Young Man Set on Fire by Fake Protesters in Caracas, Venezuela

Young Man Set on Fire by Fake Protesters in Caracas, Venezuela

That Venezuela is under attack by Soros and Co. is something every half aware individual knows. Their fake protests are staged, organized by people sponsored by the same usurpers who overthrew many governments, like those of Ukraine and Libya, just to name the recent ones, and replaced them with puppet regimes.

During yesterday’s fake protest in Caracas, the protesters set on fire a young Venezuelan man. The victim, identified as 21 year old Orlando Figuera, is in a hospital in the east of Caracas with first and second degree burns on 80% of his body. The Venezuelan Interior Ministry And Justice on tweeted that apart from severe burns, the young man was also stabbed.

Props to Best Gore member @GustavoAvalo for the pics and videos:

Video of anti-Venezuelans setting a Venezuelan on fire:

Aerial view of the attack:

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66 thoughts on “Young Man Set on Fire by Fake Protesters in Caracas, Venezuela”

      1. They Need freedom,

        They need a symbol! N what better symbol than venezuelan being burned to ashes! Ohhh boy I can’t wait for them to be armed, start massacring themselves for our sheer joy thinking they’ll accomplish somethin, and us enjoying the fellow Venezuelan being driven to his true nature. Scums!

        1. wtf are u talking about colombians never envied venezuela. but i love it how venezuelans kicked out colombians back to colombia cause the new president wanted that and now venezuelans are at the border to colombia licking colombias balls for food and water.
          saludes de colombia venezolanos chupa huevos

          1. Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Jew puppet that he was, called for the overthrow of Venezuela’s government by force multiple times. He also proposed an international armed intervention.

    1. That has to be the new distance to beat in the category:

      Human Torch Endurance Run.

      Too bad its an wastefully attempt…. Since there weren’t any Olympic officials to verify his amazing feat.

  1. I have frequently thought if that shit ever happened to keep and there was giant crowd helping, watching, filming, etc I would plow right into them if I could. Can’t wait til we see someone do that.

    1. @mayopackets I haven’t watched the video again since I watched it couple days ago.
      I’m almost completely sure that if that was to ever happened to you and you did what you thought you would do, it wouldn’t have the results that you would expect to get.
      If I can remember correctly every video that I’ve seen where people get set ablaze, fear of being burned alive will make anybody run faster than an Olympic gold sprinter.
      I would expect the same involuntary response on any human being even the one that is burning.
      Unfortunately a person that is on fire can’t and won’t outrun any person that is not on fire,
      Most definitely it won’t outrun a person that is not burning and has a present fear of being burned alive.

  2. Here in Canada we are celebrating Victoria Day and tonight the skies will be lit with fireworks. I’m sure the odd dumb fuck will get burnt somehow, most likely from lighting off cheap homemade fireworks.
    Gotta love fire…and the smell of burning flesh.

  3. Bruce Wayne ‘Wednesday night, Gotham Town Hall. We have tickets to that lecture on Latin American affairs’.

    Dick Grayson says ‘Holy Venezuela!’*

    *Episode: Zelda the Great

    BestGore never fails to disappoint; I’ve been wondering when ‘Holy Venezuela!’ might be used for, oh, less than 24 hours.

  4. George Soros must be apprehended, and sentenced to a slow, and painful Death, just like that innocent Venezuelan Man that was burnt,,,, Soros should suffer the same fate. But in his case, they should add much more gas, & a Heavy 18 Wheeler Tire, for good measure. But i,m not sure that this
    Fat, & Swollen Headed “JEW-CUNT, would fit in the Tire hole.

  5. The last time they had protests like this it was followed by an American backed coup d’etat attempt back in 2002.

    Oddly enough shortly before the mass protests and coup attempt it was publicised that Chavez had took part in talks with Iraq and Libya in regards to using an oil embargo against the United States over the US’s continued support for Israel and you know what happened to the latter two countries afterwards.

    Fast forward to the modern day and we have a similar scenario playing out in that Venezuela has just recently publicised their intention to leave the OAS (Organisation of American States) so I think it is safe to say that another American backed coup d’etat attempt is coming.

