Video of People Burned Trying to Steal Gas from Fuel Tanker in Colombia

Video of People Burned Trying to Steal Gas from Fuel Tanker in Colombia

Video of People Burned Trying to Steal Gas from Fuel Tanker in Colombia

This video is related to the recent post about the explosion of the fuel tanker in Colombia. We saw how the explosion happened, and we saw the charred bodies of casualties (ie people who tried to steal gas from the overturned tanker). Now we get to see the survivors of the explosion, who didn’t get burned to a crisp, but still suffered skin peeling burns on much of their bodies.

It looks like they all head into the same building, which suggests to me that it could be a hospital. Many are naked, but all still well enough to walk on their own two feet. Adrenaline is one hell of a drug, I guess.

Props to Best Gore member @xxxmike for the video:

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          1. @uli
            So true this man. It was also short and sweet, but very well put, my longtime veteran Best-Gore Brother. and friend. 🙂

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    also i expected more, because we were taught about 20 years ago that a 5 second flash of fuel vaporizes everything human and aluminum but doesn’t harm carpet and plastics.
    as we saw in the explosion page, there’s chunks of humans left over and quite a few walked away.

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