Two Children Burn to Death When Father Accidentally Locks Them Inside Bunkhouse

Two Children Burn to Death When Father Accidentally Locks Them Inside Bunkhouse

Two Children Burn to Death When Father Accidentally Locks Them Inside Bunkhouse

This happened in Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. Two kids were playing in a bunkhouse and got accidentally locked in by one of the kid’s father. The dad, who was supposed to be looking after them, didn’t know they were inside when he locked the bunkhouse.

According to the backinfo I got, the fire started from the inside of the bunkhouse. Presumably, the kids played with matches and started the blaze. It’s only when the flames engulfed them that they realized they were stuck.

The victims were identified as 3 year old Tricia Collen Restojas Senining, resident of the area and 6 year old Jerubeam Restojas Virrey, from Purok Melodia, Brgy. Poblacion, Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay.

The bunkhouse was made from light materials and burned down in about five minutes, but no one was able to save the kids as the fire grew way out of control in just a short time.

Props to Best Gore member @drakezero for the video:

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127 thoughts on “Two Children Burn to Death When Father Accidentally Locks Them Inside Bunkhouse”

    1. Look on the bright side, he no longer has to pay child support, the children won’t have to grow up in the slums, and everyone else get a nice roast out of it. Win win situation for everyone 🙂 Maybe not the mother…

    2. Occasionally, once in a while or a blue moon..we all need to shut the fuck up and stop the barricking.

      I for one, have total empathy to these parents who have lost their beautiful children and are now suffering greatly, eventually they will discover the reason for the lock on the door that prevented their children an exit from an inferno leading to this disaster of which they should not hold any responsibility.
      The parents know their blame.

    1. Many parents seem to concentrate on new this, new that for their kids, without ever having a serious look at ‘safety’. That’s how shit like this occurs. My mother used to lock me and my brother in the house, and go off to work. So if we choked, or drank toxins, or the house caught fire, we just died.

    1. I really wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the guilty dad. He has to face an angry wife and the dad of the other child. God help him.

      But really the lesson that BG teaches us here is that children are mindless little things. They need constant supervision, you can’t turn your back on them even for a minute.

  1. I don’t have children. I had a dog who got off of his leash (my fault, I should have had his harness on instead) and he ran out into the street and was rolled over by a truck wheel, it stopped on top of his lower half and he was trapped and I had to scream for the truck to back up.. he was flattened. I picked him up and took him to the car and had to take him to be put down. He was in serious shock. I don’t think he felt anything. He didn’t seem to know what was going on. There was too much damage for him to live comfortably after that.

    That was a horrible day and the way the father sounds reminds me of how I sounded. I was depressed for well over a year. I’m just now able to discuss it without getting overly emotional. The trauma of seeing one that you love experience a tragic injury or fatality is enough to rip your heart out of your chest like a Mexican cartel member. R.I.P.

    Even if I had the option at this point in my life, I don’t think I’d want to bring children into this fucking world.

          1. It’s too bad everyone doesn’t follow that simple rule. I hate that I help support thousands of kids born to parents that can’t afford to feed them. Then they have a few more….when someone else will feed them, why not?

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        1. Ha! Nice try with the frame job, fucker…

          UPDATE: DNA links Virginia super slim 120 cigarette butts found at site of incident with caked on lipstick rouge to one, @the-captain. If spotted, please report to local authorities immediately… May be seen walking around awkwardly due to high heels and tucked in clock n’ balls.

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          2. Lol, well I have no sisters but I may have to have a stern talk with my mother. Maybe I’ll do her a solid n’ leave her husband out of the loop… after I bribe the fuck out of her first, anyways.

  2. They probably would of lived a shit life anyways. When your kids die, does that make you a deadbeat? Btw, how fucking smart is it to play with fire and when you’re locked in a building? Honestly, these kids deserved to die, dumb fuckers. Probably trying to smoke pot already.

  3. I can’t believe some peoples comments trying to make a joke out of this! this is 2 young kids for fuck sake! its fucking awful, im all for having a laugh and joke but not when kids are involved you sick cunts!!!

  4. Those stupid gook whores just wont stop their wailing. They are irresponsible parents and deserve what they get. Plus, these people are WORTHLESS 3rd worlders, so this means there will be 2 less 3rd world monkeys in the world to embarrass the human race. Maybe one day we can just cook up all the 3rd world children and eat them or use them as animal feed so that then there wont be anymore of them left. That would be nice.

