Very Nice Burn Courtesy of Best Gore Member

Very Nice Burn Courtesy of Best Gore Member

What was I saying about that massage? Lend me your virtual fingers, my Ladies of Gore, I need you. Best Gore isn’t the only one having technical difficulties as I have just had a brain fart so hard that I forgot how to ride a bike. Anyway…Let’s try again!

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, tzald.

found this old photo of a second-degree burn i caused on my left thigh/uper knee, pouring boiling hot water during a pretty intense self-harming period of my life. The burn has fully recovered by now, only leaving some skin discoloration.

Thanks for sharing. I’m a man who appreciates a good burn scar, having numerous myself. Some self-inflicted, some just from the old job.

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          1. @trainwreck
            I told Atucker for you and passed your e-mail along to her for you. She asked me to let you know she isn’t able to get into her old account and was planning on making a new one on here because of it but has been checking in on here periodically reading stuff. She also gave me her new e-mail address to give to you but since I don’t want to just put her e-mail on blast out there for everyone to see I guess if it’s possible to pm somehow on here give me a holler if not I’ll just send it to your e-mail if that’s cool. That would probably be easiest way to do it anyway.

        1. @VillageGlobal I was just messing with @Gnat, but since you asked, i think any kind of scars on guys are sexy. I don’t know why, but i think most girls think scars are hot on guys. I’m not into prissy pretty boys. Do you mind having the ones you have?

          1. Not really, it’s nothing major just a few brown spot here and there on my arms. Speaking of the sexiness of scars, I agree with you I find scars hot as hell on a girl. I’m not sure I would like a scar in her face though :/

          2. “I wouldn?t think guys would find them attractive on girls. I am really self conscious of mine.”

            Ummm… I find it very hard to believe that any guy would find you unattractive… Scars and all…

            Just being honest @Nextie…

  1. That looks very painful. Burns are the worst!! I’ve have had very small ones myself, nothing major but oh the pain! It’s amazing to think you did that voluntarily but it sounds like you’re not doing that anymore so I’m happy for you. Thank you for the picture!!

    1. Burns really are some of the worst kinds of pain. I once accidentally splashed about one drop of boiling water on my hand and I screamed like a little bitch. I go through the occasional self-harming episode, but I can never get the courage to burn myself…

      1. I agree, the tiniest little burn causes excruciating pain. I really feel bad for people who’ve had to endure huge burns on their bodies. This member must’ve been in a pretty dark place to go to this extreme. I don’t have the guts to do something like this either.

        1. I once accidentally picked up a pan that had just came out of a 400+ degree oven. I was only touching it for less than a second, but it still left a blister that hurt like a motherfucker for several days. I can’t imagine doing that on purpose.

          1. I’ve done that too but luckily it didn’t leave a blister. That must have hurt like a bitch!! I got a few burns from working at a restaurant and I accidentally touched some hot screws so my burns looked like screws with the little cross in the center lol.

          2. I once dropped a solder pointer from a electronics soldering station on my hand. It was only for a fraction of a second but it was 300’C… Left a nice blister and itch for weeks and i still got the burn mark on it.

        2. Shit just like my hot glue burn from a glue gun. I yelled out in pain. It just kept burning deeper and deeper until I ran my hand under water and removed the glue. It finally subsided once I did that. I tried to keep my composure in front of my son but I couldn’t. I just dropped to the floor crying it hurt so bad. He was 7 at the time and ran to get the first aid kit but the damage was done. No scars on my palm but it burned me really good.

          1. That sounds soooo painful!!! It’s bad enough to touch something and let go of it immediately but glue is just going to stick to your hand and continue to burn you until you get it off. I would’ve cried too from the pain 🙁

          2. Really fucking sucked. And through the seconds of burning then I realized run it under water. And what’s really messed up is I used to use an industrial sized glue machine for corrugated boxes. Never once did I burn myself on that shit. ah well. I glue with great caution now

          3. Lol @jeni, yeah, that happened top me all the time. Only I’d get the burns not just on my forehead but around my neck as well. I’d go to school and people would accuse me of having hickies. No, just suck at using curling irons.

