’s far beyond my stupid brain’s capabilities as to how to get them to do that trick. 😉


    1. Not to worry. The plan is in motion. They bought up ALL the Popeyes’s chicken sandwiches. Even cleaned out the supplier. Soon they will be docile and ready for shipping.

          1. I have a friend, Curtis MacCormick (Same last name as Kenny on South Park…go figure, right?) who is pretty freakin’ good. I’ve only been playing guitar for the last 47 years, but envy the hell outta drummers. I love you guys/gals so much that the ONLY drummer joke I like is:

            How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb?

            5. One person to change it whilst the other 4 talk about how much better Neil Peart could have done it. Yeah. That would be Neil Ellwood Peart of Rush, at least since 1974. 😉 As a guitarist, he was instrumental (no pun intended) in giving me a soul-touching understanding of the drums. I would love to learn them, but I’m too white and my ability to pump a foot whilst I’m bashing the shit outta some E and G tuned skins is beyond me. If I were any less coordinated I’d play bass. 😉 (4 String, not 5 LOL)

            “The beautiful thing about music is that when it hits you, it doesn’t hurt.”
            ~Bob Marley. (The biggest influence in my musical education. R.I.P. Mr. Robert Nasta Marley. :’-( )


          1. Its weird , but parents can raise their kids however they want.
            And kids will ultimately be adults at some point so it doesn’t matter what we think they’ll do what they want as we all should.

      1. For sure. I think having albinism anywhere in that part of the world is all bad no matter what. Someone will either be looking to kill you because you’re cursed and bring bad luck or to use your parts in muti magic to bring them good luck.

          1. Just did. I like curvy women as well but i think jada has a bit too much belly fat although she has good height ,a pretty face ,good boobs etc.

            Of course ,she may be very smart and/or funny which are winning traits with me ,so that may override my hesitations re the belly fat.

            If I come across a pic of a girl i like that is thick i will tell you. P. S calling a girl thick in Aus will get you a fat lip. It means dumb or stupid here! Lol

            P.s Sezer sounds like a Turkish name so moslem? . I’m Wordly ,Humanist, Greco- Roman Civilization,Euro , live and let live so unless she is a secular moslem i wouldn’t even consider talking to her romantically ,even if i did find her wildly attractive.

          2. @hopingfornemesis, I’ll always admire your principles. I comprise mine on occasion by hooking up with religious girls. I’m with you on the personalities sometimes overriding physical appearance though. Also, I think the difference in our versions of English and slang terminology is fascinating. Learning new stuff is one of the many reasons it’s always nice to talk to you.

  3. Did I see one of the niggers step across the shit ditch wearing work boots? Lol! I prefer to call them Nig Boots. You can’t be a self respecting nigger unless you own (i. e. stole) a pair of nig boots.

  4. Ok I’ll bet my last opioid that the two burn victims made a love child on the way to the mud hut local White doctor stocked hospital ! Hell it would take more than some silly rug burns to keep shawquita from riding the black mombo stick! It’s Africa for fucks sake.

  5. Least the Balloons countered the weight distribution providing more grip for the journey to the slaughterhouse.
    I hear Lewis Hameeeelton is having this fat piece of shit strapped to his car for Sunday’s F1 race at Spa Francorchamps, Belgium WHERE I SHALL BE this weekend !!!!!

  6. Those are some SEVERE BURNS. They must be in SEVERE, TERRIBLE and AGONIZING unbearable pain. I really do feel bad for these people. It looks like severe burs pretty much all over their bodies. I think that they will survive if they can get good medical care. It all comes down to that. Are they being taken to a good hospital with top notch care or are they being taken to a dump?

    1. Your name is “KlusterFuk.” Strange, am guessing you must be a teenager. But no matter. Instead of “patiently waiting,” why don’t you get moving and provide some material yourself, conribute! vs bemoan.

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