Woman in Flames

Woman in Flames

Pictures were sent in by a dedicated Best Gore reader who said that this was a gang initiation gone bad. I don’t know what exactly they were trying to do to her to get her initiated, but I don’t think she’ll be a valid member after all this. But to her credit – I think she passed.

But let’s focus on an amazing police force that’s standing by trying to help the woman in flames by stomping her out. You’d think one of them would sober out, take off his god damned jacket and try to choke the flame out with it. Too late or not, you’d at least try, right? Finest police men in the world they are.

The chick looks like she had pretty legs and stomach. Possibly a hot fuck but at this point, unless you like them extra crispy, not much to get excited about. Either way, it looks as though she died the same way she lived – spreading her legs wide open.

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  1. I love these guys who come on sites like this and call the site owner a stupid fag and admit that they have wanted to for awhile which just proves they have been visiting this site for awhile and makes you wonder why if they hate the site so much then why do they visit it so often?

  2. hahahahahaahhahaahah ya,, tard baby should not be on this site no intelligent people here just us assholes omg my eyes hurt im laughing so hard you guys are great the coments are better then the pics.

  3. hey maybe some of us arent all fucktards…i like the humor too but what babytard was saying wasnt bad…if yo guys are allowed to say whatever the fuck you want other people should too, so stop being whiny fucking bitches and deal with it

  4. Umm hasnt something odd about this photo occured to any of you?

    Look at the completness of combustion, especially at the burnt edges. Bodies are 90% water, and getting one to burn is bloody hard. You have other picture on this site of peopel in cars that have brewed up, there not 10% as conbusted as this body. Even when a body is cremated, its takes 20-30 minsat 2500Cto get rid of most of it.

    What you are looking at in this picture is an example of Spontaneous Human Combustion. There no other explanation for the fact some parts of the body are completely reduced to ash yet other parts are intact and unburnt.

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