Woman Who Burned Three Children Gets Thrown in Fire by Mob, But Gets Off Easy

Woman Who Burned Three Children Gets Thrown in Fire by Mob, But Gets Off Easy

In Novo Aripuanã, a municipality located about 277 km from Manaus in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, a woman burned three children by deliberately setting fire to a house with them inside. A two year old was burned to death. Two other children are fighting for their lives with severe burns.

30 year old Lucinete da Costa Gama was arrested and taken to a local police station, but the populace broke into the station and removed the woman to take justice into their own hands.

Video shows the mob beating, stoning and dragging Lucinete by the hair to throw her into a burning car wreck.

Despite the apparent anger of the crowd who threw the woman into the fire, Lucinete da Costa Gama got off easy, as the crowd allowed her to get out of the heat and chill. A man wouldn’t have been that lucky.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Woman Who Burned Three Children Gets Thrown in Fire by Mob, But Gets Off Easy”

    1. Question: How hard is it for one man to grab each leg and one man grab each arm and sway her body back and forth and on three everyone throws forward. But again, what do I know in my comfy confines of my easy chair and computer.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with you Shecat, there’s just a certain group of people that can handle seeing disturbing, creepy, and/or gross pics, specially of people. now animals I cannot watch at all, but that’s another story. but usually those of us that like this stuff are never close by, none of our friends would consider watching any of this. and they think we need serious help, but we don’t, we just need each other. and good thing the internet came along to make it easy to talk to one another!!

  1. “They weren’t dishing out pussy passes.
    On second thought I guess they kinda were.
    How dare they let that evil broad live.
    Da silvas got to take up necklacing.
    Those naggers would’ve made short work of her.”

    1. U guys ever see the show wipeout?? Where people run through an obstacle course and get punched in the face by a 12 foot hand and go flying into the water. It’s hilarious. Well this is more like burnout. When they threw her in the fire she runs out and got hit in the head w a brick. Lol. I dunno I’m laughing

      1. On my part, whenever the subject matter is from Brazil, I usually use the lowest form of wit when commenting. The fact that it tends to fly straight over certain folk’s heads is no longer of any concern to be honest.
        I agree to a point, Males tend to go easy on the weaker sex. I’m surprised this mob let her off is my exaggerated point.

      2. Interesting, and thought provoking…
        So you are saying that the dwindling desire to help the female would be a sign of progress?
        Is chivalry inherently sexist, or do men help women because they may, just may, reap some benefit down the road? If men DO help for profit, is THAT inherently bad? Or is it human? Do we really want gender equality? Would you slap me if I opened a door for you? If I complimented your attire or attributes, would you be flattered or offended?


        1. @cjschriver3 I think the dwindling desire to help women is what many users here crave and I think it’s what they feel equality should be. When I reply to a user I know supports those thoughts, I offer possible scenarios that fit their ideal situation. I’m not lying to them but predicting how things may go their way.
          I don’t think chivalry is sexist. I think men were hardwired long ago to protect ones who could not win a tough battle. I think men didn’t want to see their mate dead as they could not breed then.
          Over the years, it’s become more like manners than a necessity. Some men were raised that way. Some men may think they can get a date or something from being a gentleman. I don’t think either scenario is wrong. It’s human nature to want to attract a “mate” or at least a temporary one.
          I was raised in the South and chivalry is just courtesy. And I hold doors for guys; whoever’s behind me. It’s just nice. Compliments make me happy as long as they aren’t crude. “You have pretty eyes” is very nice. “Let me see your tits” is not. Lol
          I’m not a feminist in the sense of a “real” one but I get feisty about misogyny. I don’t think gender “equality” is possible because we both have attributes the other may not possess. But I do think we can treat each other with respect without one person controlling the other. And comments towards women here can be pure hate. So I’m always on guard.

    1. Our society over the last decades has gotten ever more pussy whipped, specially over the last two decades. We are just as pussy whipped many first world countries, like, most of the students in our Universities are women, with numbers ranging from 55 to 60%, and the way it seems to be going the situation seems to be only getting worse, it seems we are overtaking countries such as the US and Britain in terms of misandry…

      1. I think it’s partially because people live in a bubble – go to work, dinner, some TV, bed. Meanwhile these different groups (feminists, BLM, SJWs, gay rights, etc) are mobilizing and whether we like it or not, they are good at organizing and lobbying.
        I can imagine a man several decades ago just watching the game and his wife says “I’m going to my women’s group.” “Okay, dear, have fun at your get together.” But we had very little knowledge of what was going on. Living in a bubble. At least part of the trend.

  2. feminists should watch this and just take a second to understand that the more you keep going up against men the more likely this will keep happening. you dont stand an iota of a chance once our patience runs out. and believe me ladies your cuntiness is wearing very thin.

  3. I feel no sympathy for this woman. Yeah, she had no problem exposing little children to a slow painful death by fire, but let one single flickering flame lick her skin and she’s screaming all the way up to high heaven and running around like a mad bastard. Screaming for what? Do you REALLY think God is going to save YOUR ass? Do you think anyone in that crowd that KNOWS what you did is going to try and save you?

