Two Moroccan Protesters Self Immolate in Rabat

Two Moroccan Protesters Self Immolate in Rabat

The video is from January 2012. Moroccan university graduates were protesting high unemployment rates in the country and to show they mean business, two of them self immolated. One got off without major damage, but the other one was in critical condition. I think the one that got burned badly is the one to set himself alight first. The two doused themselves in petrol to make sure they burn well.

I don’t know why they’re protesting. All they need to do is apply for political asylum somewhere in Holland, where given current political climate in Europe, they would be welcomed with open arms and provided with benefits working class Dutch who actually pay taxes could never dream of. Life rocks if you’re not white. Just immigrate to a predominantly white country and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again and wherever you turn, you’ll receive preferential treatment.

The video is from the city of Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco:

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51 thoughts on “Two Moroccan Protesters Self Immolate in Rabat”

  1. Although it is probably painful i dont think it hurts as bad as some people might think, the body can only hurt so much and then shut down. you would go into shock and your nerves would fry off. i will not however try and find out.

  2. As a man from Belgium, I’m sick and tired of these people flooding to our country and making it shit for us. there are entire cities over here that are just turned into ghettos where Belgians are being pushed around like shit.

    Good thing that the majority of the population here is sick of it and is calling out against it. even our government is making moves to stop them from flooding over here.

    maybe there’s still hope for Belgium

    1. Tell me about it! I live in Germany and was talking to a Turkish piece of trash a few months back..when I asked how he liked my country he said “It would be great if we could get rid of you Germans.”
      Fucking scum.

      1. I have to swim around in shit every day in England…Didn’t know Belgium was that bad @Dowminator….Went to Belgium as a kid…They had little boy statue fountains where water came out of their winkies…And lace…Oh and The Atonium!! How cool is that…Well was…In the 70’s…Probably got a load of gypo’s camping underneath it now…

        1. Well gypsies are also on the rise here, but at least we are being warned about how not to get raped and pillaged by them (like not stopping when there’s a baby just by itself next to the road or something). but the morrocans, turks and other shits are the problem.

          1. I’m in relative countryside and I can feel the pressure, bulging from the cities…On the plus side, there is a massive mosque that ‘they’ve’ been trying to buildround here for years now but every time the glass goes in etc, it gets trashed…How long till it doesn’t though…

  3. I never understood this kind of protest, especially hunger strikes.
    ‘I’m going to try and kill myself and if you don’t do what I want, you murdered me.’
    Like they give a fuck if you live or die

  4. Mark you really hit the nail on the head when you said he should have gone to another country and get benefits and preferential treatment because he isn’t white. God forbid they dont bend over backwards for him and leave themselves open to being labelled racist by the fucking moronic majority. I’m in Ireland and the place is a haven for these type of people. Come on over, here’s your free housing, kids allowance, money to buy a fucking car, and all the rest. Meanwhile I break my bollox just to get by. Careful now, if you try to put your native peoples interests first and the economic health of the country, you won’t be able to sleep at night with the guilt. Fucking bullshit.

  5. The funny thing about statistics is that more often than not, the other side of the story, or rather the contradictory data set is left out. For example, you can have a high un-employment rate, but also a high employment rate. Just because a bunch of students can’t find jobs, doesn’t mean that no one else can (e.g. those with experience AND a diploma). Plus, the un-employement rate just signifies those individuals who have stated that they are jobless and can’t find work (doesn’t mean they are trying). Funny how the highest unemployed in this country are the students i.e. most likely young, lazy, high, and have a feeling of entitlement. But I guess in a ME, ME ,ME world, if everyone else has a job and you don’t why not set your sorry ass on fire and facebook the bitch.

    1. Yeah yeah yeah, the usual drivel. However much kids try, it’s never enough and always their own fault. People have been complaining about it since the time of Socrates (but of course, noting that their *own* generation was *never* like that ::eyeroll::)

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