  6. deberias vivir en venezuela admin, y ver si en verdad la crisis es culpa de los judios, o ineptitud de los comunistas. A mi no me han pagado mi cheque de soros, asi que me vendria bien, estas protestas estan infiltradas por militares y cubanos

    1. Es mas creible el cuento cuando es contado por alguien que origina del lugar de los hechos.
      Yo personalmente dudo que alguien como Jorge Soros tenga vela en este entierro.
      Estos acontecimientos parecen ser producto de la sobrepopulacion acompanada por la pobreza y un futuro imprevisto.
      Los Judios tienen sus propios problemas en casa, no tiene nada de sentido que se anden metiendo en otros paises a empezar revoltos, protestas y violencia.
      Buen punto @Erick Sandoval.

    2. Let’s just say that someone was paying you to go and attend an event. An event for whatever purposes.

      Now let’s say that you have a steady job, temporary job or maybe you even sell drugs but you have some sort of income, something, anything it doesn’t matter that is a little bit but is something.
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      You would probably just read it and forget about it cause you got some sort of income cause you are not that desperate for money.
      But if you live in a major shithole city anywhere in the world and you are an unemployed citizen and you got no sort of income input whatsoever.
      You’re not even selling drugs (FFS) lol….
      And now you just stumbled upon the ad.
      Chances are that you will get on it cause to you it sounds like “¡¡hey wth!!, ¡¡free money!!”

      So I’m throwing in an uneducated guess here,
      (meaning that I haven’t done no actual research on the matter)
      I say that for every 10 millennias worldwide only 3 are the type to get some type of regular income. The other 7 are the unemployed type that came up across that ad and were impressed.
      I can continue get more technical but I’m sure that most will know the results of this mixture of ingredients.

  7. This website is shocking both because of the graphic nature of its content, and also because of the silly communist propaganda promoted in here at times, let alone because of the (usually foreign, non-Venezuelan) people that actually fall for this. I have previously stated that I live in Caracas, Venezuela (for the time being), and I oppose 100% the brutal, drug-dealing Venezuelan dictatorship, and even though I did not go to this protest, I have been in several, and I have yet to receive a single cent from George Soros or anyone for that matter. This man was burned because he was caught stealing within the protest. Venezuelans have had enough of food and med shortages, and soaring crime rates. As the police fail to protect the civilians, these take justice into their own hands. If you understand Spanish (or at least know how to use Google Translator), you can read the article here: www(dot)el-nacional(dot)com/noticias/sucesos/hombre-atacado-durante-protesta-admitio-que-habia-robado-chacao_183553. That is one of the largest and most respected newspapers in Venezuela, El Nacional. You can look that up. And no, George Soros is not the owner. It’s actually funny how (usually foreign) people believe in everything the Venezuela government says, from A to Z. It’s also funny how communists love the criminal Venezuelan regime from the comfort of a cozy couch in a warm place in a first world country where you can find all sorts of food and meds at affordable prices. Please, I invite you guys over to Venezuela so you can see with your own eyes the MESS (to say the least) the Venezuelan socialist regime has caused in the country, and again, no, it is NOT because of Soros. It is solely because of 1) government corruption, and 2) complete mismanagement of oil-produced money. No Soros here. No “Zionism” here. No US intervention here. On the contrary, only the Maduro government to blame. Nothing else. They control absolutely everything in Venezuela. From food production, to the Central Bank, going through the currency exchange control department, to the military, to the Executive, Judicial, Legislative powers, and if that wasn’t enough, the Electoral power as well (no wonder they have been in charge for 17 years). You can reply with whatever you want, but this is the truth, whether you like it or not. Cheers.

    1. Correction: they don’t control the Legislative power, the opposition do, but the government have done everything to silence and undermine the Congress, even dissolving it recently for a couple of days, but reverted the decision due to international pressure. They do fully control oil production as well, Venezuela’s main income.

  8. The suffering this young man will go through is unimaginable; the painful horror of changing bandages, skin replacements, surgery for years to come; an endless hell. And for what

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