Woman Doused in Gasoline and Lit on Fire Outside 7-Eleven in Florida

Woman Doused in Gasoline and Lit on Fire Outside 7-Eleven in Florida

34 year old woman was doused in gasoline and lit on fire outside a 7-Eleven store on Lawrence Road in South Florida’s Boynton Beach after her ex with whom she shares custody of their child attacked her.

52 year old Roosevelt Mondesir was supposed to bring the boy so she can take him but instead came alone, threatened the woman with a knife, threw gasoline on her and set her on fire. The whole thing was caught on 7-Eleven’s CCTV cameras.

Roosevelt Mondesir hid in the nearby bushes but was caught by Boynton Beach police and charged with attempted first-degree murder. The woman is being treated for burns at Delray Medical Center, Roosevelt Mondesir had to himself be taken to Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach to also receive treatment for burns before being transferred to jail.

Women are a plague. They’ll drive you to the brink of insanity and you’ll be the one to go to jail. Best take the approach I do – they can all go fuck themselves, I’ll take care of myself without them. No woman, no cry.

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173 thoughts on “Woman Doused in Gasoline and Lit on Fire Outside 7-Eleven in Florida”

  1. this is so fucked up. there’s a point when something has gone too far. gas is almost 4 dollars a gallon, maybe more in Florida. People should really think before they just act. Bullshit. There are way cheaper ways to go about doing this…

        1. Don’t worry goatman the facts of this story are wrong and no gasoline was wasted or used in this attempt of murder. In fact it wasn’t even an attempt of murder. Cops automatically assumed he was using gas since they were in a gas station, what really happened they guy started chasing the lady with a job application and as soon the application came in contact with her, instant combustion happened as an immune respond, a combination of greasy hair products and fear of working creates a highly thermal chemical reaction burning everything around her and crating a force field, and that’s how it happened, now who are you going to believe piggy cops in a sugar high or science.

    1. How fucked up is it ?

      I’ll tell you………… Mark ( the owner of the site ) thinks that women are a plaque and can ” drive ” you to the brink of insanity.

      Hello…………. Male or Female can do either.

      Just saying is all…………. Settle.

    1. laugh all you want…… i did…….. until i had a thought. i could be the one being laughed at one day when karma comes knockin’…….. 3 seconds later…….. everything is sweet…….. and i’m laughing again.

    1. Is a lie.

      When you have an accelerating agent on you like that, it does nothing. Trust me – I got lucky and realized such before removing my clothes as fast as possible. I sent Mark the pics a few days ago. Burns are nasty and hurt like no other.

      1. no need to get mad…i had a friend whos mother in a drunken rage poured lighter fluid al over him and lit him…he was only 3 or 4 when it happened.he survived..and after 10 years of grafs and surgeries it still hurt like a bitch, that was 35years ago…im really sorry you didnt see the humor in what i said…peace

        1. I don’t think he was mad.

          I guess that anybody who read your comment would have thought you were being serious.

          We were all taught to stop, drop and roll in case something like this happened.

          But as Wolf said. With an accelerant, it won’t make a crock of difference.

          P.S. Being ‘first’ on the thread really doesn’t give you an advantage. And people honestly couldn’t care whether you were first or last.

  2. Nothing like pouring gasoline over your lover to let her know how much you care for her, must be the new tradition that’s going to occurring in Valentine’s Day next year. If the girl was driving the guy crazy why didn’t he just break up with her and walk away. I won’t pass the chance at seeing someone go up in flames but this didn’t seem like it was necessary and worthwhile, it’s funny how most people can’t seem to solve their problems with decency and common sense nowadays.

  3. I actually seen this on the news [in Australia] and really couldn’t have cared less. Unless he was a deranged, psychopath… no body just gets up and burns a person. He would have been pushed to the limits by her and obviously he broke. Pretty stupid to hide in the bushes, but I guess he wanted to see his work. Obviously, pre-meditated, maybe.

  4. If the child saw this or even is made aware of it, what will he or she learn? The easiest way to resolve conflict is to first threaten a person with a knife. If that doesn’t work, pour gas on the person you disagree with and light that person on fire. Good parenting skills on both parents’ part, but especially the father’s…fucking dipshit.

  5. Even though she ran around flailing her arms in the air and beating herself like a bodydrum as oppose to a stop-drop-and-roll method, she didn’t get burned half as bad as most, nowhere near life-threatening regardless of what the man’s intent was. She was cooked just enough to get the message and with that, a little bit of comedic relief. Her “omg I’m on fire” dance is priceless

  6. I remember seeing this story on the news. This happened within easy driving distance from my home town. If I remember correctly she shared custody but he had to pay child support to her even for the time that he had the kid. He got royally burned by her and the courts on the matter. So, he was just getting a little payback. Kinda ironic actually.

