Video of Skin Burns on Sauna Champion Timo Kaukonen

Video of Skin Burns on Sauna Champion Timo Kaukonen

Previously at Best Gore, we featured photos of the 2010 Sauna Championships Incident, which left a Russian contestant Vladimir Ladyzhensky dead and a Finnish champion in hospital with severe burns, and later a video of an interview with champion Timo Kaukonen. All that’s still needed is to share a video which shows actual burns on Timo Kaukonen’s body. So here it is.

It is essential to be reminded that because he was unable to defeat the raining 5 times champion, before stepping into the sauna, Vladimir Ladyzhensky cheated by taking strong painkillers and local anesthetic. Pressure was on Timo Kaukonen because he needed to prove before his country and his friends that he was still the best, so despite feeling that the extreme heat was gonna melt him soon, he simply could not step out of the sauna with one contestant still inside. Except that unlike Timo, the Russian was so doped up on pain killers and anesthetics, he didn’t know he was melting.

That Timo Kaukonen was rightfully the best in the world was proven by the fact that after such a long time in so much heat, the Russian contestant died, but Timo survived, albeit with severe skin burns. Only a true sauna champion could have survived what would have killed anyone else. Thus the champion remains as Finnish as is the sauna itself.

Video which also shows the actual burns on Timo Kaukonen’s body is below:

One more thing – we just can’t talk so much about Finland without playing some Suomi Rock, so here’s panty creamer Ghost Love Score by Nightwish with Tarja Turunen on the vocals:

69 thoughts on “Video of Skin Burns on Sauna Champion Timo Kaukonen”

    1. Man. Who is the dumb ass who came up with the sauna championship. Some people just have to much time on there hands. I think timo should of took the ice bucket challenge after hopping out of the heat.Would of liked to see what the cold water ddid to his flesh.

  1. Pride is a poor substitute for intelligence.

    I wish I could say that at least he got the prize money but technically there was no actual winner due to having been rescued so I guess all he got was burns for his trouble.

  2. I read from the other post the heat reached 110C. Would not expect less damage to a human body. No pity for this stupidity.

    Besides, I love old Nightwish (’97-’05), like Sonata Arctica, worship Stratovarius! And Linux, of course.

  3. I am starting up The Microwave Championships and I’m looking for contestants to take part. I have over 100 microwaves minus their doors stacked up in my bathroom ready for the competition. Their is no prize other than being named Microwave Champion. Anyone interested?

      1. I’ve seen that clip before and it’s a good one, but I would like to assure all prospective Microwave Champions that the microwaves I will be using are 800 watt and FULLY COMPLY with current Health and Safety Legislation (if the doors are still on).

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  5. Like a re-written version of a Kenny Rogers song. Coward of the sauna. “And you could have heard a pin drop as Timo turned up the thermostat and locked the door.” “Sometimes ya gotta sweat to prove your a man.”

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