      1. NO! Because first world countries are the countries that have led the ascent of humanity from being a primitive monkey species to a real civilization that can reach the stars. These worthless 3rd worlders contribute nothing! They are LOW IQ shitholers who do nothing other than kill each other, make everything dirty, and basically act like stone age cavemen only one step above being apes. They are an embarrassment to humanity! Some cultures are better than others, so I disagree.

        1. I would prefer living like cavemen because their life was simple – hunt, eat, shit, fuck, sleep and that’s all life’s worth anyway

          Modern life is full of unnecessary stress and bullshit
          Why do you think the suicide rate is much higher in first world countries as compared to these “third world shitholes”? Everyone is sad, everyone is depressed, people are commiting mass shootings and murders because they hate everyone and everything

  5. This is what hell sounds like. Asians in excruciating pain, my soul just died pain. They’re agony to listen to in happy times. Deplorably ear raping to listen to in this horrific state ( I accidentally watched this plugged into my car speakers wtf Jen you idiot)

  6. who the fuck give name like that to childs ???

    like you need 10 years of scholarship just to know how to write and pronunce your own name.. wtf !?.

    hat down for the peoples to just grab the bodies like that… one of my friend get burn to 3-4 degree, me and others tryed to help him … and jesus , honestly.. touching the burned skin is by far the most disgusting thing you can imagine.
    as thoses are just super young childs, i cant imagine the result… 🙁

  7. pray to your spanish gods, you servile fucks, and you will be ignored. if there was a God He would despise the Pinoy. These crab-mentality colonials still feel they are superior to their neighbors because of their ability to mimic their American masters’ language and culture. Look at me, we have Jollibees and pop music, rum and casinos, and basketball. They are soulless, eager slaves.
    These poor men of Asia have absolutely no insight into what has happened to them as a people…shameful, grinning, pork-sniffing, daughter-selling, compliant subjects of Emperor Sam

  8. I couldn’t watch this with the sound on, I can imagine the noises the patents made. Yeah definitely dumb as fck to lock kids in a bunk house but nar I couldn’t imagine losing one of my kids like this poor little mites

  9. You think the Phillipina girl was ugly?
    Hey! I don’t have a type.

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    Can you say the same?
    Why the capitals? Why are you angry? I know you . You know how to contact me.

  10. I mean, I get that they’re upset. Completely get it. But is there any need to repeatedly scream? That noise alone would make me want to gtfo of there and it always has in times of distress. Girls scream and it just pisses me off more than whatever is actually causing them to scream. Is it just me, or?

  11. This one hits me in the feels. Looking at a grown woman regressing to that of a child throwing a tantrum when she absolutely does not know how to deal with this incomprehensible situation. The father is torn to pieces inside. These children were loved. This is fucking tragic.
    R.I.P. little ones.

  12. I’m glad almost all of you took pity and expressed your disheartened sympathy on this video. I was so shocked when my friend showed it to me. We were almost crying while watching it. My friend even had a headache the whole day since he can’t take this off his mind. It’s like something in a computer game where everything is not real and you just want to press the reset button and start over from a saved game. After watching it, I can’t just let this heartbreaking video alone, I had to share it to bestgore. And finally here it is. I’m glad a lot of you felt the same way, and only a few made fun of it and made jokes. I’m proud of our community, It shows that a lot of people are still human and understands how pity and mercy works. I can’t imagine this could happen to anyone…

  13. Grow some fucking balls, and if your a chick grow some fucking tits. This is a gore site, If you dont like people commenting fucked up shit on a fucking gore site, then quit posting shit like this, otherwise, shut the fuck up, suck it up like a fkin man, and move on.

    “I’m glad almost all of you took pity and expressed your disheartened sympathy on this video. I was so shocked when my friend showed it to me. We were almost crying while watching it”
    Are you fucking serious? Need a tampon? Does your pussy hurt? I think your on the wrong site, maybe you should take your sensitive ass over to the disney channel.

  14. I’m guessing two things happened shortly after this:

    1) Child Protective Services were contacted and had some “words,” with this fella.

    2) He realised that life always gives good back for bad/sad…case in point; He doesn’t have to pay to have them stuffed so he can keep them in the house/hut as they’re already cured.

    What an amazing twist of luck!!! Our Universe is an amazingly fucked up place, but it does have its moments. 😉

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