Woman Trapped Behind Security Bars Slowly Roasted by Raging Inferno

Woman Trapped Behind Security Bars Slowly Roasted by Raging Inferno

Woman Trapped Behind Security Bars Slowly Roasted by Raging Inferno

Apparently, the apartment that caught fire is 10 storeys up. Inside it, a woman ends up trapped with the raging inferno on one side, a security bars on the other.

She screams helplessly as she’s being slowly roasted alive. The security bars to her window is what trapped her inside the blazing fire.

I don’t know where the video is from, but the commentary sounds Spanish to me.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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          1. LoL!!!!! Okay, so apply high heat a couple minutes to every part. Maybe she’s demonstrating how to make a delicious stir fry. Where’s the fish sauce?

          1. Svarg knew what he meant, he was just making fun at the point Luis didn’t put ‘it’ in his sentence. It’s called breaking balls, we do that from time to time here… Whoosh! for the both of you, followed by an eye roll… and one of these 😉

          2. Did you just whoosh my whoosh, @carnage-2? With all due respect, I must now whoosh you in return, as I was always aware what Svarg meant, hence the initial whoosh for Tania. In any case, I whoosh you the best!

      1. Horrible death , not only the burning part , but feeling it get closer and closer knowing it’s just a matter of time before you die .
        Also knowing that the next day a million people will be joking about it on best gore .
        Ah well , no retards on the 10th without a fire extinguisher, no BG

    1. Yeah defnitley not spanish and yeah iget what you mean unlike some people. Sounds chinese or something similar. They had to kniw that ws a fire hazard. That looked so painful. What were they doing besides talking. Noone could throw water bust a wall down idk something poor women.

    2. They’re speaking Chinese. It seems the rescuers managed to get as close as 1 floor below the woman’s apartment but for some reason they hesitated to go further. The guy yelling from the camera side says something like “ 没呼吸了” (no more breath), “快一点京去” (Go in quicker).. and other things those lines: “She’s finished burning, why still not go in? It is finished, no longer alive, Oh Oh! it’s finished… And still not go in!! finished” etc

      The overall dialogue suggests this woman has been roasting for long before the filming started. You can see she probably had covered herself with a wet blanket before getting to the iron bars, and her right leg is out, which shows she must have struggled a bit with the burglary proof before this point. See survival instincts slowly exhausted in this process.

      This video also highlights the inefficiency of the rescue mission. I guess this is not a major city

        1. If you think of China as “third world”, then you sir are a sheeple / product of biased occidental media crap. China’s Infrastructure is far better than ours here, now.

          One video from some remote part of Asia does not give you the big picture. Visit Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, etc.. and see things for yourself

          1. I only got as far as ” sheeple” immediately realised that you are a typical paranoid conspiracy nut ” sheeple” no doubt you believe Jews did 9/11, and are preventing Corbyn from coming to power and the earth is flat.

        1. Oh! I think you asked me that before, months ago, I must have responded but somehow failed to click “post”, my bad!
          I worked in Beijing for 5 years. Before that I was in Malaysia and Singapore where I managed a team of mostly Chinese people from China + South East Asian Chinese people. After Beijing it was Hong Kong, for more than a year.. So, yes I learned the language informally as I thought I needed it for the job.

          1. BTW, How long did it take? I think I was comfortable in basic conversations within my first year… But then, languages had been my thing and I particularly was interested in Asian languages long before I got there.
            Thus, I think your interest in the language determines the speed at which you learn it


        2. I agree . Your passion for something also helps in how good you will get. I like languages as well. I was good in French and German in highschool but let them lapse. Big mistake! Now of course i reckon the languages to learn would be Mandarin as you learned ,Russian ,Hindi and Persian.


    3. Its in Chinese, it sounds like south of china. But I dont know where this happened. We dont have news to report .(Because Goverment covered this kinds of things.) The man in this vedio says “let the fireman get into the house” And they did not goes into. He shout it for twice. And the fireman have no respons. May be its too dangers to open that door for the rest of the buiding. Then they have to whach her to die. The man yelled she is gone.

      1. Of course it does, if you saw a fire slowly spreading and knew you were barred in ten floors up you’d make a run for it and/or escape somewhere safe, so I’m assuming this fire really raged and she didn’t have the chance to do either, hence getting pathetically getting grilled like that.

