Two Lynched Men Set on Fire and Stoned in Africa

Two Lynched Men Set on Fire and Stoned in Africa

Somewhere in Africa, two men got set on fire after being beaten by a mob. The mob used a tire to attempt the execution by necklacing. As the men burned, the mob also hurled stones at them.

I didn’t get any specifics on what the men were accused of. Maybe they just like the smell of burning human flesh?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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128 thoughts on “Two Lynched Men Set on Fire and Stoned in Africa”

  1. Ducking dirty flip flop ass Africa . All of the entitled liberal blacks who think they have it bad in America because of the so called “racism” need to be sent to Africa or shown this video.

    In America you actually have a great chance ! Criminals would hate it in Africa because the citizens will lynch you ,burn you and eat your asshole.

      1. Then there are folks who want everything given to them for shit that happened hundreds of years ago. Just my opinion

        But on this video dam how ruthless can you be this is fucking terrible I feel for them, I feel the regular people are the real criminals here!!!

        1. The most educated, successful, well-paid immigrant group is small but significant – Nigerians. They beat out Asian, ethnic European, Hispanic and every other group of African immigrants hands down. But America is a bastion of white supremacy apparently. What tf would I know, white privilege blinds me from ever empathizing with the true, lived experiences of POC.
          The self-flagellating white cucks and black supremacists in this country are fucking nauseating.

  2. Dude is on fire being burnt alive and one of the assholes still appears to rifle his pocket. Feel sorry for the barefoot fucker that will eventually have to stomp these 2 bags of burning dog shit out….like that old prank….set a nigger on fire….throw him on someones doorstep….ring the bell…….

  3. Don’t be mad people….this is how things are…there is no better world…its is how it is…the niggers that set them on fire are no better than the niggers that got set on fire….it was just all the happenings of the day. You gonna see what they nasty of

    1. Oh look, another “that’s what they nasty of” joke or attempt at humour…

      The comments section on Best Gore used to be good before it was turned into a competition of who could type the most retarded. There is not an ounce of humour in what you said.

      1. Adolpho we don’t want to see what you’re nasty of.
        Just ignore what you don’t like… Kinda like I ignore your retarded ass with your whiteman superior than darkerman stupid rethoric bullshit you write every time you comment.

  4. Imagine living in a community like that one for the rest of your life? We Africans go through alot. It’s not an easy ride. You woke in the morning but you are not even sure if you will end the day alive!

    Thanks @mormox for the video and big up to mark for the publication

  5. I bet it’s them just killing foreigners like the black south africans do to migrant black mozambiquans.

    Human nature, usually ignorant and uneducated is crap everywhere. And to think those headchoppers come to europe and want everything. Free money?free new i phone?
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  6. same old shitty nigger society.
    “Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet and yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.
    His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.
    A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.
    In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.
    With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”

  7. These things happen because these countries have an executive power that is woefully dysfunctional. If the police can’t enforce the law, people we take the law in their own hands. Mob justice is a crime precisely because it completely disregards the principle of proportionality.

    1. That’s a load of shit…what makes you think the executive branch would care about proportionality….it comes down to the character of people in these countries in each one there are certain actions that we can identify to be correlated with a certain country before we even know where its from because the people in that country are prone to such acts …ull see what they nasty of

      1. Lynching of blacks was a commonplace occurrence in the United States less than a century ago. Even children and women would be present at these spectacles. I suppose you could bracket white Americans along with Subsaharan Africans, but the fact remains that a state with a well-ordered separation of powers, as we do have in civilised Western European countries, would have in place checks and balances safeguarding the principle of proportionality even if it ruled over animals.

        1. These lynchings might have been because the blacks did something wrong….its become my belief more and more that the history book painting blacks as a victimized race for no reason for lynching is bullshit…because just like nowadays they dindu nuffin…just like these blacks that got burned were probably pleading their innocence… The difference is that whites choose to lock people up instead of locking them up because the majority has chosen for things to be so and whites have built a country that is safe through a long process that they stuck to…now these blacks and Africa have been here way longer…why haven’t they built a system that handles crimes the same way???? Maybe because they are incapable or uninterested in it or too stupid to do so

          1. The fact that you attempt to rationalise the incidents of lynching merely goes to show that your character is identical to that of Africans you see in this video. Spectacles of this kind are inconceivable in advanced Western European countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway, but they cannot be ruled out in several parts of Eastern Europe; take away their police forces and the intelligence services and see what they do the Roma minority in their countries, cf. the Hadareni incident.