    1. No, it happned in Florida, very recently, days, the guy was a violent looney, she tried to get a restraining order because he was threatening her every day that he was going to get her back for leaving him.

  7. yea, of course she asked for it, shit just because the guy spent all his time chasing women, drinking and beating her, bitch had no right to leave him!
    Funny how everyone was so pissed of about the Iranian guy kicking his wife, when a women gets set on fire the poor guy has been pushed to breaking to breaking point, hey let’s award him a medal for standing up for all you put upon guys.
    Seems she did the right thing leaving him, clearly things weren’t going well and she has a kid to think about. Arsehole wasn’t having it yet you think she deserved what she got?

    1. This is why women always get the kids. Men and their laughably fragile egos just cannot cope with rejection and loss of control.

      I thought better of the men here, but they are just as sexist as the muslim scum.

      1. Whoa!

        Not all of us are sexist scum!

        I thought the man’s conduct in the video was disgusting. And no matter what the woman did, it was totally out of proportion. It is a terrible thing to do. To immolate somebody. I wouldn’t wish it onmyworst enemy.

        The woman could have been a massive bitch. Heaven knows I understand.

        Even if I lost control. It probably wouldn’t be worst than a knuckle butty I would give the bint.

        But I wouldn’t lose control with the mother of my children.

        1. I’m sorry Baked, I flew off the handle a bit there. I grew up in a strict muslim household until I was adopted by civilized people. I saw and experienced a lot of violence from my parents and I’m in the middle of some “real family” trouble at the moment. Plus, I’m on my period. ๐Ÿ™

          I’m a bit oversensitive.

          1. Sorry to hear about your troubles Elle.

            I can sympathise with you…

            I have been bleeding out from ‘down there’ for the past 3 days. Another 4 to go!

            I guess I have to put up with it like every other human every month.

          1. Sounds rather ominous me dear…

            I bet you have paid a pack of local wogs armed with knives and Ebonics to teach me a lesson.

            I have rumbled your evil plan!

          2. Ahaa.

            You could have gotten me their doll face!

            Ebonics is the one thing on this planet I find more toxic to my health than British politicians.

            I guess it’s nothing a bit of make- up luvvin’ can’t resolve.

          3. make-up luvvin is usually pretty…… hot………….SNAP! And there we come full circle to the video of the flaming girlfriend … I think we are pretty awesome troops!

      2. @elle,not all women get the
        kids….well not here in NZ
        anyways,dont know about
        stateside so cant comment
        about that,and the “faults”
        us guys have that you
        mention…..either gender
        can have those in ample
        amounts,personaly believe
        women to be amongst the
        fairest and wondrous of
        souls in all of creation,BUT
        when you get an arsehole,
        it can be really bad,just like
        it can be bad for a woman
        stuck with a male arsehole.
        PS but setting any living
        thing alight is to much,he
        should suffer.

    2. @wicked mama I kinda was. I shouldn’t lose my temper over stuff people say on the internet, it’s not their fault I have family problems.

      For a gore site this community is surprisingly non-assholish. I like it here.

      1. I like to call us ‘harmless arseholism’.

        As in we could have a little poke at each other, in mutual good taste. But not wounding each other. As happens on the ‘outside’.

        Everyone throws a ‘wobbler’ now and then.

        Important thing is, is to not let it weigh on your mind and carry a grudge. That doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

        Glad to have you aboard.

      2. @elle its easy enough to do – don’t sweat it

        I am super sensitive – I don’t know how many times I have gotten upset over something goofy…it’s easy enough to take a person’s comments a different way on the internet…

        don’t be too hard on yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. that was so retarded what she needed to do is: go inside the 7-eleven and roll on the floor till the fire goes out if that was me i could have picked up those water gallons and bottles they have in the entrance to put it out silly people is silly also the chick didn’t help her in time what a cunt ๐Ÿ˜

  9. Good thing about this in black people you can’t notice burn scars unless you are really close to them my friend is Haitian and you can’t never see her burn injuries she’s got in her arms from kitchen oil accidents call me whatever you want but I’d fuck that fat BBBW nice vid mark thank you made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. In cases like this it is the children who suffer the most. It must have been hard enough going back and forth between parents but then to have this happen and go through even more lifestyle changes…this poor child will be scarred for life. Probably will never see dad again and mom will be in hospital for a while and wont be the same when she gets out.
    I normally add humour to my posts but when innocent children are involved I don’t find it amusing.