  2. @tzald thats pretty gnarly i hope you got yourself out of that deep dressions-self harm, i know how it feels like ive been there and honestly it isnt worth it i still have the scars, i dont regret the shit that i did in the past all of that was a learning experience for me and because of that this deep depression i was in made me start drinking heavily it got to the point that because of my stupid actions and drunk calling i lost a good friend. That person is on here somewhere and *if you do get to read this message im deeply sorry for my actions that ruined our friendship, i hope someday i get to talk to you again, i want you to know that i still think and care about you please take care of yourself and your child she is growing up but dont let her grow up too fast take good care of her.*

    1. Kids burnt having to be debrided with steel wire brushes…that’s gnarly to hear those screams…hurts more than visiting kids in the cancer ward to hear that.
      @tzald can you send a pic of what it looks like now ?

          1. Every time i burn myself with my curling iron or straightener, which is usually daily, i think about him running around on fire, and tell myself to suck it up and that it could be worse.

          2. Seeing someone go through that definitely puts things into perspective. It’s a good reminder to be thankful we haven’t had to experience something so painful. I have to admit though, it really pisses me off when I burn myself with the straightener. I just think how long have I been doing this and I’m still getting burned?

          1. @all the girls…I too was thinking of my many curling iron, flat iron, and wand burns. The wand needs a hot glove for which I always lose. And topping the ouch off with a little hairspray. Plus I cook everyday. The most painful are the steam burns.

          2. I’ve never been much into the girly stuff until later on in love fe. But even so I don’t use any flat or curl iron blowdryer. My hair is partially wavy and long. It’s just a wsted effort if I tried styling it

          1. The wire brush is used to scrape the dead tissue away and to keep the blood circulating so there will be new tissue. It’s probably one of the most painful things someone can go through.

          2. @YNEG oh now i understand what you are saying and did he burn his whole body or just a small area? And that does sound extremely painful. Since im taking fire technology classes in one of my classes our instructor showed us a couple of videos about real actual accidents in which firemen were in and one of the there was an engineer that wasnt wearing his turnover coat the guy went up on the roof to habd some equipment to the firemen ventilating a roof and just out of nowhere there is a big explosing in the fire service it would be called a flashover *the building or room get hot enough that it causes an explosing.. Well it wasnt a pretty sight the firefighter was engulfed in flames and you just see him running like crazy down the ariel ladder. Is there a way i can post the video up here .?

  3. Wow, nice job on that. Aside from cigarettes and drug use, I’ve never been the self destructive type. Not saying anything against those that do it for release, just saying that I’ve burnt myself during my cooking career enough times to almost qualify as the type. Boiling water and steam burns are the worst. Oil burns suck too, but you can normally control the pain by pouring bleach on the burn. It doesn’t work for boiling liquid and steam burns, though. That must have been fun to peel

          1. I don’t think I’ve seen every single episode that’s ever came out. That’s a lot of episodes. I watch ATHF, squidbillies, then I watch Superjail, then I watch metalpocolypse on Adult Swim. Usually while Superjail and metalpocolypse on, I’m on here or somewhere else online. I was hoping one day they’d shave murderfaces helmet of hair but the never do. But yes long story short I do remember who said that now Skwisgaar so

          1. “Fucking geek speech. As long as no one starts speaking Elfin or Klingon Ill still act like I know you.”

            jIyajbe’ @Train… 😉

  4. Scars are nothing but memories.
    They serve as a warning to us.
    We have them on the inside as well as the outside.
    They lead us to not make the same mistakes over and over.
    Sometimes they are unavoidable and other times they are intentional.
    But either way, a constant reminder of a moment in time is in itself a beautiful thing.

    Judge 😉

      1. @Am0ur

        Right back at ya! 😉

        Yes things are sorting themselves out thank you. I actually start a new job next week so things are looking up lol. But as one door closes another door opens and after breaking up with my girlfriend, then getting back together, we have once again broken up! It’s a tough one but I’m thinking maybe for the best and I’m looking forward to a new start next year! Thanks for asking though! I hope you’re well! 😉

        1. @Jude
          Congrats on the new job sweetie!!! I’m doing well by my standards lol overworking myself on nearly non existent sleep so yeah I’m good ;). Sucks to hear about you and your girl darling you were so happy last time I talked to you, but you know what’s best for you.

    1. @ African Angel. I saw one last week where this guy put his dick on a board, circled/cut the tip all around with a knife and then cut the tip complete off. It’s insane and unbelievable, I wish someone can find and post it.

    2. The self castration video has to be one of the funniest video’s on BG. Right along with the beheading video where they yell allahu akbar so many times and the camel revenge video. Im lucky i have i friend at work who also views BG on a daily and we crack some jokes when funny videos
      Pop up.

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