Video of 1967 Fire on Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal in Gulf of Tonkin

Video of 1967 Fire on Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal in Gulf of Tonkin

On July 29, 1967 while American war criminals were actively engaging in the acts of terrorism involving rape and mass murder of the people of Vietnam, one of their aircraft carrier stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin – USS Forrestal (CVA-59) accidentally discharged a Zuni rocket that landed on the flight deck and caused massive fire which in turn triggered several secondary explosions. Ms. Karma was delivering in the right place that day. Thank you Ms, you’re the best. But with only 134 dead and 161 injured, you could have done better.

According to the latest accepted version of events, an unguided Mk-32 “Zuni” rocket was accidentally fired due to an electrical power surge during the switch to internal power from external power. Thanks to the warhead’s safety mechanism the Zuni rocket didn’t detonate, but it hit the fuel tank on a Skyhawk aircraft and ignited leaking fuel. Nine subsequent explosions occurred due to overheating of bombs on board.

Unofficial reports have it that former US presidential candidate and an exceptionally failed human being John McCain who is known to have crashed 5 jets was responsible for the USS Forrestal fire. Apparently, it was the McCain’s plane that was hit by the discharged rocket and as his external fuel tank started to leak and caught fire, McCain reportedly panicked and dropped two bombs into the fire which started the chain reaction of explosions.

Surviving crewmen of the USS Forrestal allegedly reported that McCain deliberately “wet-started” his A-4E Skyhawk to shake up the guy in the F-4 Phantom behind him. Wet starts shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft and can be deliberately initiated by the pilot by allowing kerosene to pool in the engine with the start motor switch. The wet start McCain reportedly initiated cooked off and launched the M34 Zuni rocket from the F-4 behind his aircraft.

John McCain was the only USS Forrestal crewman immediately transferred off the ship – this alone raises all kinds of questions. It is said that his mishap was covered up because his father commanded the Pacific fleet.

Vintage video documentary on the USS Forrestal fire is below. It shows John McCain jumping out of a burning jet on a carrier deck and running for safety?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    In my country we have three main political parties and regardless of who gets in they all do the same and never, ever fulfil any election promise.

    American politics is the same, have you noticed any difference in how America is run and its foreign policies since the Democrats defeated the Republicans?, I haven’t, a few small domestic changes maybe but for the most part nothing has changed.

    In my opinion the election process is nothing but a smoke and mirrors trick and when you think about it, if voting had the power to change anything would they give you a vote?, I doubt it.

    That’s why the likes of McCain are well protected, all part of the same circle, same with the Bush family, they make for great puppets.

    1. exactamundo, Empty. i have never and will never vote for a president, senator or governor or anything. i will pay taxes and die regardless. like you said, its an illusion of choice. they say they’ll do this and that but in reality, it’s impossible for one person to do the things they say they will do. “i’m going to clean up the economy” or “i’m going to crack down on corruption”. really? how? tell me how the fuck you are going to do that shit? aha, because you can’t. its bullshit. all bullshit. taxes and death, that’s all, folks!

  2. i just learned about this yesterday on liveleak, funny that mark made this post today. mccain is a scumbag overprivlied douce. i also saw a petion on liveleak to have him arrested for treason for his trip to syria to sit down with the “freedom fighters” how funny would that be after suppling those scum with guns ammo and money

    1. He caved to the demands of his keepers in the Hanoi Hilton so they would let him go. He told them what they wanted to know. A few years back he stated that it wasn’t worth dealing with Vietnam for the release of POWs because they would probably be dead. Too bad it wasn’t him that was left there instead.

  3. McCain is a fucking coward riding on daddy’s coat tails. It was admitted long ago that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was used as an excuse to escalate the Vietnam war. Because the Generals and such were stupid fucks with no clue to the reality of what combat in Vietnam was like failed to allow our soldiers to win that war.
    Remember, wars make money, our economy was built on it.

  4. Let’s change the topic… I was on the USS Midway & USS America in ‘Nam for two years. Saw lots of accidents. This accident happens often enough but usually doesn’t cause a fire. Crew would normally try to either move aircraft or push them overboard. One pilot was still stuck in his craft which is why the planes couldn’t be pushed over. Fire was very intense and by the time the second pilot was out, planes couldn’t be moved or pushed. Bombs went off and people died.

  5. Thanks ARVN, 134 lives lost for their incompetence on the battlefield. I have no sympathy for the communist block countries either. What a waste of lives for people who hated us anyway. Most of the boys who perished had nothing to do with ordinance loading or preparing aircraft and did not deserve to die while that pig and warmonger John McCain lived after his wet start prank.

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