      2. Building codes over here require that the security bars have an internal safety release mechanism. But we are talking about China we all know they don’t build to the codes. At the very least she should have used a combination lock instead of a keyed lock. A lot of good it would have done her being 10 stories up and all.

    1. Notice how towards the end of the video the flames really start to fan out like dragon breath. Yellow flames at the distance of the cameraman are intense enough to make you uncomfortably hot. Now imagine that close? Id rather drown in a pool of hot spicy shit of an Indian slums defecation spot.

      1. @quetzalcoatle “Notice how towards the end of the video the flames really start to fan out like dragon breath.”

        Glorious Supreme Leader… pardon my asking… But where the fuck do you live?… the Realm of Gondor?…. Laketown?…. The Lonely Mountain?… Minus Tirith?… somewhere in Middle Earth?


        Dragons are made up… like Gollum, Unicorns, Haggis, Bigfoot, Batman, Spiderman and Infernowoman…. no… hold on a minute….

      2. Being in and out of consciousness while being roasted like a duck, that’d suck.
        And for a woman, the process of watching herself get uglier and uglier until it’s over. That’s unspeakable trauma. A woman prefers to die hot, I mean, hot

      1. .. The only thing she could’ve done to save her life was to try to smother out the flames by closing all the windows, cutting oxygen to the fire, then throwing various materials(on hand) onto the fire.. I. e. Blankets, pillows, sofa cushions, clothes, etc.. Oil is considered the best flame retardant, cause if you use oil to put out a flame, you’re definitely a fukn retardant..!

  1. Coming from a shithole country we get these incidents a lot. Cuse some flip flop wearing mulato or indio doesn’t want his shitty Panasonic or Sanyo TV stolen. Also due to most fat turd worlders are heavy sleepers and sleep until shit hits the fan. Like this bish who obviously woke up a little to late

  2. I’ve seen stuff on this site for a pretty long time now, but this is one of the most gruesome things i’ve seen on this site… at the end of the video you can see that she bumps her head into the steel bars, whilst not moving her arms because she can’t move the elbow joints anymore (i think) because it’s all roasted and sticky. I hope family members/friends of her did not watch this, that would’ve been fucked up.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Fuck you know you have fucked it when you can watch the worst atrocities imaginable, to try and comprehend the worse of humanity.

      Yet a violent death by a freak of nature can effect you way more. This video is fucking depressing on every level of the word. Poor bastard. Something really sad and dark about this one. It’s literally the stuff of nightmares.

      1. .. To bang on the ceiling because my TV’s too loud is one thing, butt to do it because my porn is too loud is a whole’ nother bridge to burn Skipper..

        … Sea what I did there?… BURN, cause she’s burning and BRIDGE, cause you’re a cap… Aaaaaa nevermind, you don’t care….

  3. You can tell when she leans back that she’s a goner. What a shit way to go, like a piece of carne asada.

    This one, the venezuelan kid and the dad/son machete vids are the only ones that do get to me. As in, I can’t think of a really funny joke for each of them.

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          Sieg Heil,
          A. Hitler.

  4. Fuck! At least the 9/11ers had the luxury of swan diving into the concrete a thousand feet down. Fuck, what a way to go. It’s worth mentioning that just for giggles, I’m reading Pastor Rick Warren’s idiotic book that constantly bashes the reader about the skygod’s amazing “love.” Tell her that.

  5. You think it would’ve been a less painful death if she just like ran thru the flames and quickly jumped out the window? I mean regardless the flames ahh getcha but still? I’m not burning to death I’m sorry so I definitely would’ve tried just for the shits and grins, your dying regardless so why not try?

  6. No smoke detectors? Was she asleep and didn’t know there was a fire until she couldn’t get out the door? How the fuck does shit like this happen, even in primitive shitholes? I can’t believe she couldn’t crawl on her stomach and get out a door. It looks like it’s only her place that is involved.

    1. Thanks for the clarification @complex!

      Thanks also to Google Chrome, which translated your linked page for me, including the captions for the photos, one of which informed me that “The fire unit was burned to a wolf.”

      So… that’s something.

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