    1. Pussy is like real estate. You are better off renting the shit than owning it. That way when you’re sick of the shit you can just move out and rent something else. When you rent there is no commitment and you don’t have to worry as much about taking care of the shit. There are minor drawbacks about renting such as certain nasty smells but in the long run you will be better off renting.

      1. Idk man…. I was a renter for a while, all the shopping around and dealing with landlords… Not to mention the bed is well used… Now that I own, much better. I’m too old and lazy to chase ass. Plus having home cooked meals and ass on demand is better any day of the week. Same piece of ass all day every day? Great it knows exactly what I want. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Most women are the plague. All the more reason to “own” when you find one that isnt. Just saying.

        I got respect for you ladies, don’t get me wrong, but most women are shiesty, malicious about relationships and completely deceitful. I have experienced this first hand, and also experienced what a good girl truley is with my wife. So I have some idea what I’m saying.

        1. Since there seems to be a lot of pussy vs dick going on here let me add to above statement that….. Most Men are just as much a plague, just for many different reasons.

          And about divorce, my parents are and my dad got fucked royally by the court, costing him nearly every penny. Lucky for him, my mom ignored many orders and told him, for example 25k a month, it was not all necessary and to stop bankrupting himself, because that’s where he was headed.

  11. Women are the plague? My arse, every time I come on this site I see the evidence of how men are the plague. You won’t be happy till you’ve destroyed everything and then what will you do? Blame it on the bitches. The thing that makes me laugh most is the way you all chase fake bitches all the time and then when you get burned you blame it on the rest of us. Chase fake bitches if you must but don’t start slagging the rest of us off when you end humiliated and looking like a knob end.

    1. Amen to that, Mama! *high fives* Gender isn’t a factor in assholery. Although females can be a helluva worse bullies than guys– I’ve been bullied since kindergarten and the girls royally fuck up your head…
      Uhhhhh… Where was I going with this….? Ah,, don’t base an entire group on the actions of a few. The end. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Wicked mama – don’t be so gender specific.

      It’s obvious that neither males or females are the ‘better’ one. There are crazies for each gender and each has his/her own set of problems and expectations.

      1. opps, sorry, hit send. The reason I’m being ‘gender specific’ is that we are getting totaly slagged off here. Just the fact the women wants to meet him in a public place should give you a clue about his violent nature. A lot of things in life it might not be worth making a point off, but there are always times when you have to stand up and be counted, even if it makes you unpopular some shit needs to be addressed. We women live in fear of men, every time we hear a noise at night, everytime we leave the house after dark we are aware that there could be some fucked up man with his superior strength that can do all sorts of shit to us. Trust me, It’s no joke,. we just have to learn to live with and try to teach our female children how to take care of themselves.

          1. I don’t usually dance…

            Just stuck on the Khazi for about an hour… If I tried to dance it would get a bit messy.

            A form of dirty protest I guess.

    1. Hey Ali, WTF is wrong with you, you really need help. How someone could laugh at a fat burning bitch running around in a parking lot is beyond me, you should seek help. Try calling 1-800-Pha-tman, he even do your plumming for free. Good luck.
      ha ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Woman mostly think before they do something, but men are more impulsive, so i’m betting he didn’t plan this, he saw an opportunity and took it. Everyone was very lucky that whole 7-11 didn’t go up in flames!!!!!

    1. Abusive men think they are; cause eventually, they get left. So who’s the bitch? the woman for getting away, apparently, and the men who drove them away are the victims of some terrible crime.

      Women can be scum also, but to generalise like that is so pathetic I hardly have words.

          1. You go LAS, abusive PEOPLE, are insecure pussies, men with small peckers and no balls, their people with no self respect. Dam people, man up.

    1. He really didn’t; he goes to jail, wife goes to hospital, kid goes to group home.
      Ya, *clapping* really got his point across.. assuming his point was that he was an irrational idiot who cared less about the well being of his kid than getting revenge on his wife.

  13. A woman is by far the furthest thing from being a plague and is the greatest ” thing ” given to men next to a lambo, or a porsche in my opinion … the plauge or problem is when a monster like this resorts to something like this to solve problems. im not much of a fancy talker, and i know most of my posts will get tore up by most common users but i guess its true when they say ” those living for death will die by their own hands “

  14. Reminds me of a computer game called ‘Syndicate’ where you had a weapon called a Gauss gun that you fired at enemy syndicate members.

    They ran around when hit, just like that woman on fire on cctv scene!

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