Video of Ukrainian Attackers Inside the Trade Union House Before Fire

Video of Ukrainian Attackers Inside the Trade Union House Before Fire

No matter how much the pro Zio crowd tries to spin it, every bit of leaked evidence seems to prove that the anti Zio protesters in Odessa, Ukraine took refuge in the trade union house because they were being harassed and attacked by the crazed and armed lunatics out to kill them all. Between this video here, which was recoded inside the trade union building before the fire, in which the attackers try to aggressively bring down doors behind which the unarmed anti Zio protesters were hiding, and the video of pro Zio agents armed with deadly weapons shooting at the people hiding inside, there is no doubt that they were the victims and not aggressors in the clash.

In the video, you can see a few young men trying to bring down the door by kicking it and hitting it with a baseball bat. At 0:28 someone shouts “они на лестнице“, which means “they are up on the staircase“. That is followed by a command to go up: “наверх!” A few quickly respond and run in that general direction.

At 0:40, a command is made to bring the door down with “валите” – literally meaning “push it over“, but it’s also slang for “kill them“.

At 0:50 the escorted woman (presumably employee) shouts “ребята, не надо!” which means: “guys please don’t!

You can also see smoke starting to build up as Maidan agents set the building on fire from the inside. Pro Zios then claimed that since the fire started from the inside, anti Zios must have intentionally burned themselves alive, maintaining that they were the only ones inside. As the video proves, that was yet another lie on behalf of Maidan crowd.

Sotnik Mekola – the guy firing a gun at the building, claimed after the event that they (pro Zios) were not armed. Yet video of him surfaced being armed and firing his gun. He also claimed that his leg was hurt, yet in the video he walks without any visible signs of issues in both legs. Further, he claimed pro Zios were outnumbered which from the videos we see is just not true. Nothing but blatant lies coming from those guys. And the western media backs them up and masquerades them with anti Russia rhetoric. Truly pathetic.

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30 thoughts on “Video of Ukrainian Attackers Inside the Trade Union House Before Fire”

      1. I agree with you jajaCulo.
        My reason:
        No definitive evidence of who started the actual fire has yet been shown on BG. All other videos and pictures, if it hadn’t been for the fire, would be simply repeating what is going on across Eastern Ukraine. Protestors clashing, intimidating civilians (the poor staff), etc.
        I think.. people get upset seeing images like this video, in the context of the disaster that ensued- much more upset than they would be if the day had just ended like any other.
        Who knows who is to blame.

        1. Exactly sarcomere! What I’ve seen and read just shows that there are two groups of people who inhabit the same plot of land and both have groups that instigate the violence but only one side has a more powerful propaganda machine and I’m sure y’all can guess.

  1. This wont end till their govt gets what they want…no one cares about the civilians on either side as long as they get the job done for the Zionist scumbags. BTW , can I imprint the Bestgore logo on a tee and sport it around? BG doesnt sell goods does it? I reallt want to advertise this site, Im hot Im sure pervs would log right on after seeing it displayed against my jugs…maybe convert some sheep.

    1. Good idea @JennyMuerte .

      Had to laugh at you saying you are hot and mentioning your jugs , but describing potential viewers of your hotness and jugs as pervs .

      Good one that 😀

      No offence BTW , just chuckled by it .

        1. Well first of all jennyMuerte. I think its safe to speak on everyone’s behalf here. Sounds like a great idea but before you go out in public I think you should at least make it your avatar first so we can all take a vote to see if its good enuff.

    1. Not too bad mate , you ?

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      How’s it going your end bud ?

      1. Pretty good bro can’t complain. Same shit different toilet. I just work and do the family thing. I hope they fix your knee up man. I know the pain can get annoying. I have a bad back. Slipped disk in my lower back. I need to get it fused.

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