          2. I see a lot of “There’s no such thing as racism. I hate fuckin niggers.” Um… yeah, that’s kind of exactly it. I don’t necessarily care if someone is racist but it’s odd when they say something just really heinous about blacks and then say “there’s no racism.” I respect people who just admit it much more than “secret racists.”

        2. AloisIn Europe in medieval times white people tortured other people, we stopped all that and in America 100 years ago white people lynched black people but they didn’t do this, not even to people of another race, they hanged them, a few seconds and it was over, i’m sorry but there’s no reason to do this to people, this is torture which satisfies only the sadistic revenge requirements of the group. Every one of those in that group is worse than a thief, they are serial sadistic killers. I just wonder if they have the sense to consider if it will be their turn soon.

          1. You are wrong:

            “Announcements of the lynchings were made in the local newspapers […]. So as to enable kids to witness the lynchings, they were allowed to take a day off from school. The spectacle could involve castration, flaying, bonfire, hanging, or shooting. Souvenirs from the event included fingers, toes, teeth, even the reproductive organ of the victim as well as postcards.” (Cf. Freiheit als Privileg by Domenico Losurdo, p. 431. Cologne: 2011)

            The Americans are far more barbaric than the Africans will ever be.

          2. Alois well they’re not doing it today although who knows? it may all kick off again. What you cannot deny is this is black people doing it to their own, in africa among their own people. Own it alois and stop making excuses.

          3. @sloth12 Where did I deny that blacks are treating their own in a barbaric fashion? Reread what I wrote. You were the one who erroneously claimed that the Americans merely “hanged them, a few second, and then it was over”, whereas I documented that this was not all the case, e.g., immolation and castration and selling souvenirs of a dead man’s body parts. And, yes, as you say, it might kick off again – in the civilised parts of the world. But surely we don’t want that, do we?

          4. Alois Of course you’re denying it by not owning it, as for it kicking off in civilised parts of the world that’s up to you, play that race card and play it too many times. Black people are the most racist people on earth, they use race to assert themselves and their immature emotions, for example they can never see a mixed race couple without making a snide comment, never see a mixed race girl without putting her down due to their jealousy of her beauty, you’re all so fucked up you don’t even know it

      2. Oh look, another “that’s what they nasty of” joke or attempt at humour…

        The comments section on Best Gore used to be good before it was turned into a competition of who could type the most retarded. There is not an ounce of humour in what you said.

    2. @svarg26 For a Swede, you are an exceptional dumskalle. Ein typisches Inzuchtkind mit dem analytischen Vermögen eines Pavians. The colour of the victim, as well as the colour of those carrying out the lynching, is wholly irrelevant to the matter at hand. Race is a non-issue; even an extreme right wing ideologue like Francis Parker Yockey conceded this point. And as your own sad case proves: psychosomatic degeneracy is a universal phenomenon transcending ethnic divisions.

      1. i was just pointing out that you are a dumb cunt. the kkk killed criminals. three out of every four criminals caught were black. much like this video, skin color didn’t matter. god is all about capital punishment. so, i’m with god on this one. you can keep your “psychosomatic degeneracy” all to yourself, dipshit.

        1. How were most of them criminals? Kids? They were slaves. Beatings and rapes and killing just because they were black. Whites have this idea that slavery wasn’t that bad. The white man raped black slaves! Hung them because they tried to escape from abuse. White racists are a bunch of low IQ people. Definitely not superior. I feel bad for your kids, if you have any. Because you are just continuing the generational racism and hate.