    And the sad part is that she survived. She can live on and get pregnant AGAIN, and do the same thing all over AGAIN.

    1. “She’ll take her children for granted again.
      Definite pussy pass that she survived.
      Cause if this was a man he wouldn’t have.
      Brazilian street justice would’ve got him.
      They should have set her ass on fire.”

      1. That’s the Brazil of the 21st century, women win new rights and privilege with superiority of numbers in places such as Universities, retain their previous privileges which confer more sympathy to them (and more lenient punishments) and delegate their motherly duties. Men keep their duties, the shitty risky jobs as construction workers and truck drivers and are the ones who with no additional rights.

        1. Nope, the maximum penalty is 33 years for murder, although I think you may get more time in jail if you are accused of multiple murders and different crimes and they open exceptions to some criminals who are much too dangerous and notorious. And the law is very lenient, they usually get out on parole after some years. That’s why I say that lynchings are not that bad, as long as there is some consistent proof, I am very skeptical when the person is not caught in the act.

          1. Holy shit, that’s tricky. That’s bound to get the public pissed off if they think someone’s going to get slapped on the wrist for murder, and the temptation would be very strong to just pop the fucker and be done with it, even with scant or no evidence.

            Just trying to think personally, like if someone killed a relative of mine, and I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that a certain person was the murderer. I would be pretty hard pressed not to kill that person myself, especially if I knew their sentence would be ridiculously lenient if they were formally convicted.

      1. @ undergroundweller

        I’m glad you don’t automatically jump to conclusions and assume everyone who gets lynched is guilty, because mob mentality can offer as much pussy pass as the most organized legal system in the Western world. A woman can tear her clothes to pieces, rough herself up a little, then run around the street claiming that you tried to rape her and her little daughter…and we’ve already seen what happens to child rapists in Brazil. They don’t get off as easily as this cunt did, and she actually KILLED a child.

        1. Not only that, but witnesses reports can be very doubtful too. I don’t know if you know about that game in which you whisper something in somebody’s ear, and then this person whispers what he/she heard in another person’s ear, and so on. If you play the game with 30 people by the time the message gets to your ear again it’s something totally different. Like, I’ve been in situations where there was a fight between two people (basically a guy had punched another one) and nobody knew exactly what had happened and some people started to make things up. A story may start with a witness who doesn’t have sympathy for the accused and then says he/she is suspicious that the accused committed the crime (out of speculation) or someone who saw the accused close to the location or the accused may have a physical similarity to the real perpetrator, so things may end up being distorted. There were cases on BG of unfair lynchings, a guy in Guatemala accused of raping a child (I guess a 3 year old) was later found innocent (he died as a result of the lynching, though). In another case, more similar to the one on this thread, a news page posted the drawing of a woman suspected of trying to kidnap child, someone posted a picture of this women (who would later be lynched) and somehow the rumor spread that she practiced black magic rituals (I have just seen now that the drawing was of a case that happened in a city in another state, so a totally disconnected case), she was lynched, died, but later police found out she was innocent (it seems that the news page on the same day deleted the post and tried to dismiss that the accused was the woman in the pictures of the comments section, after talking to police and finding out that no kidnappings of children had happened in the area, but it was of no use).

          1. Its the Salem Witch Trials all over again.

            You see, peeps, this is why we have a justice system; a justice system that just flexed its rusty bicep to tell Darth Trump, “You need to provide proof of your assertions before you forbid people from entering the country. The fact that they are Muslims IS NOT PROOF of wrongdoing or intent to commit a crime”.

            Hell, if you want to prevent crime, why not also forbid bendies from entering the country? I’d wager that 60% of all videos on this site come from good ole ass-to-mouth Brazio.

  4. Typical Hispanic manginas; they gave her a pussy pass (per usual.) All I can think of while she was getting beaten, is what were those 3 children were feeling as they were burning alive. What a shame.

    1. @kilgoretrout

      It’s difficult to see through the crowd but several police officers (?) were starting to form a line between them and the woman. If they were armed (and likely ticked off about having their prisoner snatched) the crowd probably thought, “We’ve made our point, no use bringing flip-flops to a gunfight.”

  5. Next time strap her to a 5 point harness similar to a car seat for a child. Then place her in the vehicle and only then – set the fire. Place the same limitations on her, as she would (and did) her young children. I know she set fire in a house with them inside, but gotta work with what we’ve got.
    And don’t let relief of death come too quickly. Suffering and realization of one’s wrongdoing is pertinent here. Since I highly doubt she will learn anything, suffering alone in daily physical pain shall become her eternal embrace. Therefore, not a pussy pass, but continuing to live her pathetic debilitated life in prison is justice.

    1. Yeah, I totally don’t understand this video. One would think the mob would’ve finished the task at hand, since they’re typically so eager to do so even in the absence of a valid reason.

      But they just limpdicked this one. Fizzle.

