Young Man Self Immolates to Protest Demolition of Business in Sohag, Egypt

Young Man Self Immolates to Protest Demolition of Business in Sohag, Egypt

An Egyptian young man self immolated in the city of Sohag apparently to protest the demolition of his restaurant business by city police.

The poor guy can be seen still breathing despite the significant third degree burn all over his body.

Props to Best Gore member @abolyosr2009 for the videos. The first video shows a woman crying in high pitch over his body:

Second video shows medic picking the burned man up and taking him away on a stretcher:

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68 thoughts on “Young Man Self Immolates to Protest Demolition of Business in Sohag, Egypt”

    1. Probably it’s to get attention, by attracting the attention of others, as self harm is so unnatural that it shocks people. After all, probably we wouldn’t be reading about this guy had he protested just by shouting at the police. Anyway, it’s usually a price much too high to end up paying with your health or even your life for some attention…

      1. The man is a stupid cunt.
        I don’t think the hospital should make this cunt their top priority. Give all the morphine and best first aid to someone who was in a genuine accident and didn’t deserve their shit.

        If I was this plonker I would look at things logically:
        I am currently a guy whose restaurant business is being demolished by police. This won’t change.
        But if I burn myself, then I’m just a burnt guy whose business is being demolished by police, and who has stressed his relatives out. In even worse place to be.


        1. That’s the logical way to think, but not everyone is mr. Spock, let alone a full bloodied vulcan, and so they may end up desperate, as it may happen as you see your life’s work or the business that’s been in your family for generations being demolished, as it might have been the case with this guy, so then strong emotions take over and when it happens logical thinking gets impaired. Overall, I try to train myself to act more like mr. Spock, and think people should do so, as taking logical decisions and keeping cool in difficult situations can save you a lot pain, I think society would be better if everyone thought more like this.

          1. However, you have a fair comment, I stand corrected. Perhaps when someone life’s work is being flushed down the toilet by someone else, then life as they know it would feel like it’s over.

            The problem with Life as we know it, is that it is not fair. We try to rationalise it by thinking in terms of justice (if you work hard, you will succeed, or bad guys ultimately get their comeuppance later). Most of the time this is true, not always. In reality though, what happens to you is random, and there is no ‘karma’ or justice. So you cannot ALWAYS blame yourself for the crap that happens to you, or whether you succeed or fail.

            The best way to judge yourself, is not on the results, or not just the results, but on how good your moves were. If the guy did everything to keep his restaurant going, but shit still happened outside of his control, he needs to hold his head up high, and blame it on the Crappiness of Life, not himself.

            The emotion I would feel in this case is not despair, but anger.
            Anger (the world is cheating me out of what should be mine, but I’m not beaten yet) is a more useful emotion than despairn(the world has succeeded in trying to fuck me over and I’m done for).

          2. Agreed, you can only try to maximize your chances, but there’s nothing that comes with 100% certainty in life. You could move to the place with the lowest crime rate on earth, the cleanest environment and still a meteor could fall on top of your head all of a sudden one day.
            I am not religious and neither a bible enthusiast, but I enjoy the following quote, Ecclesiastes 9 11: “I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.”
            As to justice, it’s a human concept, made up to keep a cohesive society which boosts the chance of this society prospering. For instance, a society which doesn’t punish theft will end up discouraging people of being producers, that is, working and making things, hence it will collapse and then it’s everyone for himself.

          3. And as to anger, this feeling that the world has cheated you, is a feeling that thrives when justice is not done, or at least there’s is the impression it was not done, and heads may end up rolling as a consequence.

  1. I hope he at least had a nice mojo shower that morning, maby a nice tendering beat down by police for lunch, then as the sun goes down with a glass of panicking screams we enjoy our meat seared with a side of pointers.

    1. I mean… what kind of egoistic lil shit would do that to himself.????…….Now look at you……You look like a miserable tiny minuscle insect…..The sun is Killin ya…..
      Your clothes sticking on your skin..And then then……….if you survive
      It surely will be a problem to get laid…….For life …..And you better have your wallet around.(cuz your “new burn” face may not please everyone…..)
      To late to take your hand full of fingers off your ass
      You’re good…..!!!!!!
      By the time you’ll be so sick…… a painfull wreck…And diying ……..You could have rebuild 10 other businesses…
      What kind of life mismanagement is that shit about
      Fucking moron…….I would never look at you the same……! Were I your family……….!!!!!
      And ……BTW…..Ever heard about bakchich…????

    1. Dan-A-Conda, what’s your profession? I think you should go into stand up comedy, you’d make a killing, pal. πŸ™‚

      LOL @ your idea: he burnt himself and forgot to burn down the restaurant with him πŸ™‚ D’oh!

          1. Ugh. My weedheimers has been in remission for 6 long years. As much as I love my herbal supplements, random testing has ruined everything. Most days I hate being a responsible adult.

  2. Yeah, that’ll stop them and make them reconsider…idiot!

    Although, I wish protesters in the U.S. would start doing this sort of thing, that would be hil-arious!!!
    If they want to block roads and highways then do it with their hundred or so charred carcasses and give the rest of us something to appreciate!! Pussies!!

  3. Good news, the government is no longer going to demolish the restaurant. They are now going to set it on fire in honor of the dead owner. There will also be a moment of silence observed prior to torching the place. That’s very sweet of the government.

  4. Way to go buddy….you showed them. They demolish your restaurant and you will burn to death slowly. How did that feel man, make you feel any better? I bet that hurts like a motherfucker. Do the police give a flying fuck? NO BTW, thank you to the person that took the second video for turning the phone sideways for a better view, not like the fucksticks that took the first video vertically.

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