Young Man Stoned and Burned to Crisp by Nacklacing

Did Somebody Already Peel Roasted Flesh from Lower Leg?

Young Man Stoned and Burned to Crisp by Nacklacing

I got no backinfo at all. The pics show the apparent aftermath of a lynching. The victim is a young man who was stoned with concrete blocks and then set on fire under used tires. The idea clearly was to burn him to death by necklacing, but it seems nobody could be bothered to lace his beat up body through a tire.

He got burned to a crisp, which considering how much it takes to incinerate a human body (holohoax bullshitry doesn’t apply), means he must have been in very intense flames for a long time.

Props to Best Gore member @wolfsend for the pics:

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          1. No big deal, just cook up another one. If they eat all their chicken thieves, there’ll be more chickens to go around and less mouths to feed. They’ll be prospering in no time.

      1. When a nigger commits a “crime” in Apefrica and is chased down by a mob of niggers, it’s just an excuse for niggers to inflict pain, suffering and agony on someone because it thrills them to do so and they enjoy the hell out of it.

    1. It is enjoyment for niggers. A brutal, arbitrary and unofficial punishment does nothing to curb their natural tendency to destroy and harm others. Besides this is literally an icecube atop an iceberg of the insanity and horror that is africa and true unadulterated niggerdom.

      1. Great thinkers of history :
        The Captain, for this wonderful idea most of the rest of the world agrees with.
        Let’s make it happen one brick at a time.

  1. The charred remains resemble a centaur which in his case bears the look of an half pony and an half man conjoined to each other as one .

    How he had wished if only all that blacked out heaps of burnt tires were spools of long yarns he knew he’d be necklaced with and all he could do were to try out something to shield himself away from everyone around and hide away forever shamefully with his face down but not get killed for the wrongs he’d committed for which he’d pledged to be saying ‘sorry ‘; for so long but then , he knew that the killer mob wouldn’t ever give a listen to any pleas of mercy and he’d end up as a blacked out dust .

    Traces of charred greys which hardly bear testimony to where it came from and where to, its gonna fly away to .

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    1. Nigger justice. But let a white cop whack a ape rapist with his baton for fighting back and ALL HELL COME DOWN ON YT. After the fun murder, then these niggers run off to elect the next gubmint of S Africa. Great place to live, eh mate?

    2. Yes, but I can certainly understand the bitter rage of chronically underfed folks when one of their own steals food; not just a bag of groceries but livestock that was raised with some effort for a family’s food…Just not forgivable.
      I wonder if all those extreme punishments meted out by the righteous of the favelas and African villages actually create any deterrent? But I doubt if the necklacers think much past the orgy of blood vengeance.
      And anyway, any dedicated crook will tell you that it’s always the other dumbasses who get caught; not themselves.

  2. Guess Africans aren’t into rehabilitation in their justice “system”…I often wonder if the savage consequences delivered to African chicken thieves or cell-phone snitchers in the favelas actually have any deterrent effect?

    Me, I can’t imagine ripping anyone off…Still less one of the people I know are probably just as poor as the thief is…But in a dirt-poor community where vigilantes impose extreme punishments for pathetic crimes like chicken-thievery and much, much worse for attacks on women and children…WHY do they risk it?

    I guess if their lives are pretty much shit, getting caught and lynched isn’t that much worse than the daily routine. I just don’t know.

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