  8. Ahh, Africa, dangerous black beauty.
    Or more like dangerous black, and retarded.

    Also, I don’t think this needed to be said, but I just need to get it out of my system:
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    @alois funny how you address Svarg calling him a swede and then proceed to write in German. As educated as you’d like to think you are, you obviously missed the fact that despite Germany and Sweden having a long history with one another culturally the languages would be comparing Spanish to Italian. I don’t know if you’re another welfare whore or just a misguided liberal but without bothering to even read your posts again and correct you, I’ll just have to say that you’re fucking stupid. If you disagree with me pick a debate about how superior negroids are or some shit, and how the white man’s just keepin’ ya down.

    @itsplaster I’m a racist, and I believe in the white man’s superiority. Or I guess believing in this context would be similar to saying I believe that the sun is real or that god is just a buncha childrens stories thrown together and made into a religion.
    Sieg Heil!

    1. @lordlundin Lo and behold, another Swedish Mißgeburt. Fan för en dumskalle: ‘I am a racist, and I believe in the white man’s superiority.’ This is the kind of puerile posturing you expect in the Kindergarten. Robert Aschberg might be interested in having a word with you; he will make you and your lot whimper like the pansies that you are.

      1. You’d be surprised to know that Sweden is not located in middle Europe. And never did I say you can’t understand an Italian if you speak Spanish, but linguistically speaking they’re not really equal. I could make myself understood to a Russian perfectly fine too if I wanted. I’d just say Vodka and look around, maybe add a bit of inflation to my tone as to enquire about the nearest place for drinks available. It doesn’t mean I could understand what the fuck a Russian said to me should he or she choose to reply verbaly rather than to just point and smile and say Vodka.

        And if this is what you’d find in a kindergarten, I wish to speak with those kids. They seem to have great minds to see passed the propaganda we’re being fed by the media about how without blacks the modern world wouldn’t exist – because Africa really proves that true, right here in this video.
        But if you’re so inclined as to continue to be an ignorant media whore, feel free to tell me why whites aren’t superior.

        Haw, you are outsmarted by 6-year olds. Come back to me once you’ve seen reality.

        1. Whites burn in the sun. Literally. Blacks have protection from the sun. Whites have a high rate of skin cancer. From the sun. Blacks have a low rate. Whites have a high rate of cancers. Obesity. Blood pressure issues. The list goes on. Premature aging. Lack of melanin in whites causes premature aging. Face it…whites are not superior health wise. Blacks dominate the sports. They have athletic bodies. Both races are in the running for sociopaths. Whites commit mass shootings far more than anyone. Blacks shoot mainly other gang members. Whites have a high rate of child pedophilia. Child porn. Blacks do too, just not to the extent of whites. Not to mention animal sex. White women seem to have sex with dogs. Weird. (Not all). White women murder their kids at an alarming rate. Men killing their families. Black people do too. incest is high in the trailer park. SO YOU SEE BOTH RACES SEEM TO BE THE SAME. HOW ARE WE SUPERIOR TO ANYONE? YOU WILL REALIZE ONE DAY THAT WE DON’T MATTER. THE ELITES THINK OF YOU AS JUST A WHITE NIGGER. THEY WILL KILL YOU AS FAST AS THEY WILL A BLACK. YOUR NOT SPECIAL.

    1. Yes, I can feel a lull in the commentary, too. If we can get a quorum of elite BG contributors, we can enjoy Part 2.

      However, the creative flow may have been exhausted on this video. Part 2 may require another spark of inspiration – sort of like World War 2.

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  9. Those savages all have iPhones? Where do they plug them in to recharge? And how to they get reception on them, from the witch doctor vodoo man?

    Needless to say, all videos are taken vertically. But to them no matter, since there are no monitors to wach them either way.

  10. I like how one of the guys in the crowd just pours alcohol on the thugs head at 1.13. Causing the flames on his head to soar.

    Nice one bro. Sleep well tonight.

    Must be horrible having your head on fire. Amazed he wasn’t shouting.
    First thing to disappear is your eyeballs. They melt.

    1. ahh well, in Africa there was no use for these winter tires anyways…
      Its nice to see the primal creativity in action, and finding a way for the tires to being put to some good use 😀

      Some progress was made folks!

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