      1. Well, I’ve come to think of it a little bit more, it may have something to do with the fact that they are in front of the police station, and there are lots of cops. Maybe the heavy presence of the cops intimidated them, although there are some other videos on BG in which the mob doesn’t give that much of a fuck to the presence of cops.

    1. True…I read about this guy when I was reading about miscarriages of justice. Then you read that most of these people are pardoned posthumously. Unless you believe in God and an afterlife, you realize that a posthumous pardon is the most ridiculous, most useless thing ever.

  6. What the fucking hell is up with these Brazilian mother’s harming their children like that? She should of been fucking hog tied on a spit and set over a high blazing fire and leave her fucking ass there to burn until she was just a smoldering pile of bones.

  7. disgusting pussy pass, they shouldve raped her and then tie her limbs and throw her in there, if it was a man who burned children they wouldve done much worse to the poor guy, where is the gender equality? feminists triggered by the video really

  8. I’m happy she didn’t get burned to Death, would’ve been too Quick of a way out for this cunt.
    Let’s all hope that she slowly turns batshit insane from being locked up in brazillian prison for several years.
    And don’t worry guys, I’m sure they will remember when she’s released and lynch her again when the cops aren’t around.
    I already look forward to the video!

  9. another case of female pedophilia in the uk again today this time a whore who likes to fuck 3 or 4 young 14 year old boys at the same time and suck their under developed cocks while strip teasing, and all while her husband is at work. she was seen shaking in the dock and a look of sorrow on her face. this shit is almost daily now in the uk and america is the same what is the fascination with middle aged women and fucking teenage boys? they are pedophiles and should get the death penalty. that would cull alot of women though ! they have shown her face so thats a good thing but you can gaurantee in the dock she will have her sob story ready of how she was abused herself all the rest of the lies they spout with such ease. filthy evil whores everywhere let loose.

    1. She should be concentrating her energies in fulfilling her motherly duties instead of having orgies. I think that in this case the husband should get something in return for the amount of time and resources spent on her. It would be reasonable if the woman could somehow repay the guy, maybe have all her assets frozen and transferred to the man, or even be turned into a servant of him for a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps, she should also be branded with hot iron on her forehead, to indicate that she is an adulteress. Anyway, it’s not much hard to imagine something better than the current system, even what muslims do (stoning) is much more reasonable…

      1. @undergroundweller i saw a documentary that showed the ancients kept the feminine under a strict lock and key because to let it loose was very damaging to structure order and society, and now you have feminism and women who can do what the fuck they want and look at the shit it has caused to western society (where its let off the leash completely) . Maybe they knew that if you dont keep your females under some kind of order the result is pedophilia child neglect and wild orgies, thus in turn if a man cannot trust or respect the child rearing partner or not know if he really is raising his own offspring this too will also be extremely damaging to society. it all makes sense. a womans whole life is set like a clock to raise and rear a human. if this is their true ‘place’ or ‘role’ then surely when they do something else this can only disrupt and distort their inner workings and then this is when they start fucking teenage boys having affairs etc, maybe they know the power of the pussy was something to be controlled not let loose.

        1. @haydolf_hittler You touched a point I find very interesting. Women often complain of having to carry a baby for 9 months, which is a burden, but also has the huge benefit of making her sure that she is the mother of the child. They only worry if they have someone to protect her and provide for the child. And the only way intelligent men will protect and provide them is by having a great degree of certainty that the child is his child The more the certainty, the more the provision. So some women try to fool the man. So for the man to be sure, he has to have control over the women. Those who are stupid often turn out into cuckolds, for the woman can get some better semen (of a man who perhaps wouldn’t marry her), all the while having some protection and resources. So most men who have power usually can have control over their women without them complaining, Trump is an example of this, women are willing to surrender to his will in exchange for his providing, even though he is bald, old and has a big belly. If he was only rich but not authoritarian there could be women who would do the same, but they would look for other semen, although not many men of such a caliber get to Trump’s position for obvious reasons. And touching on the point you talked about the Ancients, look at Rome. This ordinary city state conquered a vast amount of territory and wealth. It happened due to the solitude of its society, based on the family structure, which was headed by the pater familias, who had the obligation to introduce to and enforce the social morals in his family . As time went by, this social structure started to erode, so much so that Augustus saw this trend and introduced moral legislation (lex Julia), which among other things, obliged that the pater familias would exile his daughter in case she was caught cheating (he could even kill her if caught in the act). With time, though, Roman society degenerated and collapsed, with the exception of the Eastern Empire, where Constantine and Justinian would also come to pass and enforce legislation similar to Augustus.

  10. Imagine walking out of your house and find that everyone is preparing to burn some crazy bitch. Then you realize that you are related to her. Do you try to help knowing that they may fuck with you too or do you join them to hide the fact that you and your family are imperfect? Having technology does nothing vs the monkey gene

  11. Dudes shouting and inciting others into burning her alive, but not engaging in that violence themselves because even they realize that was wrong. Several policeman standing around and not having the guts to interfere on the lynching. So much wrong in this video.

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